Rick Perry calls for rolling back environmental laws, suspending rule-making that would give EPA clout over large carbon emitters, opening federal land to more oil, gas production

By Patrick O'Connor

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-10-14

Paul Hawken eulogizes Ray Anderson as businessman who viewed reimagining the world as responsibility, something owed our children's children, a gift to a future begging for selflessness, vision

By Andrew C. Revkin

The New York Times 2011-08-12

EPA head left with only science, loyal lieutenants as she sets rules on smog, mercury, carbon dioxide, mining waste and vehicle emissions that will affect all corners of economy

By John M. Broder

The New York Times 2011-07-05

With Local Food Plus and foundation funding, former journalist drives powerful engine behind local food's strong foothold in Canada

By Jessica Leeder

The Globe and Mail 2011-07-01

Phil Brasher, agriculture/food policy reporter for The Des Moines Register, laid off; played a key role in informing the public about inner workings of USDA, FDA

By Paula Crossfield

The Huffington Post 2011-06-24

Opinion: Beyonce's former gig as soda saleswoman, and now her work with Let's Move campaign shows why celebs with hopes of influencing kids shouldn't hawk junk food

By Melanie Warner

BNET 2011-04-13

Chocolate truffles, Budweiser - and more important - bouncing back from life's curveballs keep 109-year-old living at home, sharp and profoundly engaged in the world around her

By Mark Lachs

National Public Radio/Morning Edition 2011-04-11

NJ Gov. Chris Christie, motivated by his four children, begins watching what he eats and exercising - and has lost weight in the process

The Associated Press; National Public Radio 2011-02-19

Lawmaker and chair of Ag panel must walk a tightrope between addressing nation's nutrition needs, backing Michigan's second-largest industry and luring GOP backers

By Nathan Hurst

The Detroit News 2011-02-07

Kent Conrad, North Dakota Democrat who is one of the strongest and most influential defenders of farm subsidies in Congress, won't run for re-election

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2011-01-18

With adult booster seat, diminutive inventor solves problem of low-rise seats in restaurants, theaters

By Amy Wallace

The New York Times 2010-12-25

S. Irene Virbila, LA Times food critic, photographed, outed by restaurant manager; event sparks debate on whether critics can remain anonymous

By Christopher Reynolds and Rene Lynch

Los Angeles Times 2010-12-23

Opinion: Debbie Stabenow is excellent choice to head senate's ag panel, considering her focus on research, specialty crops, renewable fuels and critical conservation efforts

By Lou Anna K. Simon and Jeffrey Armstrong

The Detroit News 2010-12-16

With vow to eat school meal each day, blogging teacher brings attention to lunch reform and along the way realizes that "food is personal, food is life, food is health"

By Rebecca Dube 2010-12-16

New York state inmate and college senior uses garden to supplement his thesis titled "The Diet of Punishment: Prison Food and Penal Practice in the Post-Rehabilitative Era"

By Emily Friedman

ABC News 2010-05-18

Pope Benedict XVI calls for sustainable development, fresh agricultural strategy in response to worldwide poverty, hunger, pollution and rising unemployment

By Ellen Teague

Independent Catholic News 2010-11-22

As obesity epidemic grew, Cathleen Black, now NYC schools' chancellor in waiting, sat on Coke board and panel with focus on obesity and selling soda to children; she holds $3.3 million in company stock

By Michael Barbaro ad Anemona Hartocollis

The New York Times 2010-11-16

Vicky Hartzler, farmer, teacher and new House member from Missouri, aims to trim agricultural subsidies; her farm received about $774,000 from 1995 through 2009

By Robert Koenig

St. Louis Beacon (MO) 2010-11-09

David Beckmann, World Food Prize recipient and missionary economist, sets goal of linking Christian faith and moral teaching to economics, especially poverty

By Christine A. Scheller

The Huffington Post 2010-11-02

Elisabeth Hagen named undersecretary for food safety at USDA; she previously was agency's chief medical officer and was a senior exec at Food Safety and Inspection Service

McPherson Sentinel (KS) 2010-09-24

Dairy worker sentenced to jail, fined and directed to undergo mental health after video shows him apparently abusing cows; veterinarian said actions weren't abuse, says lawyer

By Donna Willis

NBC4i 2010-09-24

Lady Gaga's dress at 2010 Video Music Awards made of real meat, as were her shoes

By Christie D'Zurilla

Los Angeles Times 2010-09-14

Opinion: Concern of Tom Vilsack is improving rural America by exploiting energy resources, creating local food markets for local products, expanding broadband, urging recreation

By David Broder

The Washington Post 2010-08-15

Opinion: It's grounding to hear that Senator Jon Tester is spending his summer vacation harvesting wheat on his farm

The editors

The New York Times 2010-08-10

Former Forbes head Jim Spanfeller raises $2 million for collection of websites; food is first up

By Anthony Ha

VentureBeat; The New York Times 2010-08-10

Tightly orchestrated food-agriculture empire grows under eye of P. Allen Smith, who sees blueberries as path to bliss in Arkansas, beyond

By Kim Severson

The New York Times 2010-08-05

Laid-off paramedic delivers pizza, saves life, gets job offers

Reuters; Los Angeles Times 2010-07-21

"Food therapy" moves hospice patient to cook four-course meal for family birthday celebration

By Lisa Black

Chicago Tribune 2010-07-25

Former Trader Joe's president Doug Rauch now at Harvard, studying how to end food waste, promote healthier eating

By Jenn Abelson

The Boston Globe 2010-07-25

Anthony Ward, aka "Chocolate Finger," all but corners market on cocoa; some see his actions as bet on cocoa prices, others say he created shortage to drive up price

By Julia Werdigier and Julie Creswell

The New York Times 2010-07-24

Firing of USDA official under review; case highlights political problems involving race at agency with history of discrimination against minority farmers

By Karen Tumulty and Krissah Thompson

The Washington Post 2010-07-20

Comedian Stephen Colbert signs up as farm worker despite hearing tales of triple-digit temperatures in grape orchards from UFW president

The Packer 2010-07-09

Magazine picks Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant as CEO of the year

By J.P. Donlon

Chief Executive magazine 2010-07-01

Tony Geraci, Baltimore schools' innovative food service director who found national attention in Obama anti-obesity initiative, pares hours for family, consulting

By Erica L. Green

The Baltimore Sun 2010-07-06

Elena Kagan, in confirmation hearings, slips on question of whether feds could pass law forcing Americans to eat fruits, vegetables

By James Oliphant

Los Angeles Times 2010-06-30

Opinion: Reporter at The New York Times is relentlessly negative, sometimes almost apocalyptic in tone toward GE, says former FDA biotechnology head

By Henry I. Miller

Forbes 2010-06-30

Candyman of NASCAR, Kyle Busch, aka Rowdy, attends chocolate school at Mars headquarters in New Jersey

By Joseph R. Perone

The Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ) 2010-06-04

Obituary: K. Dun Gifford, founder of Oldways Preservation Trust and french-fry delivery man to Julia Child

By Bryan Marquard

The Boston Globe 2010-05-12

Class issues permeate food system, underlining need for coherent policy, argues columnist for Grist

By Brent Cunningham

Columbia Journalism Review 2010-05-04

Rosa DeLauro may be candidate for David Obey's Appropriations Committee chair when he leaves Congress; Nancy Pelosi, house speaker, will have influence

By Reid Wilson 2010-05-05

Michael Pollan, Will Allen, Kathleen Merrigan, Temple Grandin, Lisa Jackson among 100 most influential cited by Time magazine

Time magazine 2010-04-29

Seed evangelist awarded "green Nobel," Goldman Environmental Prize for helping farmers reduce need for fertilizers, pesticides in Cuba

By Will Weissert

The Associated Press; San Francisco Chronicle 2010-04-19

Three-star restaurateur takes on world of D.C. public school food, a curious system of subsidies and standards that can take years to master, let alone manipulate

By Jane Black

The Washington Post 2010-03-23

Opinion: Administration's schizophrenic agricultural policy on display with installation of Islam Siddiqui as agricultural negotiator during recess and despite objections of 90,000

By Barry Estabrook

The Atlantic 2010-04-01

Multitasking sociologist and food writer grows Chatham University's program for master of arts in food studies

By Gretchen McKay

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2010-04-08

Alice Waters inspires animosity in some with her fierce, uncompromising commitment to local ingredients, produced without hormones or pesticides

By Scott Kraft

Los Angeles Times 2010-04-02

Opinion: Michelle Obama, mother of young children, African-American from working-class family, is right person to deliver message of healthy fare

By Susan Reimer

The Baltimore Sun 2010-03-29

Scholar makes a Sephardic passover feast after researching subject for her debut novel, "Hanah's Paradise"

By Meredith Broussard

The Philadelphia Inquirer 2010-03-25

Dan Barber, Roger Doiron, Jamie Oliver among top 10 leaders of the sustainable food movement

By Stephanie Schomer

Fast Company 2010-03-05

Harvard-educated physician tapped for USDA food safety spot

By Elizabeth Weise

USA Today 2010-01-25

Healthy eating advocate reveals her weight battle

By Dawn Turner Trice

Chicago Tribune 2010-01-25

Former Monsanto vp named FDA deputy commissioner for foods

By Lyndsey Layton

The Washington Post 2010-01-14

John Mackey and the pursuit of profits and higher purpose simultaneously

By Nick Paumgarten

The New Yorker 2010-01-04

Co-founder John Mackey steps down as chairman of Whole Foods

KVUE News (Austin, TX) 2009-12-26

Physician and anti-hunger leader nominated to head USAID

Physician and anti-hunger leader nominated to head USAID

Rajiv Shah, physician and undersecretary of agriculture since June, nominated to head the U.S. Agency for International Development. He led USDA efforts on Obama administration's food security initiative, part of global campaign to help small farmers get more food to the hungry. Obama has laid out ambitious agenda on foreign assistance, pledging to double it to $50 billion a year, pushing for $20 billion program in conjunction with other countries to fight hunger, to make economic development a pillar of his strategy in Afghanistan. And: Transcript of speech nominee helped write for secretary of state on food security (click 'See also').

By Mary Beth Sheridan

The Washington Post 2009-11-11

See also 

Opinion: Nominee's pesticides position, experience don't match Obama's agriculture interest

Opinion: Nominee's pesticides position, experience don't match Obama's agriculture interest

Resume of Islam Siddiqui, nominated for chief agricultural negotiator, doesn't seem to square with administration's professed interest in more sustainable, less chemically dependent approaches to agriculture. His current job representing coalition of major pesticide players is to increase exports of agricultural chemicals; resume also includes Clinton-era draft of organic standards notoriously loose about allowing genetically engineered crops and use of sewage-sludge fertilizers to be labeled as 'organic.' And: Candidate worked previously for California Department of Food and Agriculture (click 'See also').

The editors

The New York Times 2009-11-04

See also 

Writer takes business acumen to cash-free alternative

Writer takes business acumen to cash-free alternative

Mark Boyle

After studying economics, managing organic food companies, Mark Boyle works to 'be the change he wants to see' by going cash-free for a year. He writes: If we grew our own food, we wouldn't waste a third of it. If we had to clean our own drinking water, we probably wouldn't contaminate it. To feed himself, he foraged, grew his own, bartered and used waste grub. Lessons learned? Friendship, not money, is real security. Most western poverty is spiritual. Independence is really interdependence. And: On his blog (click 'See also'), he agonizes about what to do with money from a new book contract.

By Mark Boyle

The Guardian (UK) 2009-10-28

See also 

Proponent of agribusiness now leads senate Agriculture Committee

Proponent of agribusiness now leads senate Agriculture Committee

After death of Ted Kennedy, Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) takes chairmanship of Agriculture Committee as Tom Harkin (D-IA) moves to chair Health, Education, Labor and Pensions panel, which is responsible for major food-safety bill pending in Congress. And: Lincoln is proponent for large farms, livestock interests - Tyson Foods is based in Arkansas (click 'See also'). Pair her with panel's senior Republican, Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, and it's one-two punch for southern perspective on agricultural policy.

By Paul Kane and Ben Pershing

The Washington Post 2009-09-09

See also 

A trip home to Ethiopia for World Food Prize winner

A trip home to Ethiopia for World Food Prize winner


For Gebisa Ejeta, Purdue plant breeder, geneticist and recipient of 2009 World Food Prize, return to Ethiopian homeland is surprising, with crowds gathering to celebrate - and to tell him what they need next. His drought- and weed-resistant sorghum hybrid seeds have blossomed into food supply for hundreds of millions of people in sub-Saharan Africa since early 1980s. And: Philip Nelson, former head of university's Department of Food Science, won 2007 award for his technology for transporting processed fruits and vegetables without product spoilage (click 'See also').

By Eric Weddle

Journal and Courier (Lafayette and West Lafeyette, IN) 2009-08-17

See also 

CEO's health care ideas prompt protests against Whole Foods

CEO's health care ideas prompt protests against Whole Foods


John Mackey, Whole Foods CEO and self-described 'free-market libertarian,' unleashes wave of protests, calls for boycott of stores with his suggestions for health care reform (click 'See also') published in The Wall Street Journal. Company, dubbed 'Whole Paycheck,' with 270 stores in North America and UK, sells vegetables, biodegradable washing powder, sustainable seafood to well-heeled clientele while championing liberal credentials.

By Claire Prentice

BBC News 2009-08-23

See also 

First Lady sharpens focus to policies linked to obesity, preventive care, family support

First Lady sharpens focus to policies linked to obesity, preventive care, family support

After several months of focusing on her family, her garden and inspiring young people, Michelle Obama toughens message while taking care not to overstep bounds. She is taking on obesity, preventive care and corresponding government policies and legislation, as well as those of supporting military, working families.

By Rachel L. Swarns

The New York TImes 2009-07-18

Budding NBA hero missing the foods of home

Budding NBA hero missing the foods of home

Omri Casspi, first Israeli in the N.B.A., busily adapting to life in U.S. and getting used to being greatest hope in Israeli basketball history. But beyond a new cellphone number and new chargers, he says he still needs a good Israeli restaurant and a worthy tub of hummus.

By Howard Beck

The New York Times 2009-07-18

Opinion: Turning a skill into life-saving charity work

Opinion: Turning a skill into life-saving charity work

After epiphany, Scott Harrison, nightclub promoter with natural gift for promotion and for wheedling donations, leaves high life to create charity that provides clean water to save lives (click 'See also). In three years, group has provided clean water to nearly 1 million people in Africa, Asia. His path to success: Ensure that every penny from new donors goes to projects in field, show donors specific impact of their contributions, and leap into new media and social networks.

By Nicholas D. Kristof

The New York TImes 2009-07-11

See also 

Food safety specialist tapped for FDA spot

Food safety specialist tapped for FDA spot


Mike Taylor, former Monsanto vice president for public policy (click 'See also') and FSIS administrator for USDA returns to FDA as senior advisor. Among other duties, he is to plan implementation of new food safety legislation, identify regulatory priorities, and develop budget requests.

By George Strait

FDA 2009-07-07

See also 

Son of Buffett on African front in war against hunger

Son of Buffett on African front in war against hunger

The Wall Street Journal.

Warren Buffett's middle son, Howard, fights global war against hunger after realizing that environment can't be saved if people aren't fed (click 'See also'). Among his foundation's Africa projects in progress: Obtaining for corn breeders royalty-free access to Monsanto's biotechnology for drought-tolerant seed, developing disease-resistant sweet potato, helping farmers sell crops to UN hunger-relief programs. Number of chronically hungry people expected to climb this year to 1.02 billion, up 11.5 percent from 2008.

By Scott Kilman and Roger Thurow

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2009-06-28

See also 

Fighting for clean water, air, health in Appalachia

Fighting for clean water, air, health in Appalachia

Goldman Environmental Foundation

Bad air, bad water and seeing grandson in stream full of dead fish pushed Julia Bonds, coal-miner's daughter, into environmental action in West Virginia, epicenter of coal's effects on human health. She says that officials talk about prosperity of coal mining, so why are poorest counties the coal-producing counties? And: Former waitress/manager turned activist 15 years ago (click 'See also').

By Daniel Stone

Newsweek magazine 2009-04-21

See also 

Opinion: Line crossed with university president's Monsanto job

Opinion: Line crossed with university president's Monsanto job

Conflict-of-interest line crossed when South Dakota State University president took part-time job on Monsanto board for nearly $400,000 annually. David Chicoine likens new job to consulting work of professors at public universities for publicly held companies. In fiscal years 2008 and so far in 2009, Monsanto has paid SDSU about $421,000 and has been paid about $216,000. Monsanto contributes millions for agricultural research and infrastructure at Land Grant universities around nation.

By Alan Guebert

Lincoln Journal Star (NE) 2009-04-26

Competitive eater claims victory over funnel cake

Competitive eater claims victory over funnel cake

Jim Gensheimer/Mercury News

Before a throng of dozens, champion competitive eater Joey Chestnut makes mush of funnel cake, competition as he crams fried dough into cavernous cakehole. In thick of contest, he employs unorthodox pogo style, bouncing up and down on theory that whatever he is inhaling will settle deeper in the duodenum.

By Bruce Newman

San Jose Mercury News 2009-04-12

For advocate, fight for good food is about justice, survival

To recast debate about good food from moral to economic battle, Dave Murphy of nonprofit Food Democracy Now uses grassroots methods, drawing attention to those living amidst effects of corporate agriculture in Midwest and who are well positioned to lobby. He sees better school lunches, for example, as way to sustain small farmers, rural America, but knows he must unite stakeholders - health insurers, senior citizens and teacher lobbies - to succeed.

By Jane Black

The Washington Post 2009-03-25

Competitive eater expands beyond dogs

World's No. 1 ranked speed eater takes on funnel cake, admits to eating faster than companions when dining out. 'I'm just having fun with eating,' says Joey 'Jaws' Chestnut, who won 2007 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest by eating 66 hot dogs in 12 minutes. That's 19,600 calories, 11,500 of them from fat, and a two-and-a-half-week allotment of sodium (click 'See also').

By Justin Berton

San Francisco Chronicle 2009-04-11

See also 

Departing chef's famed school lunch program to continue

Departing chef's famed school lunch program to continue

As Ann Cooper, chef who brought fresh meals cooked from scratch - and national fame - to Berkeley schools, moves to Boulder, CO, program administrators lay plans to continue serving nutritious, delicious lunches - and to break even. And: District's contribution has diminished each year since 2006 (click 'See also').

By Doug Oakley

San Jose Mercury News 2009-04-02

See also 

From food activist to operator - in 40 years

From food activist to operator - in 40 years

Alice Waters may have Barack Obama as ally in her quest to change the way Americans think about food. He's interested in the Edible Schoolyard, he's read 'The Omnivore's Dilemma,' he knows childhood obesity crisis. He's hired a chef with passion for local food and improving school lunches. There's hope that a vegetable garden will grow on White House lawn. It has taken 40 years of grassroots and top-down work.

By Marian Burros

Gourmet/Politics of the Plate 2009-02-26

'Farm bloc' breached by urban senator for rich, food-savvy voters

'Farm bloc' breached by urban senator for rich, food-savvy voters

Kirsten Gillibrand signs onto Agricultural Committee, historically fortress for rural-state farmers, farm economy. Junior senator from New York represents one of world's largest, most food-savvy and economically influential urban markets. They say soybeans, she says farmers' markets, 'buy local' and farmland preservation.

By Sam Hurst

Gourmet/Politics of the Plate 2009-02-25

Obama nominates USDA deputy

Obama nominates USDA deputy

Mark Morelli

Kathleen Merrigan, who helped develop U.S. organic food labeling rules, now assistant professor at Tufts University, nominated as Tom Vilsack's deputy at USDA. And: Reaction in sustainable agriculture community 'near euphoric,' columnist writes (click 'See also').

By Charles Abbott

Reuters 2009-02-23

See also 

Essay: Choking incident shows need for staff safety training

Essay: Choking incident shows need for staff safety training

Portion of life-saving poster by Alex Holden, a Brooklyn artist.

Learning Heimlich maneuver should be mandatory for restaurant staff, writes famed cookbook author who was saved at her own party from choking on Persian shish kebab with pomegranate sauce. The knight? Tom Colicchio, who owns Craft restaurants and is judge on TV show 'Top Chef.' And: Brooklyn artist transforms eyesore of life-saving poster into aesthetic statement (click 'See also').

By Joan Nathan

The New York Times 2009-02-04

See also 

Food safety gets short shrift, risks nation, says FDA candidate

Food safety gets short shrift, risks nation, says FDA candidate

Noting nation's vulnerability, need for more food inspections, Steven Nissen, physician-activist and possible FDA pick, says agency is underfunded, understaffed and overworked. It is continually hit by sweeping food scares that sicken scores, sometimes resulting in death, but job of approving medicines, medical devices swamps resources.

By Delthia Ricks

Newsday 2009-01-22

Before he was President, Obama as restaurant critic

Charming look at pre-Presidential Obama in restaurant-review show 'Check, Please!' shows man wary of johnnycakes, embracing 5:30 dinner reservation, advocating free valet service. Chicago-area PBS show was taped in 2001. And: Obama likes good food at good price - and peach cobbler (click 'See also').

By Steve Johnson

Chicago Tribune 2009-01-15

See also 

Obama picks marine biologist to lead ocean-air group

Obama picks marine biologist to lead ocean-air group

Jane Lubchenco

Jane Lubchenco, advocate for vigorous response to climate change and Obama's nominee for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has consistently called for ocean conservation measures. And: Among oceans' needs: improved fishery management; alignment of fishing, economic, conservation interests; networks of marine reserves; protection of coastline habitat. (click 'See also').

Los Angeles Times 2008-12-19

See also 

Analysis: Obama's USDA pick hails from top corn, hog, ethanol state

Analysis: Obama's USDA pick hails from top corn, hog, ethanol state


If Tom Vilsack confirmed as USDA secretary, Iowa (No. 1 in corn, hogs, ethanol) will have one of its own heading agency that dispenses federal crop subsidies, controls nearly two million acres of Iowa land, regulates state's many slaughterhouses. He's sympathetic to agribusiness giants, supports biofuels, agricultural biotechnology. And: Former governor will oversee $95 billion budget, with bulk going to nutrition - food stamps, school lunches (click 'See also').

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2008-12-16

See also 

EPA nominee queries on drinking water, pollution, global warming

EPA nominee queries on drinking water, pollution, global warming

Bill Wolfe/

Lisa Jackson, tapped as Obama EPA secretary (click 'See also) and Robert Sussman, seen as front-runner for top EPA deputy, visit EPA to smooth transition. They asked questions regarding perchlorate and drinking-water standards, climate change, and costs of going after polluters.

By Shailagh Murray and Carol D. Leonnig

The Washington Post 2008-12-03

See also 

Saxby Chambliss resists testifying in Imperial Sugar suit

Saxby Chambliss resists testifying in Imperial Sugar suit

Saxby Chambliss, Georgia senator, resists order to testify in suit over Imperial Sugar refinery explosion that killed 14 workers in February. In hearing, lawmaker criticized whistleblower who said company ignored warnings about potential dust explosions (click 'See also'); plaintiffs' lawyer says Chambliss tried to talk some of his clients out of suing Imperial Sugar.

By Michael Atkins

Savannah Morning News. 2008-11-20

See also 

Can-do attitude yields $16,000 for school

Michigan 'Can Man' picks up cans, collects cans at school events, sorts cans from community supporters, and 52-student school benefits to tune of $400 a month. Reimbursed at 10 cents per can, he's already added $16,000-plus to sports program, and students say he's 'sweetest man alive.'

By Amy Robinson

National Public Radio/Morning Edition 2008-10-21

Film viewing offers fork in the road; woman takes it

Film viewing offers fork in the road; woman takes it

Jenna Norwood changed her life after a 30-day regimen of raw, organic food.

Inspired by opposite of Morgan Spurlock's monthlong 'Super Size Me' diet, public relations specialist eats only raw, organic food for a month - and films the process. Three years later, she's quit her job, finished the film "Supercharge Me! 30 Days Raw,' (click 'See also'), started a raw food group, and opened two raw food restaurants in Florida. Raw chocolate, she says, keeps her going.

By Belinda Goldsmith

Reuters 2008-11-10

See also 

Opinion/blog: Food, baseball intersect for Rays' manager

Opinion/blog: Food, baseball intersect for Rays' manager

Jeff Houck

Joe Maddon holds forth on matters of the plate.

Baseball, food, wine are top passions for Tampa Bay Rays' manager Joe Maddon, who was raised in Phillies' country on spaghetti and meatballs, sausage and peppers, good Italian breads, ravioli, lasagna, pierogies, halupkies, and sauerkraut. Game No. 1 of the 2008 World Series between Rays, Phillies, is in Florida (click 'See also').

By Jeff Houck

The Tampa Tribune 2008-10-22

See also 

Senators, across the aisle, honored for anti-hunger efforts

Senators, across the aisle, honored for anti-hunger efforts

Bill Neibergall/The Register

George McGovern

As Bob Dole, George McGovern accept World Food Prize, absence of its ailing founder, Norman Borlaug, is noted. Retired senators were honored for food, nutrition and humanitarian programs. McGovern, 86, moved crowd by bursting into verse of 'Jesus Loves the Little Children.' 'The beautiful thing about the hunger issue,' he said, 'is that it is soluble....I hope to live long enough to see every schoolchild in the world fed."

By Dan Piller

The Des Moines Register 2008-10-17

Pork producer drops NASCAR sponsorship

Pork producer drops NASCAR sponsorship

Smithfield Foods pulls NASCAR sponsorship, citing rising corn and oil prices. The pork producer had supported Bobby Hamilton Jr. and his No. 25 Ford in the Nationwide Series, but, like other meat businesses, it faces high input costs, sagging demand and an oversupply that is keeping meat prices low (click 'See also').

By Tom Kreager

The Tennessean (Nashville, TN) 2008-09-19

See also 

Fish toxins specialist to head EPA advisory panel

Fish toxins specialist to head EPA advisory panel

EPA picks expert on toxic chemicals in freshwater lakes and rivers to head its Science Advisory Board, which reviews quality, relevance of information used or proposed as basis for EPA regulations. Deborah Swackhamer, from the University of Minnesota, studies buildup in freshwater fish of PCBs, dioxins and pesticides.

By Mark Cassutt

University of Minnesota 2008-09-17

Prime minister ousted over cookery show moonlighting

Prime minister ousted over cookery show moonlighting

The Telegraph

After allegations of corruption and closet republicanism, Thai prime minister forced to resign after declared guilty of illegal cooking on TV shows; rules say cabinet ministers can't moonlight. Samak Sundaravej's on-screen persona charges into food markets and tells vendors how to prepare their dishes, which plays well among urban poor.

By Simon Montlake

The Christian Science Monitor 2008-09-10

From city girl to sustainable empire builder

From city girl to sustainable empire builder


Patti Moreno is Modern American Homemaker and Urban Homesteader (click 'See also') who's hardworking, media-savvy. Former city girl started kitchen garden to lose weight; will soon release DVD, garden goods line. Already host of PBS's Farmer's Almanac TV, she's now talking to Sundance Channel and Regis; also opens farm stand to neighbors.

By Carlene Hempel

The Boston Globe 2008-08-17

See also 

Eat, sleep, swim, win. Repeat.

Eat, sleep, swim, win. Repeat.

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps pared his life to three components and the gold medals followed. At the games, he ate enough pasta and pizza to feed a village, although not as much as his usual 12,000 calories a day. And: Breakfast is three fried-egg sandwiches with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, fried onions and mayo.

By Karen Crouse

The New York Times 2008-08-16

See also 

World Food Prize for schoolchildren's feeding program

World Food Prize for schoolchildren's feeding program

Heather Wines/Gannett News Service

George McGovern, left, and Bob Dole.

George McGovern, Robert Dole awarded World Food Prize for school feeding program for world's poorest children. The program, which targets the 300 million children getting nothing to eat during the school day, was begun in 2000 with $300 million, but funding dwindled afterward. Through more spending via 2008 farm/food bill, funding could increase.

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2008-06-13

See also 

Slugger goes vegetarian

Slugger goes vegetarian

Milwaukee Brewers/MLB

Prince Fielder goes vegetarian and Milwaukee Brewers fans who, every sixth inning, cheer their favorite human dressed as a weiner product between bites of bratwursts, are baffled. 'Eat a steak,' they cry, if an at-bat doesn't yield a run. He switched after reading how cattle and chickens were treated and 'was totally grossed out.' He gets protein from beans and shakes, isn't hungry all the time and thinks plain tofu tastes like a wet eraser.

By Alan Schwarz

The New York Times 2008-04-27

A celebratory evening in D.C.

A celebratory evening in D.C.

President and first lady will greet Pope Benedict XVI at the airport and have a private meeting with him the next day. Then, they'll have a big dinner - without him. The dinner, White House aides say, is in his honor, and he has a busy schedule. It happens that Wednesday is the pontiff's 81st birthday.

By Dan Eggen

The Washington Post 2008-04-14

Stumping for souffles

Stumping for souffles

Nicolas Sarkozy

French leader tells farmers he will use country's six-month presidency of EU to create Common Agriculture Policy to protect French producers. He also wants UN to list his country's cuisine as national heritage. A similar bid by Mexico was rejected in 2005; Unesco is considering including Iran's Norouz, a festival that marks the Persian new year.

By Charles Bremner

The Times (UK) 2008-02-25

Opinion/Blog: Nurturing human health

Opinion/Blog: Nurturing human health



Cornell professor predicts that farmers will be lured by high prices to return to food crops. For more sustainable food system, he says, priorities are land and water use efficiency, mitigation and adaptation to market and climate changes, finding a better crop than corn for biofuel, researching options for small farmers, researching implications of structural changes in food marketing, and 'biofortification' - likely genetically modified foods.

By Alexis Madrigal

Wired 2008-02-17

See also 

Designated spokesmonster

Designated spokesmonster

Sesame Workshop

Cookie Monster is exactly who he is, even though he understands that 'A Cookie is a Sometime Food' and has added other foods to his on-camera diet. A writer for 'Sesame Street' explains: 'He's not gonna knock anybody over to get the cookie. He's gonna try to get around them to get the cookie. He's gonna beg for the cookie.'

By Elizabeth Blair

National Public Radio 2008-02-10

See also 

Patriarch of plenty

Patriarch of plenty

Trond Isaksen/Nobel Peace Center

Norman Borlaug, the almost unknown hero of agriculture, is widely credited with saving the lives of one billion people worldwide. Beginning in the 1940s, he introduced ideas of fertilizer, hybrid seeds and soil conservation that increased crop yields in Mexico, India, China and elsewhere. His dream of a World Food Prize was realized in 1986; now his innovations are being extended to Africa by the Gates Foundation.

By Jonathan Alter

Newsweek 2007-07-30

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Row to hoe

Row to hoe


Ed Schafer confirmed as new USDA secretary. The first chore: Find path to a farm/food bill that satisfies administration's requirement to deny crop subsidies to richest Americans and not raise taxes, and lawmakers who say that without money, they can't pay for expansions of food stamp, land stewardship and biofuel programs.

By Charles Abbott

Reuters 2008-01-28

Tending the future

Tending the future


To grow the Slow Food's University of Gastronomic Studies, founder Carlo Petrini must bring his audacious ideas to life. One was connecting students to sources of their food via a mandatory 24-day bicycle tour. The unity of the trip bore fruit shortly afterward, when students announced plans to build an international network that links young people in food and farming.

By Corby Kummer

The Atlantic magazine 2008-01-01

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Fresh talk

Organic and local and seasonal - oh my! Alice Waters' purist principles seem so hard to live by, but listening to her makes it sound worth the effort. An interview with the chef, author and activist.

By Farhad Manjoo 2007-10-26

Ig Nobel

Brian Wansink's bottomless bowl of soup wins tongue-in-cheek Ig Nobel for nutrition; Cornell professor's invention was part of research surrounding obesity epidemic, including unconscious eating and how we judge satiety.

By Mark Pratt

The Associated Press 2007-10-05

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Plate by plate

When Alice Waters makes a meal from the farmers' market, it's clear she believes that a luscious meal has transformative powers, and she writes about those powers in "The Art of Simple Food: Notes, Lessons and Recipes From a Delicious Revolution"

By Kim Severson

The New York Times 2007-09-19

Opinion: Gorilla warfare

Though armed and hungry guerrillas with a taste for wild meat often spell doom for mountain gorillas, it's Africa's demand for charcoal - cooking fuel -- that truly is endangering them, leveling forests and spoiling water for drinking and habitats, paleontologist says.

By Richard Leakey

BBC News 2007-09-10