Providing a point of view on food news


We celebrate the second anniversary of The Food Times and its foundation of 3,000-some digests of food news and information with an expansion.

Readers expect from web publications a point of view, so we are adding just that. This new column frequently will play off the news, linking one story to another. Other times, it will address the seasons, agriculture, cooking and sustainability, or even the day-to-day challenges and triumphs of using the news that our editors gather to inform modern-day life. News will drive its publication frequency.

We also are simplifying the format - removing the digests and replacing them with linked headlines and the occasional photograph or video, and removing the beta tag that adorned the masthead.

Recalls have been moved off the home page, but they retain their own category.

Please contribute your considered and considerate comments, criticism and suggestions by clicking on the Comments button below. We want to know what you're thinking.


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