Notion of slimmer Santa roils some fans of roly-poly standard

By J. Freedom du Lac

The Washington Post 2009-12-20

Opinion/Blog: Camping in style

Opinion/Blog: Camping in style


On a camping trip, there are a few must-haves beyond comfortable boots and breathable socks - namely, a knife that can fold; dishes with lids that can also be used as Frisbees, and a bar blade, the Rolls Royce of bottle openers that can also stir a pot and pull a tent peg out of the ground (click 'See also').

By Charlie Sorrel

Wired 2008-05-05

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Citron ban

Fruitcake, long an object of reverence and revulsion, has evolved past its traffic-light colors of hideous candied fruit to a plethora of nuts, booze and maybe a bit of pineapple, much to eaters' (and bakers' ) delight.

By Susan Warren

The Wall Street Journal (may require subscription) 2007-12-22

Santa's outpost

Santa's outpost

Big Stock Photo

Maintaining a sweet red-and-white striped Christmas tradition means tossing and turning a gooey 20-pound glob of peppermint-scented candy into the stuff of dreams, and it happens at Logan's candy store, in sunny California.

By Charles Phoenix and Steve Proffitt

National Public Radio 2007-12-20

Stocking stuffers

Testing nearly two dozen dark chocolate bars was hard work, but to save the rest of us, staffers at the Los Angeles Times took on the task. The top three: Michel Cluizel "Noir de Cacao" 72% cacao; Valrhona "Le Noir Amer" 71% cacao; Chocovic Unique Origin Varietal Chocolates "Ocumare" (Criollo from Venezuela) 71% cacao.

By Betty Hallock

Los Angeles Times 2007-12-05

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Taste of generosity

As Americans reduce overall spending on holiday gifts, sales of edible presents grow almost 50 percent over two years. Gift-givers say it's the universal appeal of food, plus the attraction of treating friends and family.

By M.L. Johnson

The Associated Press 2007-11-22

Earning thanks

Writer recalls the year she learned, hours before her tradition-starved guests were due to arrive for Thanksgiving, that a 40-pound turkey won't fit in a Budapest-size oven, that predictability is perfect for the trip down memory lane - and that sipping a glass of wine can make the sweet potato spatters on your clothes less important.

By Amy McConnell Schaarsmith

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2007-10-29

Paucity of pumpkins

Southeastern drought produced stunted pumpkins, and too much rain in Illinois, the country's largest producer, turned fields into ponds and would-be Jack-o-Lanterns into mush; Kentucky, New Mexico and Texas shipped their extras.

By Anthony Brooks

National Public Radio 2007-10-30