Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Agricultural policies still dominated by farm-state legislators openly hostile to reform; until big-state and urban legislators decide to serve on panels, little change likely

By Michael Pollan

The Nation 2011-09-14

Opinion: Helping out

With 28 percent increase in donations of fruits and vegetables to food banks because of temporary tax break for farmers, ranchers and other small businesses, it's clear that Michigan representative's provision in pension bill should be made permanent.

By Vicki Escarra, President and CEO, America's Second Harvest

Detroit Free Press 2007-11-21

Opinion: Farming reaction

"Contortions of logic and distortions of fact," writes a senator, who says oil prices and other factors add to grocery costs. And, an activist says sugar policy most needs reform, and forecasts even higher prices. All in response to The Wall Street Journal's "No farmer left behind" editorial.

By Kent Conrad; By Tom Schatz

The Wall Street Journal 2007-11-17

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