Coffee & Tea

Droughts in Colombia, Brazil will force conservation at coffee farms and through supply chains; just one part of high-labor drink consumes 1,100 parts of water

By Leon Kaye

The Guardian (UK) 2011-06-17

Folgers, Dunkin' Donuts, Millstone coffee prices to rise 9 percent after harsh weather in Central America, Colombia and with BP oil leak portending higher transit costs

By Cynthia Lin

MarketWatch 2010-08-03

In coffee, bold rich roast creates compound that helps dial down production of stomach acid, researchers learn

By Rachel Ehrenberg

Science News 2010-03-22

In New York, coffee making finally seen as art - or at least craft

By Oliver Strand

The New York Times 2010-03-09

Greening caffeine

Starbucks, learning early on that carbon emissions would affect rainfall and temperatures, thus affecting price, quantity and quality of coffee beans (and its bottom line), calculated its carbon footprint and is working to lower the number; other companies are coy.

Sonia Narang

Forbes magazine

Calling coffee lovers:

Single writer had determined that she is seeking an equally jittery, totally caffeinated coffee baron who will serenade her in the coffee groves and add to her heart palpitations, with or without the brew -- iced or hot.

By Chrystal Doucette

Columbia Basin Herald (WA) 0000-00-00

Climate zero or hero?

According to new measure of environmental stewardship, ConAgra and Sara Lee are stuck, but Danon, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Stonyfield are striving; food production companies, with large transportation and packaging responsibilities face particular challenges.

By Anna Cynar

Utne Reader 2007-03-04

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