For some immigrants, McDonald's is path to steady work, wages that can help children, families back home

By Bill Donahue

The Washington Post 2011-09-01

California county food stamps program allows homeless, disabled and elderly participants to buy fast food

By Vanessa Romo

Marketplace 2010-02-17

With McLocal offerings, eateries spice up competition

With its McArabia Tagine, a cumin- and coriander-spiced flatbread creation, McDonald's adds to its list of locally inspired foods. Other eateries' offerings: Domino's pizzas topped with squid in Taiwan, black beans in Guatemala and feta cheese in Greece. In China, Kentucky Fried Chicken sells rice congee, while Col. Sanders in India woos vegetarians with Chana Snacker, a chickpea burger topped with Thousand Island sauce. In survey of 4,500 meat recipes from 36 countries, scientists learn that cultures in hotter climates favor recipes with higher concentrations of anti-microbial spices like garlic, cumin and pepper.

By Erik German

GlobalPost 2009-08-26

For real-deal barbecue, NJ-style, look outside Atlantic City

Take a leisurely drive inland from Atlantic City for embarrassment of excellent, real-deal barbecue spots. Many of these places are seasonal, open only during warmer months; some are just tent-covered roadside stands. Pit masters blend Carolina, Texas, and Kansas City styles of barbecue, but the taste at these eight standouts is distinctly Jersey.

By Kelly Feeney

Gourmet.com 2009-07-15

Fast-food chain may hike prices of dollar menu

McDonald's likely to raise prices on dollar menu items, which are 14 percent of U.S. sales. Franchisees bear the rising costs of commodities; dollar menu limits revenues. One target: double cheeseburger (cheese prices to rise 21 percent). And: double cheeseburger holds 440 calories, 210 from fat; 34 grams of carbohydrates and 1,150 milligrams of sodium (click 'See also').

By Mike Hughlett

Chicago Tribune 2008-07-24

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Sweet treats:

From humble to fancy, cupcakes, those little indulgences that don't require sharing but seem like a personal celebration are earning their own shops, and the lines of customers that go along with them.

By Gail Pennington

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 0000-00-00

Biodegradable future:

Entrepreneurs find booming business in selling biodegradable and compostable cups, bowls and flatware made of sugar cane and corn plastic to local restaurants, but find they must educate restaurateurs on plastics problems first.

By Joanna Hartman

Sierra Sun; Nevada Appeal

Picking Popeye's

Mushy sides aside, fried chicken from Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits is some of the best soul food in Boston - but does it matter that this tender, juicy, extra crunchy bird with a cayenne kick is from a chain, if it's a cool chain?

By Devra First

Boston Globe


Ralph Stayer, Johnsonville Sausage Company founder, who popularized bratwurst.

Associated Press; The New York Times 0000-00-00


Hamburger giant works with translation service to create a series of nutrition icons for calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates and sodium that work with or without language, worldwide; company will allow free use of new symbols to food and restaurant industry.

QSR Magazine

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