Celebrations & Fundraisers

With government aid not guaranteed, farmers whose crops were ruined by harvest-time rains use ingenuity, draw on goodwill of customers

By Pete Wells

The New York Times 2011-09-28

Ian's on State Street, a pizza parlor near Wisconsin capitol, fields callers from 14 countries, all 50 states and D.C. looking to donate money to provide pizza to those at protest

By Meredith Shiner

Politico 2011-02-21

Farmers, school and health care representatives unite behind bill that would provide grants for farm to school and gardening programs and raise lunch funding to buy Oregon products

By Jennifer Colton

Hermiston Herald (OR) 2011-02-09

Cultural Studies & Anthropology

Opinion: Occupy Wall Street has its points, but occupying the kitchen will bring, keep families together, and when food is sourced locally, will 'stick it to the Man,' too

By Kurt Michael Friese

The Huffington Post 2011-10-27

From strategic placement of fresh flowers to ice and water around vegetables and faux stacks of cartons, Whole Foods, others prime us to shop, says author of "Brandwashed"

By Martin Lindstrom

Fast Company 2011-09-15

Opinion: To become healthier, more sustainable population, we must encourage a shift from ubiquitous fast food to craft of cooking and associated thrift

By Mark Bittman

The New York Times 2011-09-27

Dinner Table

Opinion: In bipartisan move, lawmakers celebrate removal from House cafeteria of compostable flatware that bent under pressure like a pocket watch in a Salvador Dali painting

By Charlotte Allen

Los Angeles Times 2011-02-13

Restaurant critic finds that cutting out junk food led to weight loss and helped him regain normal blood sugar levels despite alarming diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes

By Steve Cuozzo

New York Post 2010-09-02

Conservationists rally to protect spring-spawning herring (that later become Rollmops, a tasty snack) by delaying work on Russia-Germany gas pipeline

By Christoph Seidler

Der Spiegel 2010-03-11

"Congress is fighting to keep pizza and French fries on the school menus when we have an obesity problem nationally."

Feasting, Friends & Memories

Lured by peanut-butter sandwich inside, black bear clambers into unlocked Toyota, takes a ride

By Phil Gast

CNN 2010-07-24

Attempt to fry egg on sidewalk of New York City during 100-degree day meets with slight success

By Andy Newman

The New York Times 2010-07-07

In ecological success story against grim history of over-fishing and pollution, Chesapeake Bay's iconic blue crabs make comeback

By David A. Fahrenthold

The Washington Post 2010-04-15


Notion of slimmer Santa roils some fans of roly-poly standard

By J. Freedom du Lac

The Washington Post 2009-12-20

Opinion/Blog: Camping in style

Opinion/Blog: Camping in style


On a camping trip, there are a few must-haves beyond comfortable boots and breathable socks - namely, a knife that can fold; dishes with lids that can also be used as Frisbees, and a bar blade, the Rolls Royce of bottle openers that can also stir a pot and pull a tent peg out of the ground (click 'See also').

By Charlie Sorrel

Wired 2008-05-05

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Citron ban

Fruitcake, long an object of reverence and revulsion, has evolved past its traffic-light colors of hideous candied fruit to a plethora of nuts, booze and maybe a bit of pineapple, much to eaters' (and bakers' ) delight.

By Susan Warren

The Wall Street Journal (may require subscription) 2007-12-22