Sweet and tart for sweethearts


Sweet and tart for sweethearts

Valentine's Day may mean chocolate-dipped strawberries to some, but to me, the sweet-on-sweet is cloying and without excitement. Like life, and love, grapefruit is more complicated and more interesting - a little bit sweet and balanced with sour, consistently nourishing without being heavy-handed.

Lucky for us - despite a reduced harvest from a virus and a freeze that may have affected 5 percent of the citrus crop, despite higher prices, grapefruit is in season.

The cliché is fruit cut in half horizontally, layered with white or brown sugar, and broiled or not. But a more beguiling dish is even simpler but more of a gift. Peel three grapefruits. Separate the sections, and then carefully, peel the juicy segments from their holders - technically, the septa. Pile them into a bowl. And serve it forth.


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