Apps for iPhone, Android bring tomes, recipes and techniques to fingertips

By S. Irene Virbila

Los Angeles Times 2010-12-01

Former Forbes head Jim Spanfeller raises $2 million for collection of websites; food is first up

By Anthony Ha

VentureBeat; The New York Times 2010-08-10

50 free online lectures for the food-focused

Daily Candy 2009-12-30

Review: Ratio app uses weight to take guesswork out of recipes

By Russ Parsons

Los Angeles Times 2009-12-21

Food industry takes lead in romancing the blogosphere

As food companies, battered by recession, woo parents-turned-bloggers with free food, wine, snacks, kitchen appliances, vacations and groceries, nutrition activists worry that it's sly food industry ad campaign. Growing trend fuels legal, social debate over how bloggers disclose freebies. 42 million women in U.S. use social media services each week. But industry efforts can backfire - Nestle party for bloggers erupted into online battle over whether event it distraction from ongoing boycott of Nestle for marketing baby milk formula as substitute for breast feeding in developing countries. And: New FTC guidelines are for advertisers and marketers, not bloggers, says agency representative (click 'See also').

By P.J. Huffstutter and Jerry Hirsch

Los Angeles Times 2009-11-15

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Following the money at NIH easier with online tool

New online reporting tool (click 'See also') combines NIH project databases and funding records, PubMed abstracts, full-text articles from PubMed Central, and information from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to find descriptions, funding details on NIH-funded projects - nutrition and otherwise - plus research results that cite NIH support.

National Institutes of Health 2009-09-04

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Tweeting is cheap, sweet solution for eateries

Twitter becomes powerful, low-budget marketing tool for restaurants. Chefs, owners use 140 characters - or less - to check on customers' cilantro preferences, to assemble focus groups and to alert them to specials. Service makes experience intimate, memorable, by engaging customers, says industry observer.

By Devra J. First

The Boston Globe 2009-06-29

Anonymous tip highlights ethics issues of food blogs

Anonymous tip on blog - for which editors later apologized - highlights larger ethical quandaries. Among thorniest food-specific issues is that of press dinners, 'comped' meals. Unlike most major newspaper critics who are required to eat at a restaurant multiple times and have the corporate backing to pay for it, food bloggers usually pay for meals. Suggested code of ethics (click 'See also') was poorly subscribed, with responders saying they aren't journalists.

By Elina Shatkin

Los Angeles Times 2009-07-08

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For virtual dinner, plus conversation, click and serve

For virtual dinner, plus conversation, click and serve

Aran Goyoaga

From Aran Goyoaga's blog, Cannelle et Vanille.

Cookbooks gather dust as simple templates, growing readership ramp up number of food blogs to more than 33,000. Some authors may have professional culinary experience, but others are enthusiastic amateurs. Most-read are approachable, with endearing style. And: Orangette, Cannelle et Vanille, The Wednesday Chef lead list of writer's top 50 food blogs (click 'See also')

By Lynne Robinson

The Times (UK) 2009-02-17

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Feds twitter, blog about tainted peanuts, recalls

Feds twitter, blog about tainted peanuts, recalls


Government turns to social networking sites ( to spread word about salmonella outbreak and tainted products linked to Peanut Corporation of America. Heart of outreach effort is FDA database listing all recalled peanut products (click 'See also').

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 2009-02-02

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Testing knowledge, earning free rice for world's hungry

Testing knowledge, earning free rice for world's hungry

Big Stock Photo, partnered with UN World Food Program, will send rice - 10 grains per correctly answered quiz question - to world's hungry when you visit website. In 14 months, 56 billion grains of rice - about 1,000 metric tons - donated by sponsors. And: Play the game (click 'See also').

By Art Chimes

VOA News 2009-01-09

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New site tempts would-be cookbook buyers with recipes

New site tempts would-be cookbook buyers with recipes

Joan Nathan is participating in the new cookbook marketing site. 'The worst-case scenario for me is that people use my recipes.'

New website looks to increase new and old cookbook sales by serving up free searchable recipes from 12-plus publishers, 100 authors, including Mario Batali, Jamie Oliver, Mollie Katzan. Food sites attracted 45.6 million unique visitors in September, up 10 percent from a year ago - more than double rate of total Internet growth in U.S., study shows.

By Motoko Rich

The New York Times 2008-10-31

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Sweet treat - and photo subject

Sweet treat - and photo subject

Rob Webster/Wired

Wired readers vote on their favorite food photography - this one, by Rob Webster, is an international favorite. Others include a bicyclist balancing myriad cartons of eggs, a couple of spice market shots and a moody, late-night shot of customers at a ramen stand.

Wired 2008-07-14

Removing the bruises, then cooking with love

Removing the bruises, then cooking with love

Making the most of ripe or slightly damaged fresh produce dumped by grocery stores, Rubulad in Brooklyn serves twice-weekly meals. 'Grub is a cheap, simple dinner for strangers and co-conspirators,' video creator says. 'We recover it, clean it, and cook it with love.' 2007-04-02

Opinion: Eating less meat, less processed food

Opinion: Eating less meat, less processed food


Mark Bittman: It's time to stop raising animals industrially and stop eating them thoughtlessly.

To ensure our health and the health of our planet, which are intertwined, we must reduce consumption of meat and processed foods, says longtime food journalist. Livestock production pollutes air, land, water and our bodies; if we eat more plants and less of everything else, we live longer. We don't need animal products, or white bread, or Coke - we're not born craving Whoppers or Skittles.

By Mark Bittman

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading 2007-12-04

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Online appetites

Online appetites

Google Maps

Food fans create online maps of great taco trucks, Chinese restaurants, and pizza spots, persuading others to submit their treasured information. Mapping introduces people to small businesses that they might not otherwise find and helps them see the good in their own community, one mapper says. For taco trucks, click 'See also.'

By Cyrus Farivar

National Public Radio 2008-04-28

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Pies in our eyes

Pies in our eyes

Big Stock Photo

Can pepperoni and cheese move us to unrhymed verse?

Seeking pizza poetry, food section of The Washington Post hosts Reader Pie-Ku contest. Send three unrhymed lines - five syllables, then seven, then five - to, and write PIE-KU in the subject line, with your contact information.

The Washington Post 2008-04-16

A million words

A million words

Humane Society

For animal rights groups, a slaughterhouse job, a tiny camera, and YouTube eclipse 25 years of tactics including boycotts and legal challenges. It helped, too, that video wasn't too gruesome for TV, and that public anxiety over food safety is high. Possible obstacle to more undercover probes is the 2006 Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, which makes damage or economic disruption of an animal enterprise illegal.

By Kim Severson

The New York Times 2008-03-12

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Less bliss

With text-messaging service providing calories, carbs and fat of common items at 1,700 places, expect a few bugs, a few blanks and sometimes shocking information: A tuna sandwich on honey wheat bread at Panera has 720 calories, 43 grams of fat and 50 grams of carbs. Nutrition on the Go,

By Jane Black

The Washington Post 2008-02-13

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Opinion: Farming for reform

Opinion: Farming for reform


Non-profit research group creates interactive map that points to 350-plus newspaper editorials in the last year, nationwide, calling for farm/food bill reform. Few issues, Environmental Working Group says, have garnered as much editorial page criticism of Congress.

Environmental Working Group 2008-02-11

Potato time

Turkey gets the most hits on Epicurious, the Gourmet magazine-linked recipe website, but vegetables, vegetarian alternatives, pumpkin pie - and these mashed potatoes sparked with sauteed onions - rank high as well, says food editor.

By Bonny Wolf

National Public Radio 2007-11-14

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Edible chic

Upper crust's eternal quest for distinction, expressed through edibles that others can't afford (sugar and tea in the Middle Ages) has moved from flavor-enhanced "superfoods" to "organic" but, with Wal-Mart now selling organics, "local" is both political and consumer movement. Which will prevail?

By John Feffer

Alphabet City Food Anthology; Foreign Policy in Focus 2007-10-16

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Growing spirit:

Long the designated caretakers of the poor and disenfranchised, religious communities find their interests growing toward farming and food production for reasons including humane treatment of animals, fair wages to workers and stewardship of the Earth.

By Joan Nathan

The New York Times 2007-08-22

Beyond recipes:

Escoffier would be shocked, but Hugo Liu, computer whiz at the MIT Media Lab is shaking up the food world with blend of artificial intelligence and obsession, running recipes through deconstruction computer program and sorting them by emotion.

By Regina Schrambling

Los Angeles Times

Past pretty:

Gustatory glamour shots aside, food photography can be creative and informative, particularly when illustrating portion sizes, caloric density and just what fast food looks like, up close - really close.

By Chelsea Martinez

Los Angeles Times 2007-07-12