Legendary food of central Hue region becomes popular among Vietnamese food aficionados in LA neighborhood of Westminster

By Linda Burum

Los Angeles Times 2011-10-27

Chicago restaurants Alinea, L2O receive ultimate three-star rating in new Michelin Guide; two-star recipients are Avenues, Charlie Trotter's and RIA; 18 restaurants received one star

By Phil Vettel

Chicago Tribune 2010-11-16

Best chef? The way people respond to Ferran AdriĆ 's El Bulli - a miracle, a shrine, sheer heaven, pure hell - says as much about them as it does about the restaurant

By Colman Andrews

Los Angles Times 2010-06-24

Blue Hill at Stone Barns, temple of farm-to-table movement, deliciously allays fears about eating only cabbage in winter

By Joe Yonan

The Washington Post 2010-02-27

Haute Japanese

Michelin hires Japanese restaurant judges, showers Tokyo with stars, and sells 290,000-plus copies of its restaurant guide, but Japanese food critics, magazines and the governor of Tokyo question the choices and ratings. They say that outsiders don't know them or their cuisines, and that ranking restaurants offends sensibility against bragging and putting others down.

By Martin Fackler

The New York Times 2008-02-24

Opinion: Serve you?

Restaurateurs who make us toe the line before we pay the check don't understand that we're looking for more than a properly cooked steak when we go out to eat. We want to feel as though we matter. Henceforth, this Diner's Bill of Rights.

By Leslie Brenner

Los Angeles Times 2007-10-24

Review: Peruvian in D.C.

Look for strapping comfort food built around potatoes, surf and turf, salsa picante and pisco sours at these two Peruvian spots, one in the Adams-Morgan neighborhood, and the other over the border, in Rockville.

By Tom Sietsema

Washington Post 2007-08-05

Opinion: On critics

After Philadelphia Inquirer was sued for defamation for a restaurant critic's commentary, another critic contemplates restaurant reviews of the future, and ways to best guide diners in spending their discretionary dollars.

By Phil Vettel

Chicago Tribune 2007-07-19

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Reviewing reviewers:

When restaurant reviewers follow accepted standards, they eat anonymously at the same place at least twice, they order a wide range of foods, they order good and bad food more than once for consistency's sake and they interview the chef or owner - but they're not cheerleaders for the restaurant industry.

By Bob Richter

San Antonio Express-News 0000-00-00

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Future reviews:

After restaurant reviewer at the Philadelphia Inquirer was sued for defamation, it's possible that writing a personal opinion about a dining experience could have a very different, and only positive, slant.

By Phil Vettel

Chicago Tribune

Picking Popeye's

Mushy sides aside, fried chicken from Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits is some of the best soul food in Boston - but does it matter that this tender, juicy, extra crunchy bird with a cayenne kick is from a chain, if it's a cool chain?

By Devra First

Boston Globe