Legendary food of central Hue region becomes popular among Vietnamese food aficionados in LA neighborhood of Westminster

By Linda Burum

Los Angeles Times 2011-10-27

For a truly green vacation, Wales is the place

By Pamela Petro

The Washington Post 2010-03-21

In Vancouver, Japanese food from sublime to silly, but way past sushi

By Remy Scalza

The Washington Post 2010-01-24

Playing out an obsession with pork via a visit to Spain

By Paola Singer

The New York Times 2010-01-17

With McLocal offerings, eateries spice up competition

With its McArabia Tagine, a cumin- and coriander-spiced flatbread creation, McDonald's adds to its list of locally inspired foods. Other eateries' offerings: Domino's pizzas topped with squid in Taiwan, black beans in Guatemala and feta cheese in Greece. In China, Kentucky Fried Chicken sells rice congee, while Col. Sanders in India woos vegetarians with Chana Snacker, a chickpea burger topped with Thousand Island sauce. In survey of 4,500 meat recipes from 36 countries, scientists learn that cultures in hotter climates favor recipes with higher concentrations of anti-microbial spices like garlic, cumin and pepper.

By Erik German

GlobalPost 2009-08-26

For real-deal barbecue, NJ-style, look outside Atlantic City

Take a leisurely drive inland from Atlantic City for embarrassment of excellent, real-deal barbecue spots. Many of these places are seasonal, open only during warmer months; some are just tent-covered roadside stands. Pit masters blend Carolina, Texas, and Kansas City styles of barbecue, but the taste at these eight standouts is distinctly Jersey.

By Kelly Feeney 2009-07-15

An Oxford palate

Ahead of the Oxford Literary Festival, a look at food served through the ages, with a peek into a 1524 kitchen, a reminder that Oxford was one of the first places outside London where the avant garde sipped chocolate, and in the way that only food can puncture time, the complaint of a schoolboy about fish during Lent. For food-related events, click on 'See also.'

By Kate Colquhoun

The Times (UK) 2008-03-14

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Bait and switch?

Have you heard about good airline food? Lest your mouth water, read the fine print beneath descriptions of smoked salmon and egg salad croissants, or sweet crab salad on fresh bok choy: These foods are rarely available. To dine well, order a special dietary meal a day in advance, or bring cash to upgrade from dry-roasted peanuts.

By Christopher Elliott

CNN; Tribune Media Services 2008-01-11

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How low?

Airlines make it painfully clear to those in economy class that they can fill those cramped little seats, even without hot meals, without free drinking water or soda, without half-ounce pretzel snack mixes, and without pillows or blankets. But there's real china and a choice of four wines in first-class and business class.

By Michelle Higgins

The New York Times 2007-11-25

Food on the fly

Look for lines, and when in doubt, order the corn dog, but stay away from the withered, entombed pretzel dogs, says columnist, who takes a bullet for the rest of us and learns how to eat well at the airport.

By Adam Platt

New York magazine 2007-11-09

Water problem:

Cholera epidemic, possibly from a sewage-poisoned well, hits northern Iraq, with nearly 4,000 cases suspected; Sulaimaniya juice bars shut down and restaurants told to stop serving vegetables that may have been washed in polluted water.

By Sherko Raouf

Reuters; Scientific American 2007-08-29

Tarmac pizza

In a generous-of-spirit gestures that created buckets of good will, two Delta planes returned to the gate, then treated stranded passengers to Sbarro pizza; flight attendants served it forth; Continental airline did the same earlier in the month.

By Joe Sharkey

The New York Times (may require subscription) 2007-08-28

Mario in Michigan

When Mario Batali wants to get away, he doesn't go to Italy, where he learned the finer points of cooking; he heads to Michigan, where there are four full seasons and his place is on a lake, and the pizza oven is in the back.

By Jennifer Conlin

The New York Times (may require subscription) 2007-08-17

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Rioja temple:

Swooping, multicolored titanium-skinned "temple of wine," with spa, restaurant and hotel, at the Marques de Riscal winery in Elciego, is just an hour from Frank Gehry's other Spanish masterpiece of construction, Guggenheim Bilbao.

World and wine:

Despite it's winery-sponsored printing, Robert Joseph's, "Wine Travel Guide to the World" is a tantalizing and beautifully photographed armchair tour that tempts the reader into checking online ticket prices.

By Susan Reigler

The Courier-Journal (KY)