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Sarah Gim, of, sorts through as many as 1,000 photos daily in quest for most arresting food porn images; competing sites are foodgawker, Photograzing

By Rene Lynch

Los Angeles Times 2011-03-31

Dusty diggers unearth "Lunch Under The Grass" - a 1983 meal for 80 south of Paris where star course was offal and leftovers were buried as art

AFP; The Independent 2010-06-05

Getty Museum exhibition, "In Focus: Tasteful Pictures" traces food photography over 150 years

By Mary MacVean

Los Angeles Times 2010-04-22

Analysis of 52 artists' rendering of disciples' Last Supper shows that portion sizes have been growing for at least a thousand years

By Melissa Healy

Los Angeles Times 2010-03-23

Smithsonian acquires food-stamp coupons, booklets, designs, printer's plates

By Sewell Chan

The New York Times 2010-01-22

Depicting London in highly perishable fruits and vegetables

Depicting London in highly perishable fruits and vegetables

news:lite 2009-11-16

In Pasadena, carver sends birthday wishes to friend via fork

In Pasadena, carver sends birthday wishes to friend via fork


City appreciates birthday gag, may leave 18-foot-high fork in the road as guerrilla art installation in Pasadena. Most passersby like the installation, but resident nearby grumbles at slow traffic, gawkers using his driveway; owner of tea room wishes it were a teaspoon instead.

By Nicole Santa Cruz

Los Angeles Times 2009-11-07

To the sound of clucking, a look at chickens as art

To the sound of clucking, a look at chickens as art

Koen Vanmechelen

Conceptual artist Koen Vanmechelen contemplates deep philosophical questions - egg-as-prison metaphor, chicken's humanlike traits, soulful bond between man and poultry. Results are on display at D.C. exhibition featuring photographs, video, taxidermy and livestock and smelling faintly of chicken poop. Artist breeds and cross-breeds chickens; makes chicken drawings, incorporating corn and feathers; still eats chicken because he's making art, not a political statement. Museum curator calls it 'cutting edge of realism.'

By Monica Hesse

The Washington Post 2009-11-07

Making place for 'salt of the earth' on cookware shelves

Himalayan salt, long popular in Europe as New Age wellness therapy product, moves to kitchens as cookware, grilling and baking surface and meat/fish curing aid - at David Burke's Primehouse in Chicago, meats are dry-aged in room lined with Himalayan salt tiles. Hand-mined from foothills of Himalayans, cut into smooth blocks or molded into reusable salt bowls, primordial ocean salt shimmers like pink marble (click 'See also' for source).

By Nancy Stohs

Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI) 2009-06-23

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Review: Dance theater, meandering through food history

Review: Dance theater, meandering through food history

Through perky stock girl, rueful farm wife, 'Drift,' a meandering piece of dance theater, tells story of how plot of land in Augusta, Ga., evolved from a farm to a Piggly Wiggly supermarket to a church. Story, created by Cassie Meador, leaves viewers hungry for peaches.

By Rebecca J. Ritzel

The Washington Post 2009-06-29

Bonding over pita, hummus and olives

In play, 'The Arab-Israeli Cookbook' now in Chicago (click 'See also'), aroma of stuffing for grape leaves, zucchini surrounds audience as actor cooks onstage. Food becomes metaphor for what sometime opposing sides have in common.

By Nancy Maes

Chicago Tribune 2009-03-04

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Stories of hunger, hope, struggle in exhibition of photos

Stories of hunger, hope, struggle in exhibition of photos

Barbie Izquierdo/

At Drexel: The kitchen of a neighbor, in North Philadelphia. Doll's leg in foreground.

In 'Witnesses to Hunger,' 40 blunt women tell unvarnished view of life visions pared to irreducible essence: Empty grocery carts, pay stubs, unstocked refrigerators, sewage pudding in the streets, bloodstained sidewalks. Drexel professor's aim was to illustrate daily hurt of hunger, myriad ways government fails poor children.

By Alfred Lubrano

The Philadelphia Inquirer 2008-11-30

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Savory sight

Savory sight

David McCarthy

Salt, pepper show they're ready for extreme closeup with win in overall category of Visions of Science Photographic Awards contest. Another contestant: the cellular structure of the stem of a sunflower.

BBC News 2008-04-28

Opinion: Greenwashed design

Pasadena's new Whole Foods Market is Vegas with organic, gluten-free scones. First rule of sustainable architecture is keeping new buildings small and efficient. With 30-foot ceilings, endless aisles, 280 subterranean parking spots and TVs always on, this place is neither. Forget about doing more with less. This green-tinged cornucopia is about doing more with more.

By Christopher Hawthorne

Los Angeles Times 2008-04-06

Backyard squash?

Backyard squash?

Heirloom melons and squashes get their due in Victor Schrager's photography, but it took his collaborator, Amy Goldman, to grow them. The work of the two, who created "Melons for the Passionate Grower" and "The Compleat Squash: A Passionate Grower's Guide to Pumpkins, Squashes, and Gourds," is on display at the New York Botanical Gardens.

The New York Botanical Garden 2007-08-03

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On the go

Gleanings from Diana Shearwood, a Montreal-based photographer, who has followed food trucks and captured still lifes of moving berries, donuts and steaks.

By Diana Shearwood

Alphabet City Food Anthology 2007-09-01

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Plethora of plastic:

Artist Chris Jordan makes, finds patterns in garbage and other societal markers.


Past pretty:

Gustatory glamour shots aside, food photography can be creative and informative, particularly when illustrating portion sizes, caloric density and just what fast food looks like, up close - really close.

By Chelsea Martinez

Los Angeles Times 2007-07-12

Creativity to cash:

Artists find income source through licensing their work on everything from plates, cups and textiles to popcorn tins, but success requires flexibility and understanding of market needs, experts say.

By Elizabeth Lazarowitz

New York Daily News 2007-08-06