Artisan Producers

As GA immigration law looms, coordinator scrambles to find farm workers for "trabajo sagrado;" to him, rotting crops is inexcusable waste, a lost opportunity to feed a family

By Richard Fausset

Los Angeles Times 2011-06-18

Sarah Gim, of, sorts through as many as 1,000 photos daily in quest for most arresting food porn images; competing sites are foodgawker, Photograzing

By Rene Lynch

Los Angeles Times 2011-03-31

Ben & Jerry's founders lead protest against Citizens United ruling that allows companies to spend from general treasuries on political activities and rolled back limits on when money could be spent

By Patrick O'Connor

The Wall Street Journal (may require subscription) 2011-01-18

Truffle Kid, aka Brett Ottolenghi, specializes in small run, vaguely regulated, hard to come by, near-banned ingredients demanded by top chefs of Las Vegas

By Dana Goodyear

The New Yorker (abstract; subscription required) 2010-08-16

John Scharffenberger: A lifetime of connections to dirt and food - from wine and chocolate to sauerkraut and tofu

By Bonnie Azab Powell

Grist 2010-06-18

Obituary: Emilio Lavazza, coffee magnate

By Margherita Stancati

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-02-19

Veteran waiter makes it look easy at D.C.'s venerable Palm restaurant

By Steve Hendrix

The Washington Post 2010-01-12

Reinventing classic foods drives American tastemaker

Reinventing classic foods drives American tastemaker

From wine to chocolate, and now, with plans to create a homegrown version of highly regarded jamón ibérico, or Iberian ham, John Scharffenberger's goal is consistent: personal enjoyment. 'I try to get things that I like, figure out how they're made, and make them,' he says. And because, with pork, he can't compete on price with factory farms, there's emphasis on story - flavor, romantic origins, acorn feeding, old-fashioned livestock-raising, traditional curing. And: Diners, businesspeople appreciate his emphasis on quality (click 'See also').

By Arthur Lubow

Inc. 2009-05-01

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With gelato in mind, Italian tenor serenades dairy cows

With gelato in mind, Italian tenor serenades dairy cows

Grandson of gelato maker hires Marcello Bedoni, Italian tenor, to sing to herd of Friesian cows in attempt to replicate historic ice cream recipe. Patriarch believed it stimulated production of endorphin-rich milk and created happy working environment, so he always sang to cows before milking. 'Cows are such gentle beasts and have a good ear for opera,' says singer, who performed soothing arias, but no Wagner.

The Telegraph (Great Britain) 2009-05-15

Aw, shucks

Aw, shucks

National oyster-shucking champion wears his mantle lightly and is proud of his muscled "shucking pipe" (we call it his arm); he knows the intricacies of a sport that deducts points for blood shed if you stab yourself during competition.

By Doug Fraser

Cape Cod Times 2007-10-27

Appreciation: Java papa

Alice Waters launched the food revolution, but she credits the late Alfred Peet with making her take a hard look at who grew and made the food and drink; Peet's legacy (smell the beans, sample widely, pay attention, buy in season) lives in coffee tastes worldwide.

By Corby Kummer

Los Angeles Times 2007-09-17

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Jam's up:

Couple, new to northern France a decade ago, discover a talent for making jam that eschews the modern formula, finds a niche for intensely fragrant, gooey and bright jams, and now they're much desired tastes of summer in a jar.

By Anita Chaudhuri

The Guardian (UK) 0000-00-00

Universal needs:

Running an organic garden is easy with a large staff, but techniques, detailed in "The Elements of Organic Gardening," by Prince Charles, are simple - good soil, black plastic, and keeping the chickens out.

By Charles Elliott

The New York Times (may require subscription) 0000-00-00

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Pastie power:

Some swear that Mr. Pastie's English beef-and-potato pies, now sold internationally, have magical powers; at the very least, they connect Gar Sleep, the 78-year-old company owner, to a large part of his family history.

By Sara Jerome

Pocono Record