Agribusiness chief urges industry to cut supply-chain waste to shrink food shortages, meet global demand

By Doug Cameron

Dow Jones Newswire; 2010-01-27

Food magnate escapes injury in Mumbai terrorism

Sir Gulam Noon, known as the 'Curry King' for his Indian ready meal business in UK, escapes harm during terrorism at Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai. Businessman was rescued by crane after his hotel window was pushed out by emergency workers.

By Paul Lewis

The Guardian (UK) 2008-11-27

Head of meat safety leaves USDA after three years

Richard Raymond, USDA's top meat/poultry safety official, steps down. As first physician in post, he brought new attention to public health, but often was frustrated with antiquated statute and politics that stymied change, says previous officeholder. He is credited with decreasing rates of salmonella, but his tenure also was marked by massive recalls.

By Annys Shin

The Washington Post 2008-09-27