Dinner Table

Opinion: In bipartisan move, lawmakers celebrate removal from House cafeteria of compostable flatware that bent under pressure like a pocket watch in a Salvador Dali painting

By Charlotte Allen

Los Angeles Times 2011-02-13

Restaurant critic finds that cutting out junk food led to weight loss and helped him regain normal blood sugar levels despite alarming diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes

By Steve Cuozzo

New York Post 2010-09-02

Conservationists rally to protect spring-spawning herring (that later become Rollmops, a tasty snack) by delaying work on Russia-Germany gas pipeline

By Christoph Seidler

Der Spiegel 2010-03-11

Blue Hill at Stone Barns, temple of farm-to-table movement, deliciously allays fears about eating only cabbage in winter

By Joe Yonan

The Washington Post 2010-02-27

Upscale restaurants offer bargains; sales at McDonald's rise

As penny-pinching diners trade down on dinner, sales at McDonald's go up, worldwide (click 'See also'), some fine-dining spots close and others offer dramatic discounts - consider Philadelphia's London Grill special of lobster or beef filet, salad and dessert, for $19.

By Katy McLaughlin

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2009-01-23

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Nourishing wounded bodies, spirits

Friday night dinners satisfy recently wounded soldiers' hunger, cravings for normalcy. Troops find confidence, understanding, healing in breaking bread - and eating steak - together. Two Vietnam Vets started the D.C.-area dinners five years ago. Contributions from individuals, corporations (click 'See also') pay the tab.

By David Martin

CBS Evening News 2008-10-20

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As shark numbers decline, fin soup more popular

House OKs measure that would strengthen enforcement of ban on removing the fins of a shark and discarding the carcass, first established in the Shark Finning Prohibition Act of 2000. And: fishermen from Spain and Indonesia are main culprits; soup is served as a celebratory treat for growing affluent class in China (click 'See also').

CQ Politics 2008-06-11

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Kitchen control

For single Latino men in US to work, the kitchen is the most foreign territory of all. So they learn to cook from their amused moms or wives, long-distance - shattering the norms of their machismo society and occasionally setting off the smoke detector in pursuit of frijoles and carne asada.

By Steve Hendrix

The Washington Post 2008-05-12

Opinion: You aren't what you cook

For what lies in the hearts and minds of the candidates, there are better places to look than their palates -- and their recipes. First families don't get to the White House because of their cooking, so let's stop pretending that politicians own well-thumbed copies of "The Fannie Farmer Cookbook," and let's stop asking them for family recipes.

By Walter Scheib

The New York Times 2008-04-20

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Ninja dinners

Infant's fragile sleep spotlights routine clatter of clumsy, over-ambitious cook and prompts new and silent kitchen practices. Among them: Busy work must happen before baby's bedtime, choose recipes with resting time between prep and finish, switch from metal utensils to plastic or silicone, and set the table ahead of time.

By Keith Dixon

The New York Times 2008-02-27

It's not the pot roast

Benefits of family dinner just start with food, experts say. Ability to organize a mealtime and gather may indicate an intact, functional family. Literacy rates are better for children whose families maintain conversations and whose parents show interest in a child's day, regularly express empathy, and organize dinner in a fairly specific way, such as beginning and finishing the meal together.

By Alix Spiegel

National Public Radio 2008-02-07

Home in space

When Ko San, Korea's first astronaut, blasts off into space on Russian rocket in April, he likely will be feasting on traditional foods - kimchi, instant noodles, hot pepper paste and soy bean paste, rice, red ginseng and green tea.

The Chosun Ilbo (Korea) 2007-10-25

Mario in Michigan

When Mario Batali wants to get away, he doesn't go to Italy, where he learned the finer points of cooking; he heads to Michigan, where there are four full seasons and his place is on a lake, and the pizza oven is in the back.

By Jennifer Conlin

The New York Times (may require subscription) 2007-08-17

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"The Zen of Fish," and "The Sushi Economy," offer lessons in how global economy works, dangers of over-fishing and how it thrives on demand, and why trout might not be the best choice for eating raw (think tapeworms).

By Stuart Biggs

bloomberg.com 2007-08-08

Grilling serenade:

Plethora of high-tech gadgets pushes columnist to consider making meals over burning sticks, but she's not alone; there's a slew of campfire cooking in contests, in back yards and in the backcountry across the nation.

By Joyce Rosencranz

The Cincinnati Post

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