Rick Perry calls for rolling back environmental laws, suspending rule-making that would give EPA clout over large carbon emitters, opening federal land to more oil, gas production

By Patrick O'Connor

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-10-14

Paul Hawken eulogizes Ray Anderson as businessman who viewed reimagining the world as responsibility, something owed our children's children, a gift to a future begging for selflessness, vision

By Andrew C. Revkin

The New York Times 2011-08-12

EPA head left with only science, loyal lieutenants as she sets rules on smog, mercury, carbon dioxide, mining waste and vehicle emissions that will affect all corners of economy

By John M. Broder

The New York Times 2011-07-05


Josh Beckerman, foodie magician, serves up sleight-of-hand at NY restaurants

By Jeff Gordinnier

The New York Times 2011-09-28

Cadbury apologizes to supermodel Naomi Campbell after she said she was shocked by ad comparing her diva-ness to Dairy Milk Bliss bar, but watchdog finds no racism

By Mark Sweeney

The Guardian (UK) 2011-06-20

Jeff Bridges is new spokesman for No Kid Hungry Campaign, which is dedicated to stamping out childhood hunger by 2015; he also is working with Share Our Strength

By Eleanor Clift

Newsweek 2010-11-12

Artisan Producers

As GA immigration law looms, coordinator scrambles to find farm workers for "trabajo sagrado;" to him, rotting crops is inexcusable waste, a lost opportunity to feed a family

By Richard Fausset

Los Angeles Times 2011-06-18

Sarah Gim, of, sorts through as many as 1,000 photos daily in quest for most arresting food porn images; competing sites are foodgawker, Photograzing

By Rene Lynch

Los Angeles Times 2011-03-31

Ben & Jerry's founders lead protest against Citizens United ruling that allows companies to spend from general treasuries on political activities and rolled back limits on when money could be spent

By Patrick O'Connor

The Wall Street Journal (may require subscription) 2011-01-18


John Ameroso, urban farming pioneer responsible for teaching New Yorkers how to grow and sell food in the city, hangs up his hoe

By Tracie McMillan

The New York Times 2010-05-19

Urban farmer, activist grows power with worms, aquaponics

Urban farmer, activist grows power with worms, aquaponics

To Will Allen, founder of Growing Power, local isn't rolling pasture or suburban garden: It's 14 greenhouses of worm composting and aquaponics crammed onto two acres in working-class neighborhood. Company isn't self-sufficient, but neither is industrial agriculture. Nor can it be compared to other small farms, because it also offers social, ecological and economic bottom lines.

By Elizabeth Royte

The New York Times 2009-07-01

Urban farmer wins 'genius grant' for push to make fresh food affordable

Urban farmer wins 'genius grant' for push to make fresh food affordable

MacArthur Foundation/youtube

Will Allen uses aquaculture and vermiculture, and heats greenhouses with composting.

Urban farmer in Milwaukee wins $500,000 MacArthur 'genius grant' (click 'See also) for developing farming methods and educational programs designed to provide healthy food to everyone. His nonprofit, Growing Power (, just expanded its program of selling bags of fruit and vegetables for $14 -- a week's worth for a family of four.

By Lee Bergquist

Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI) 2008-09-22

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Obituary: C. Joseph Genster, marketer of Metrecal, meal in a can for dieters, dies at 92

By Douglas Martin

The New York Times 2010-08-26

Obituary: Michael Batterberry, editor of Food Arts magazine, dies at 78

By Margalit Fox

The New York Times 2010-07-29

Obituary: Rose Gray, founder, chef at London's River Cafe

By William Grimes

The New York Times 2010-03-02


Agribusiness chief urges industry to cut supply-chain waste to shrink food shortages, meet global demand

By Doug Cameron

Dow Jones Newswire; 2010-01-27

Food magnate escapes injury in Mumbai terrorism

Sir Gulam Noon, known as the 'Curry King' for his Indian ready meal business in UK, escapes harm during terrorism at Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai. Businessman was rescued by crane after his hotel window was pushed out by emergency workers.

By Paul Lewis

The Guardian (UK) 2008-11-27

Head of meat safety leaves USDA after three years

Richard Raymond, USDA's top meat/poultry safety official, steps down. As first physician in post, he brought new attention to public health, but often was frustrated with antiquated statute and politics that stymied change, says previous officeholder. He is credited with decreasing rates of salmonella, but his tenure also was marked by massive recalls.

By Annys Shin

The Washington Post 2008-09-27