Books: In "Blood, Bones & Butter," Gabrielle Hamilton captures essence of contemporary cool, the gnarly, punk-rock aesthetic, the in-your-face food style, the vision of a generation

By Josh Ozersky

Time magazine 2011-02-16

Nathan Myhrvold's "Modernist Cuisine" is 2,400-page investigation into math, science, physics of cooking, from making juicy and crisp beer-can chicken to coating foie-gras in cherry gel

By Katy McLaughlin

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-02-12

Apps for iPhone, Android bring tomes, recipes and techniques to fingertips

By S. Irene Virbila

Los Angeles Times 2010-12-01

Year's best cookbooks are work of real-life cooks - every recipe is human-sized, and every recipe actually works

By T. Susan Chang

National Public Radio/Weekend Edition 2010-11-21

Emphasis on fresh, whole ingredients, embrace of delicious items helps new cookbook, "Cook This, Not That!" stand out from pack

By Jennifer LaRue Huget

The Washington Post 2010-01-25

Review: Top Chefs, seared

Review: Top Chefs, seared

Barnes & Noble

If the reality TV show is built around gimmicky challenges, just what can one expect from a cookbook touting the winning recipes - maybe organization around those recipes, for starters? But the new book has provided enough information for non-viewers to hold their own at a cocktail party - until they can make a dash for the canapes.

By Betty Hallock

Los Angeles Times 2008-04-09

Baking globally

Baking globally

Barnes & Noble

In 'A Baker's Odyssey,' author Greg Patent cooks with immigrants, children of immigrants and their grandchildren to learn and record secrets of ethnic baking from more than 30 nations, including Italy, Nigeria, Austria and India.

By Daniel Zwerdling

National Public Radio 2008-01-27

Delicious giving

Delicious giving

From the pleasures of pecans and the passion for ingredients, to the sweets of Italy and easy Indian favorites, a compendium of the year's best books on food and cooking.

By Bonnie S. Benwick

The Washington Post 2007-12-05

Cooking and books

Cooking and books

From cozy to worldly, from a chef's knowledge to environmentally sensitive farm specialties, a collection of the year's noteworthy books on cooking and food.

The New York Times 2007-12-02

My recipes

Internet-based cookbook venture gets 10,000 hits on first day of business; for about $35, a cooking enthusiast gets a binder containing up to 100 favorite recipes from Epicurious, or from a personal collection.

By Joanne Kaufman

The New York Times 2007-11-12

Review: 'Nigella Express'

Review: 'Nigella Express'

Dark-haired domestic goddess, in her new book, helps us scramble out of our own mealtime ruts with a mashup of gourmet and practicality. In her pantry: fancy mustard and fine jam and spicy sambal paste and hoisin sauce, along with Skippy peanut butter and Progresso beans and A.1. steak sauce.

By Rebekah Denn

Seattle Post-Intelligencer (WA) 2007-11-07

Review: 'The Tenth Muse'

In this fine memoir of a culinary journey, we learn that the food books Judith Jones has edited form an impeccable curriculum of world foods - rigorous, responsible and delightfully authentic, with a gutsy connection to the land and water. But we long to learn more of the struggle, the disappointments and self-doubt that must have come along.

By Dorothy Kalins

The New York Times 2007-11-04

Book review

After a culinary career of 30 years, Jonathan Waxman's debut cookbook is a road map of recipes from restaurants of his bicoastal past and a testament to his understanding of flavorings and layerings, but not every detail is tended.

By Amy Scattergood

Los Angeles Times 2007-09-19

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Review: Serving it forth

Laura Shapiro, in "Julia Child" writes about the chef who taught us how to think about food and understand it; Nancy Verde Barr's book, "Backstage With Julia: My Years With Julia Child," is full of endearing anecdotes.

By Dorothy Kalins

The New York Times 2007-08-26

Cooking for diabetics:

A few new cookbooks for those with diet-related disease have words of wisdom for all of us: Adapt everyday cooking to healthy meals that can be prepared quickly, practice portion control, shop carefully and read food labels.

By Kathie Smith

Toledo Blade 2007-08-14

Outselling Harry Potter:

Television cook Anjum Anand, dubbed "Indian Nigella," has a way with mangoes that is making her books about simple and delicious Indian cooking fly off the shelves faster than the young wizard can catch a golden snitch.


Daily Mail (UK) 2007-08-11

Key ingredients:

Smithsonian exhibition explores links between Americans and the foods they produce, prepare, preserve, and present at the table, and through those links traces the evolution of the kitchen; the exhibition is traveling to rural sites between now and 2010 -- is your town on the list?

Smithsonian Institution

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In 700-pages that are part history, part guidebook and part cookbook, Fred Plotkin, in revised 'Italy for the Gourmet Traveler,' returns to authenticity of this country's meals, including small portions of pasta, judiciously sauced and only sprinkled with cheese.

By Susan Reigler

The Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY)