"Congress is fighting to keep pizza and French fries on the school menus when we have an obesity problem nationally."

Judicial & Prisons

Opinion: Immigrant purge will leave onions, peaches to rot in fields; states' attempts to engineer expulsion of 11m undocumented is lunacy and DOJ needs to work harder

The editors

The New York Times 2011-07-04

SEC investigating Monsanto over use of cash to persuade distributors to use its herbicides; firm already subject of probe by DOJ into potential anti-competitive practices

By Hal Weitzman

Financial Times 2011-06-29

Opinion: Bribery memo set off an ethics scandal that reached Tyson's executives, raises questions about who, if anyone, is held accountable for high-level corporate crime

By James B. Stewart

The New York Times 2011-06-24

Local Government

Opinion: Proponents of urban homesteaders' backyard slaughter rights engage in exaggeration, omissions, other techniques similar to those used by industrial agriculture

By James E. McWilliams

The Atlantic 2011-10-12

Sewage causes coral die-off in Florida Keys, researcher learns; culprit is bacterium called Serratia marcescens, which often causes hospital-acquired infections

By Richard Harris

National Public Radio/ All Things Considered 2011-08-17

Stung by criticism after goose kill left tons of meat in landfills, NY to have 2011 geese sent to PA food banks; goose said to be tastier than most species of duck

By Andy Newman

The New York Times 2011-06-15