Books: In "Blood, Bones & Butter," Gabrielle Hamilton captures essence of contemporary cool, the gnarly, punk-rock aesthetic, the in-your-face food style, the vision of a generation

By Josh Ozersky

Time magazine 2011-02-16

Nathan Myhrvold's "Modernist Cuisine" is 2,400-page investigation into math, science, physics of cooking, from making juicy and crisp beer-can chicken to coating foie-gras in cherry gel

By Katy McLaughlin

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-02-12

Apps for iPhone, Android bring tomes, recipes and techniques to fingertips

By S. Irene Virbila

Los Angeles Times 2010-12-01

Cooking with Children

Substitute teacher uses grant to teach children healthy cooking habits

By Charity Brown

The Washington Post 2010-01-26

Moving away from the vegetable-free 'kids' meal' model

Children's tastes have become more sophisticated, yet at most restaurants, kids' menus are the same, plus they're often high in fat, sodium, and sugar - with no vegetable. Then there's lack of shared experience, what eating is all about. Two most important predictors after innate sweets preference are exposure and role modeling, says expert. Then there's reinforcement of giving children the same menu items over and over, with toys, crayons, games, which forms foundation of what they come to expect when going out for meals.

By Devra First

The Boston Globe 2009-11-04

Japanese comics cook - and bake

Japanese comics cook - and bake


Oishinbo Vol. 102

Sub-genre of Japanese comics, or manga, revolve around cooking, culture. Among offerings in English: 'Best of' long-running series called Oishinbo (or, loosely, 'the gourmet') about adventures of food expert and journalist; manga featuring a teen with superhuman baking abilities; cookbooks written in graphic novel format.

By Lynne Char Bennett

The San Francisco Chronicle 2009-03-22

Foods & Ingredients

After heat devastates crop, ton of Runner peanuts that cost $450 a ton in 2010 now cost $1,150 a ton; price of peanut butter forecast to rise as well

By Tiffany Hsu

Los Angeles Times 2011-10-11

Yogurt, beans, jarred spaghetti sauce, oatmeal, canned salmon, peanut butter top columnist's list of best processed foods

By Jennifer LaRue Huget

The Washington Post 2011-09-27

Simplicity of pizza - flour, salt, yeast and water, a few tomatoes, a bit more salt, some oregano, a dab of oil, cheese and heat - belies a complexity like splitting the atom

By Jason Sheehan

Gilt Taste 2011-06-29


Growing kale for a two-season crop along the East Coast, plus recipe

By Adrian Higgins

The Washington Post 2010-03-29

Seasonal produce, well-stocked pantry are linchpins of a good diet - and base of foods that are vibrant, light and a pleasure to eat: Recipes

Martha Rose Shulman

The New York TImes 2010-02-08

For salad seekers, a collection of 101 combinations

For summer, among the best times to eat but not to cook, a collection of 101 salads. Not everything needs to be farmers' market quality, but fruit needs to be ripe, herbs need to be fragrant, and greens need to be juicy. And: Dressings video (click 'See also')

By Mark Bittman

The New York Times 2009-07-22

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Legendary food of central Hue region becomes popular among Vietnamese food aficionados in LA neighborhood of Westminster

By Linda Burum

Los Angeles Times 2011-10-27

For a truly green vacation, Wales is the place

By Pamela Petro

The Washington Post 2010-03-21

In Vancouver, Japanese food from sublime to silly, but way past sushi

By Remy Scalza

The Washington Post 2010-01-24