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Swilling sweet slushie before running in the heat increases endurance, study shows

By Gina Kolata

The New York Times 2010-04-26

High-fructose corn syrup linked to significant weight gain, abnormal increases in body fat (especially in abdomen), triglycerides rise in rat study

By Hilary Parker

Princeton University 2010-03-22

Lobbyists fight soda tax as health care reform funding source

During the first nine months of 2009, soda makers, supermarket companies, agriculture, fast-food business spent more than $24 million lobbying Congress on issue of tax on sweetened beverages plus other legislative and regulatory issues, reports show. Coalition fears what could be movement to raise money for health care reform by taxing sweetened beverages. Farm-dominated Senate Finance Committee sympathetic to food industry; Max Baucus hails from Montana, large producer of sugar beets; Iowa, home state of Chuck Grassley, is nation's largest producer of corn.

By Christine Spolar and Joseph Eaton

The Huffington Post 2009-11-06

Senate mulls soda 'sin tax' to fund health care reform

Senate leaders consider watchdog group's proposed tax on soda, some fruit drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks and ready-to-drink teas to help pay for health care reform. Proponents cite research linking consumption to diet-related disease, say tax would cut consumption, health problems, medical costs. Soda lobbyists say tax would hit lower-income Americans and wouldn't deter consumption. And: Amount of decline in smoking directly tied to size of state tax increase on cigarettes, analysis shows (click 'See also').

By Janet Adamy

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2009-05-12

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Sweet peak: Energy drink rinse linked to athletic performance

In trial, cyclists pedaled faster after rinsing their mouths with high-carb drinks, but saw no difference with artificially sweetened versions in study. Brain scans showed that glucose, maltodextrin in the mouth triggered pleasure circuits in brain not activated by artificial sweetener. Circuits are thought to reduce athletes' perceptions of how much effort they are expending, allowing them to work harder, longer. And: In rat study, artificial sweeteners result in more sluggish metabolism that stores, rather than burns, incoming excess calories (click 'See also').

By Ian Sample

The Guardian (UK) 2009-04-15

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Soda lobbyist looks to block rules on school vending items

President of $110 billion-a-year beverage industry lobbies to block more rules on what schools can put in vending machines as Congress begins revision of Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act. And: Soda, sports drink intake linked to increased body weight, poor nutrition, displacement of more healthful beverages; added intake raises risk of obesity, diabetes - $79 billion spent annually for overweight and obesity alone (click 'See also').

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2009-04-11

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Old-fashioned English soda now available via Pennsylvania

Old-fashioned English soda now available via Pennsylvania

The latest British-U.S. invasion is retro-pop - old-fashioned English-style soda. Fentimans, a century-old UK brand revitalized in the 1990s, is now produced in Pennsylvania. Flavors include Curiosity Cola, Dandelion and Burdick, Ginger Beer and Shandy. The last two start life as alcoholic beverages but are processed into soft drinks.

By Jon Bonné

San Francisco Chronicle 2009-03-15


For the real thing, in Coca-Cola, that is, choose either the Mexican or the kosher version of its soda sweetened with cane sugar and not high-fructose corn syrup, fans say. Company says both formulas taste the same, but scientists say our palates can tell the difference.

BY Laura Stevens

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 2007-12-23

Plethora of plastic:

Artist Chris Jordan makes, finds patterns in garbage and other societal markers.



Taking a look at what's in Red Bull, and the origin of the name - can it give us wings, or is it just a bunch of synthetic bull bile - and what will that do?

By Patrick Di Justo

Wired Magazine

Supplement setback:

Cargill's attempt to add Regenasure, a vegetarian version of shellfish-derived glucosamine, to European list of food products for addition in mostly beverages and fermented milk products, hits snag with questions of safety for diabetics.

By Alex McNally

Future supply chain:

Food executives to discuss perceived threat from biofuel industry to food company supply chains, as well as shift in how food companies purchase ingredients, control quality and develop products.

By Lorraine Heller 2007-06-19

Climate zero or hero?

According to new measure of environmental stewardship, ConAgra and Sara Lee are stuck, but Danon, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Stonyfield are striving; food production companies, with large transportation and packaging responsibilities face particular challenges.

By Anna Cynar

Utne Reader 2007-03-04

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Unhealthy future?

Increase in obesity and other chronic diseases seen in children point to future of high health care costs; researchers blame sedentary lifestyle, too many fast foods and sweetened beverages, and changes in parenting styles.

Associated Press; Washington Post