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The Food Times 2012-01-05

Increased competition over land for growing biofuels, coupled with climate change and poor farming practices risks ability to feed growing population, UN warns

The Associated Press; The Washington Post 2011-11-28

Krypton 81 helps track ancient water source of Nubian Aquifer, shared by Egypt, Libya, Chad and Sudan; technique could track brine in NM, where radioactive waste is stored

By Felicity Barringer

The New York Times 2011-11-21

Smithfield - world's largest pork producer - making false claims, Humane Society says; group urges McDonald's to require speedier improvements in animal welfare practices

By Monica Eng

Chicago Tribune 2011-11-02

Massachusetts farmer makes farm-to-school movement a money-maker by buying from 30 other growers, lightly processing squashes and selling to UMass, public schools, others

By Michael Prager

The Boston Globe 2011-11-03

EPA to probe fracking sites in PA, CO, LA, ND, TX to measure impact of drilling on entire water lifecycle, from taking water from rivers to sequestering tainted wastewater

By Dina Cappiello

The Associated Press; St. Louis Post-Dispatch 2011-11-03

Despite public health threat of cadmium, Mexico continues use of it in production of fertilizer, toys, batteries; population absorbs toxin through foods, smoking tobacco

By Emilio Godoy

Inter Press Service (Rome, Italy) 2011-11-03

Number of Americans receiving food stamps reached a record 45.8 million in August, with Texas having the most - 4.12 million; spending was a record $6.13 billion

By Alan Bjerga

Bloomberg 2011-11-01

Fearing water shortages caused by climate change, food and beverage firms, tobacco companies, clothing makers and metal and mining companies reckon with dependence

By Leslie Kaufman

The New York Times 2011-11-01

Dam-building project means switch to water from Calaveras Reservoir for San Francisco area; customers note foul smell, moldy taste caused by Aphanizomenon, an algae

By Peter Fimrite

San Francisco Chronicle 2011-11-02

Opinion: As Congress refuses to fix immigration and states run amok on enforcement, we need sensible policy that aids 11 million undocumented already here and working

The editors

The New York Times 2011-10-27

Oregon congressman urges revamp of farm bill, moving billions away from agribusiness and new focus on aid to family farmers, new farmers and production of healthy, local food

By Pete Kasperowicz

The Hill 2011-10-26

Haiti, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe most vulnerable to extreme weather of climate change and lack social, financial ability to cope; areas of north America, northern Europe protected

By Damian Carrington

The Guardian (UK) 2011-10-26

Opinion: House, Senate Ag panel leaders try to write new farm bill in private, with plans to take it to deficit committee to be enacted whole, without votes; farm bill sets food policy for 5 years

By Carolyn Lochhead

San Francisco Chronicle 2011-10-26

Opinion: Children's needs ignored as Senate protects potato farmers who complained over proposed anti-obesity rules limiting high-carb foods for school meals

By Valerie Strauss

The Washington Post 2011-10-20

Opinion: Proponents of urban homesteaders' backyard slaughter rights engage in exaggeration, omissions, other techniques similar to those used by industrial agriculture

By James E. McWilliams

The Atlantic 2011-10-12

Howard Buffett urges soil-health approach to helping African farmers end hunger, says crop diversity, not biotech seed and monoculture, will ensure families' survival

The Associated Press; The Washington Post 2011-10-12

Labeling genetically modified foods would scare consumers away from buying them, State Department says; virtually any U.S. food containing corn or soy would have to be labeled

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2011-10-12

Processed food industry group says draft voluntary guidelines for advertising its items to children would cause loss of 74,000 jobs annually, billions in lost sales

By Marian Burros

Politco 2011-10-12

Lamb, beef, pork and cheese generate the most greenhouse gases, tend to be high in fat and have worst environmental impacts, lifecycle assessment shows

By Kari Hamershlag

Environmental Working Group 2011-10-01

High food prices mean feds providing less food to soup kitchens and food pantries even as need grows; USDA program props up prices for otherwise unsubsidized produce

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2011-10-08

FDA will support sale of genetically engineered fish for human consumption, source says; environmental groups, some in Congress, oppose farming and sale of such fish

By Jim Kozubek

Talking Points Memo 2011-10-10

25 states, House GOPs, industry want delay of mercury, acid-gas emission rules for coal-fired power plants; less air, water pollution will reduce mercury in fish

By Timothy Gardnery

Reuters 2011-10-10

In mouse study, early exposure to ultrafine particulates of air pollution similar to those in U.S. cities led to accumulation of abdominal fat, insulin resistance with normal diet

By Amy Westervelt

Forbes 2011-10-10

As industry, Congress look to delay air pollution rules, research grows on pollution's link to obesity, diabetes; annually, obesity costs U.S. $270 billion; diabetes costs $174 billion

By Amy Westervelt

Forbes 2011-10-10

Opinion: As daily exposure to endocrine-disrupting toxins grows, academic scientists, clinicians need a place at regulatory table with EPA, FDA and industry scientists

By Patricia Hunt

Scientific American 2011-10-11

Opinion: As Occupy Wall Street draws attention to corporate control of democracy, government, we note lobbyists' role in shaping food/ag issues, even writing legislation

By Ben Lilliston

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy 2011-09-30

MyPlate, the federally recommended diet with abundance of fruits, vegetables, grains, doesn't jibe with federal pay to farmers who grow food for animals that become meat

By Arthur Allen

The Washington Post 2011-10-03

Opinion: Self-sufficiency is a lot of work and it requires organization and improvisation, but it's no big deal; you just do it - if you're hungry

By Susan Gregory Thomas

The New York Times 2011-10-09

Hunger in U.S. cost $167.5 billion in 2010; figure includes lost productivity, poor education, added healthcare costs and food donations; expanding SNAP would cost less

By Rudy Ruitenberg

Bloomberg 2011-10-06

As Alabama immigration law takes effect, farm, construction workers flee; farmer sees only 8 of 48 Hispanic workers she needed for tomato harvest show up

By Phillip Rawls

The Associated Press; The Washington Post 2011-10-05

Scrutiny of sugar tariffs, corn subsidies shows reason for ubiquity of high-fructose corn syrup in diet and is example of corruption in Congress, says Lawrence Lessig, in "Republic, Lost"

By Julian Brookes

Rolling Stone 2011-10-05

Coal-fired power plants' pollution costs U.S. $53 billion, more in health damage than those plants contribute to economy; crops and livestock production each cost $15 billion

By Ken Ward Jr.

The Charleston Gazette 2011-10-05

Enrolling overweight, prediabetic adults ages 60-64 in community-based weight-loss programs could save Medicare billions; diabetes costs U.S. $170 billion yearly

By Misty Williams

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 2011-10-05

Georgia projected to take $391 million hit, shed 3,260 jobs this year because of farm labor shortages; farmers complain about immigration law that scared farm workers

By Jeremy Redmon and Daniel Malloy

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 2011-10-04

Opinion: Despite lure of $1 million gifts, those in Good Food Revolution aren't required to include Wal-mart, other entities whose practices undermine long-term goals

By Andy Fisher

Civil Eats 2011-09-16

EPA proposal to cut mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants unites religious environmentalists, abortion foes; mercury in fish can cause prenatal brain, neurological damage

By Elizabeth Dias

Time magazine 2011-09-23

Though health concerns from pollution near fracking are longstanding, neither states nor feds have systematically tracked reports or comprehensively probed effects

by Abrahm Lustgarten and Nicholas Kusnetz

ProPublica 2011-09-16

Texas drought focuses researchers' warning that planners must incorporate vast water requirements of all energy production - except for that derived from wind

By Kate Galbraith

The New York Times 2011-09-18

Agricultural commodities betting fueled unrest in Africa, Mideast; speculation was enabled by market deregulation that also caused '07-'08 mortgage, market collapses

By Eric Michael Johnson

Scientific American 2011-09-22

With joblessness and food pantry participation breaking records, experts frustrated over a lack of public discussion on hunger, poor communications and ineffective mobilization by advocates

By James Warren

Chicago News Cooperative; The New York Times 2011-09-23

Global Adaption Index tracks nations' food capacity, import dependency, malnutrition, rural population, other indicators to forecast resilience in face of climate change

By Morgan Clendaniel

Fast Company 2011-09-19

"ResistanceMap" tracks spread of antibiotic-resistant superbugs around the world online

By Rob Stein

The Washington Post 2011-09-21

Sputtering economy spurs even cheaper fast food; in July, restaurant performance slipped to lowest level in nearly a year as pessimistic owners downgraded plans for spending

By Bruce Horovitz

USA Today 2011-09-27

Domino's pizza chain, following trend, snatches artisan label to describe mass-produced items, but print on pizza box promises no wood-fired ovens were used

By Tiffany Hsu

Los Angeles Times 2011-09-28

Major river systems in developing world have enough water for food production, but problems are inefficient use, unfair distribution, says report

By Rudy Ruitenberg

Blooomberg Businessweek 2011-09-28

As airline mergers reduce flights, Chiquita considers relocating from Cincinnati; airport's once-global access had lured P&G, Kroger to situate there, too

By Mike Ramsey

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-09-28

Opinion: Agricultural policies still dominated by farm-state legislators openly hostile to reform; until big-state and urban legislators decide to serve on panels, little change likely

By Michael Pollan

The Nation 2011-09-14

13 die, 72 fall ill after eating listeria-tainted cantaloupe grown by Jensen Farms of Colorado

By William Neuman

The New York Times 2011-09-27

PepsiCo to work with Ethiopian farmers to grow more chickpeas; increased crop will satisfy hummus market, with leftovers for Wawa Mum, an anti-famine product

By Stephanie Strom

The New York Times 2011-09-20

Opinion: To address medical costs, improve health, we must focus on policies in agriculture, transportation, energy, education that shape world beyond doctor's office

By Aaron Wernham

Roll Call 2011-09-26

70 percent of households that relied on food stamps last year had no earned income, though many received other government benefits; 47 percent were children

By Sara Murray

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-09-26

Opinion: Convenience, addiction-like responses to hyperprocessed items have drowned out home cooking; we can counter by educating children and tearing down the food carnival

By Mark Bittman

The New York Times 2011-09-24

U.S. spending billions of dollars to subsidize producers and others in business of corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, corn starch, soy oils - junk food ingredients

By P.J. Huffstutter

Los Angeles Times 2011-09-22

Diabetics more than twice as likely to develop Alzheimer's and also have increased risk of developing dementia, studies show

By Karen Kaplan

Los Angeles Times 2010-09-20

As climate change takes hold, sections of Rio Grande, Yellow, Colorado and Tigris rivers are now drying out each summer; geographers fear disappearance of such landmarks

By John Vidal

The Guardian (UK) 2011-09-15

EPA allows Florida to classify some waterways as no longer appropriate for fishing, swimming

By Craig Pittman

The Times (St. Peterburg, FL) 2011-09-14

NJ, RI senators want list of risky health, environment chemicals from EPA; it includes BPA, phthalates, polybrominated diphenyl ethers

By Cheryl Hogue

Chemical & Engineering News 2011-09-12

Inhaling insulin twice daily seems to slow Alzheimer's, which afflicts 5.4 million Americans; insulin deficiency in brain may be key factor in disease progression

By Melissa Healy

Los Angeles Times 2011-09-13

366 million worldwide have diabetes, which kills one person every seven seconds; it is "massive challenge" to healthcare, now costing $465 billion annually, UN warns

By Ben Hirschler

Reuters 2011-09-13

No. 1 issue is sustainable development - linking climate change, water scarcity, food insecurity, energy shortages, global health issues, women's empowerment, UN head says

Agence France-Presse 2011-09-08

NJ superfund site - one of nation's most toxic - on bank of Raritan river remains submerged after Irene; benzene-laden tar balls found beyond site's barriers

By Salvador Rizzo and Christopher Baxter

The Star-Ledger 2011-09-07

Opinion: Reviving home ec, and its premises - that producing good, nutritious food is profoundly important, that it takes study and practice - could fight diet-related disease

By Helen Zoe Veit

The New York Times 2011-09-05

Glyphosate, in Monsanto's Roundup herbicide, now commonly found in rain, rivers, air in agricultural areas of Mississippi River watershed; 88,000 tons used in 2007

By Paul Capel

U.S. Geological Survey 2011-08-29

Monsanto's corn, genetically modified to resist biotech giant's glyphosate-based Roundup, falling victim to rootworms in northwestern Illinois fields

By Jack Kaskey

Bloomberg 2011-09-02

With $15,000 from Chesapeake Energy, Pennsylvania's game lands planted in chicory, buckwheat, oats, field corn to attract deer, turkey

By Tom Venesky

The Times Leader (Wilkes-Barre, Scranton PA) 2011-09-04

Government inspectors continue to find unsanitary conditions and inadequate protections against salmonella on Iowa's egg farms - a year after 1,900 sickened from bacteria

By Clark Kauffman

The Des Moines Register 2011-08-28

Opinion: New school nutrition law meant to improve food, but final rules aren't due until December 2013, and House is looking to cut funding of extra 6 cents per meal

By Marion Nestle

San Francisco Chronicle 2011-09-04

As Texas faces worst single-year drought ever and drinking wells fail, natural gas industry has unlimited water use; fracking taints water, removing it from hydrologic cycle

By Josh Harkinson

Mother Jones 2011-09-01

Sugary drinks add 300 calories daily to youths' diets; sodas, sports drinks are No. 1 single source of calories in American diet, accounting for half of all added sugars consumed

By Nanci Hellmich

USA Today 2011-08-31

People who eat high-fat, animal diet have different gut bacteria than those with mostly plant-based diet, study shows; next step is analysis of disease links

CBC News 2011-09-02

After intense lobbying campaign by industry, administration abandons plan to cut ozone limits; toxin contributes to heart problems, asthma, other lung disorders

By John M. Broder

The New York Times 2011-09-02

Researchers find Monsanto's Roundup chemical, glyphosate, in water, air; study follows others that probe rise of super weeds, other effects of toxin on soil, animals

By Carey Gillam

Reuters 2011-08-31

Pasta prices rise after heavy rains, flooding prevents 1 million acres of durum wheat planting in North Dakota; state produces 75 percent of nation's finest pasta ingredient

The Associated Press; The Washington Post 2011-09-02

Drastic decline in Chesapeake Bay oyster population can only be halted by banning any fishing for them, study reports

By Darryl Fears

The Washington Post 2011-09-01

Without investment, water supply crises will become increasingly common, UN says; recycling, new dams, desalination plants, water policy reforms needed

The Associated Press; The New York Times 2011-08-26

Half of U.S. residents will be obese by 2030, report says; governments, other groups urged to monitor, prevent, control obesogenic environment that undermines willpower

By Jennifer Huget

The Washington Post 2011-08-25

States' burden of obesity-related medical costs ranges from $203 million for Nevada to $15 billion per year in California, illustrating burden on health care system, analysts say

By Rachael Rettner

MSNBC 2011-08-23

Water limits are close to being reached or being breached in areas of northern China, India's Punjab and western U.S., says report that urges farming overhaul

Reuters; BusinessWorld (Manila, Philippines) 2011-08-24

As Texas ag commissioner, Rick Perry championed pesticides, torpedoed regulations, earning support from chemical lobby that paved his path to political success

By Jeremy P. Jacobs

Greenwire; The New York Times 2011-08-19

Sewage causes coral die-off in Florida Keys, researcher learns; culprit is bacterium called Serratia marcescens, which often causes hospital-acquired infections

By Richard Harris

National Public Radio/ All Things Considered 2011-08-17

As low supply, high demand from China push corn prices up, Tyson Foods and Pilgrim's Pride, which together process 3.7 billion chickens yearly, add wheat to chicken feed

By Carolyn Cui

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-08-09

Healthy-weight and obese men consumed about 12 percent fewer calories at unlimited half-hour meal when they chewed their food more, study shows

By Katherine Harmon

Scientific American 2011-08-03

Concurrent national outbreak of Salmonella Heidelberg, discovery of clone of Salmonella Kentucky, underline rising danger of drug-resistant organisms in food supply

By Maryn McKenna

Wired 2011-08-03

Affordable "MyPlate" would be filled with lentils, cabbage, eggs and carrots, followed by oranges, apples, bananas, says researcher studying poverty-diet link

By Eliza Barclay

National Public Radio 2011-08-04

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), used to make oil-resistant paper packaging, Teflon, other nonstick products, may affect function of thyroid gland; study called "clinically disturbing"

By Ken Ward Jr.

Gazette-Mail (Charleston, WV) 2011-08-06

Algae growth suspected in wild boar deaths along French coast; some point to nitrate buildup from fertilizer used by region's farmers

By Kim Willsher

Los Angeles Times 2011-07-28

Opinion: Rather than subsidizing unhealthful foods with tax dollars, we should tax them, then use income to make good food affordable, ubiquitous

By Mark Bittman

The New York Times 2011-07-24

Opinion: As social unrest continues, initial troubles can be traced, in part, to price of bread, signalling informal resource conflicts

By Christian Parenti

CBS News 2011-07-20

Opinion: Cutting harmful emissions from coal-fired power plants requires technology, ambition, but industry unlikely to invest unless Congress provides strong incentive

The editors

The New York Times 2011-07-20

Colorado River estuary, once home to lush forests, jaguars, now arid because upstream, it grows nation's lettuce in November, December, and its carrots in January, February

National Public Radio 2011-07-14

At moment when both parties seem to agree that spending is out of control, free peanut storage, little-used airports illustrate political chore of cutting even smallest projects

By Ron Nixon

The New York Times 2011-07-15

Opinion: GOP-led House group seems bent on destroying laws protecting water, soil, air, but Obama, Senate must stand firm against states' likely race to bottom to lure business

The editors

The New York Times 2011-07-15

Supplier to Nike, Adidas, Puma, H&M, Lacoste accused of dumping endocrine disrupting toxins into Chinese water systems; critics point to hypocrisy of western outsourcers

By Jonathan Watts

The Guardian (UK) 2011-07-13

Citing harm to business, House Republicans push ahead on plans to hamstring air, water, soil protections

By Tennille Tracy

Dow Jones Newswires 2011-07-13

Bush-era EPA mischaracterized science on sensitivity of various age groups to perchlorate, a rocket fuel component tainting soil and drinking water, report says

By Bettina Boxall

Los Angeles Times 2011-07-12

Fuel refinery in Washington is one of world's leading providers of tarry residue used in making aluminum soda cans, suggesting that weaning from fossil fuels is complicated

By Geoff Dembicki

CorpWatch; The Tyee 2011-07-11

Sodium-potassium ratio predicts heart woes; to reduce risk, cut processed or restaurant foods and increase potatoes, spinach, bananas, prune juice, plain yogurt and fish

By Jennifer Corbett Dooren

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-07-12

Golden-orange lining in metal water bottles may leach more BPA toxin than polycarbonate versions; unlined bottles, or those with white lining did better in tests

By Janet Raloff

Science News 2011-07-11

Fracking wastewater dousing killed ground vegetation within days and more than half the trees within two years, study shows, spurring calls to classify liquid as toxic waste

By Vicki Smith

The Associated Press; Forbes 2011-07-11

After wildfires, tainted soil being removed near Los Alamos National Laboratory over concern that PCBs could wash into Rio Grande, source of drinking water for New Mexico

By Dennis J. Carroll

Reuters 2011-07-12

With states, towns short on cash and unemployment still high, 14-state drought now shrinking cattle herds, canceling fishing tourneys, triggering surges that cause blackouts

By Kim Severson and Kirk Johnson

The New York Times 2011-07-11

Along Texas border, 45,000 live with no running water and have poor diet intrinsically linked to poverty, contributing to dental problems, diabetes, other chronic conditions

By Emily Ramshaw

The New York Times 2011-07-09

Biggest food makers, fast-food chains, media companies and Chamber of Commerce lobby to derail voluntary nutrition standards on salt, sugar, fat in kid-targeted products

By Lyndsey Layton and Dan Eggen

The Washington Post 2011-07-09

Obesity rate climbs in all states, disproportionately affecting those with poor education and income, and minorities; report emphasizes need for affordable healthy foods

By Melissa Healy

Los Angeles Times 2011-07-07

Virginia enables Omega Protein, Inc., to order overfishing of menhaden, a staple for marine food chain - and ingredient in livestock feed, dietary supplements, paints, cosmetics

By Alison Fairbrother and Randy Fertel

Gilt Taste 2011-07-06

Expanding economic and educational opportunities, more democracy, rising border crime, shrinking families help slow illegal immigration from Mexico to U.S. to trickle

By Damien Cave

The New York Times 2011-07-06

E. coli probe centers on 16 tons of Egyptian fenugreek seeds received by German importer in December 2009 and distributed to dozens of firms in at least 12 European countries

By William Neuman

The New York Times 2011-07-05

Floods layer sediment on floor of Mississippi River, slowing traffic and adding costs to imports, exports of corn, soybeans, coffee, oil and coal, but dredging funds are dry

By Cameron McWhirter

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-07-05

Some experts believe that memory woes of those living in "stroke belt" could be related to lifestyle patterns that contribute to hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity

By Pam Belluck

The New York Times 2011-07-05

Study finds strong link between diabetes onset and blood levels of a group of harsh industrial chemicals that linger in fatty tissue of meat and fish

By Tom Philpott

Mother Jones 2011-07-04

Senator Ben Cardin aims for clean water accord, balancing Americans' biggest environmental concern against agriculture, homebuilding, mining industries

By Paul Quinlan

Greenwire; The New York Times 2011-07-01

Opinion: Immigrant purge will leave onions, peaches to rot in fields; states' attempts to engineer expulsion of 11m undocumented is lunacy and DOJ needs to work harder

The editors

The New York Times 2011-07-04

EU vows $14.5m in emergency aid to feed 650,000 in North Korea; government promises unrestricted access over concerns that aid could be diverted to ruling elite, military

By Stephen Castle

The New York Times 2011-07-03

Growth in food stamp program continues, with 27 states providing SNAP benefits to at least 1 in 7 people; in MS, NM, OR, rate is 1 in 5

By Phil Izzo

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-07-01

House moves to kill only national program that routinely screens our fruits, vegetables for deadly e. coli, but tracking pathogens in meat, dairy has $9 million budget

By Monica Eng

Chicago Tribune 2011-07-04

Opinion: To advocate for better food, vote with your fork, vote with your vote, and take on school lunches and the farm bill

By Marion Nestle

San Francisco Chronicle 2011-07-03

Restrictive diet over eight weeks reverses diabetes after fat levels in pancreas return to normal, researchers report; they think fat in pancreas, liver inhibits insulin production

By Thomas H. Maugh II

Los Angeles Times 2011-06-25

Opinion: Paul Ryan's draconian budget plan might not be best way to tackle federal deficit, but approach could help solve nation's obesity crisis

By Hank Cardello

The Atlantic magazine 2011-07-01

Reduce food production dry northern plains or face dire water levels, groundwater expert warns China; agriculture accounts for 60 percent of demand on water table

By Jonathan Watts

The Guardian (UK) 2011-06-28

As EPA tightens on emissions of mercury, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, coal-heavy utility lobbies Congress on clean water, clean air rules

The Associated Press; Bloomberg Businessweek 2011-06-27

Opinion: Global security challenges - food, water, energy - are inextricably linked, so need for systemic thinking and action is inescapable

By John Elkington

The Guardian (UK) 2011-06-29

Philadelphia School District closes kitchens at 26 elementary and middle schools to help bridge a $629 million budget gap, affecting 16,681 children, mostly in poorest areas

By Kristen A. Graham

The Philadelphia Inquirer 2011-06-30

Graphic footage shows workers tossing piglets, smashing their skulls on concrete at nation's fourth-largest pork producer, but it may qualify as "standard practice"

By Alexandra Silver

Time magazine 2011-06-29

American David Zabriskie to compete in world's most grueling bike race as vegan; cyclists in Tour de France can burn 8,000 calories a day

By Reed Albergotti

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-06-29

SEC investigating Monsanto over use of cash to persuade distributors to use its herbicides; firm already subject of probe by DOJ into potential anti-competitive practices

By Hal Weitzman

Financial Times 2011-06-29

As global food prices hit historic highs, Monsanto grows third-quarter profits 77 percent; its genetically engineered seeds and related traits business is up 12 percent

By Agustino Fontevecchia

Forbes 2011-06-29

Year-in, year-out price tag of our increasingly volatile weather is $485 billion per year in the U.S. alone, up to 3.4 percent of our GDP

By Tara Thean

Time magazine 2011-06-27

Pollution from lawns, sewers affecting Barnegat Bay, NJ's main breeding grounds for fish, clams and crabs, and threatens state's $35.5 billion tourism-based economy

By Wayne Parry

The Associated Press; The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-06-28

Fast food packaging - napkins, wrappers, straws - made up 49 percent of all trash found on streets in survey; other culprits: convenience stores, grocery stores, coffee shops

By Ariel Schwartz

Fast Company 2011-06-22

When we give up animal products, we must first trick our tongue, but then we must convince our stomach and intestines that our food is full of meaty amino acids, or MSG

By Jonah Lehrer

Wired 2011-06-23

Opinion: Bribery memo set off an ethics scandal that reached Tyson's executives, raises questions about who, if anyone, is held accountable for high-level corporate crime

By James B. Stewart

The New York Times 2011-06-24

Opinion: Fracking for natural gas from shale has potential to transform U.S. energy production if risks to water supply, environment and human health are managed

The editors

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-06-25

Radioactive tritium has leaked from at least 48 of all 65 U.S. nuclear power stations, raising fears of water tainting; regulators, industry loosen standards to keep plants operating

By Jeff Donn

The Associated Press; 2011-06-21

New breath test for diagnosis of vitamin B12 deficiency may allow for cheaper, faster, more accurate diagnosis; deficiency leads to fatigue, clinical depression and memory loss

By Nathan Gray Decision News Media 2011-06-23

Whether baked, boiled, French-fried or in chips, daily consumption of white potatoes a culprit in weight gain, Harvard researchers learn

By Daniela Hernandez

Los Angeles Times 2011-06-23

Opinion: As commodity prices show, it will be economic impact of climate change and resource limits that will motivate sweeping changes necessary to avert catastrophe

By Paul Gilding

CNN 2011-06-21

Diners' sticker shock pushes chain restaurants into reworking recipes to cut back on fat, calories, carbohydrates

By Sharon Bernstein

Los Angeles Times 2011-06-22

Pesticide spraying near streams to expand under Congressional bill that sidesteps Clean Water Act permitting

By Ashlie Rodriguez

Los Angeles Times 2011-06-21

U.S. will push for more transparent food production and open markets to reduce food price volatility with G-20 agricultural ministers

By Sebastian Moffett

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-06-22

Opinion: As supplies of fruits, vegetables remain steady due to work of pollinators, we pay homage to resilience of honeybees and perseverance of their keepers

By Randal R. Rucker and Walter N. Thurman

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-06-22

Despite tough times, government urged to consider potential public health impacts of legislation, regulations such as agriculture subsidies, zoning decisions, education policy

By Julian Pecquet

The Hill 2011-06-21

Ethanol industry likely would continue using one-third of U.S. corn crop (keeping prices high for livestock producers) and would be fine without $5 billion-a-year federal subsidy

By David Mercer

The Associated Press; San Francisco Chronicle 2011-06-21

Successive years of record global corn harvests aren't meeting demand for food, fuel, livestock feed, reducing stockpiles to lowest in two generations

By Whitney McFerron and Jeff Wilson

Bloomberg 2011-06-20

Opinion: U.S. is transforming Afghanistan's fragile agrarian society into a consumer-oriented, mechanized, fossil-fuel-based economy

By Patricia McArdle

The New York Times 2011-06-19

Opinion: As Chicago school coffers drain, free Rice Krispies Cereal Bars, Crunchmania French Toast Flavored Graham Snacks, Danimals Crush Cups tempt home-fed students

By Monica Eng

Chicago Tribune 2011-06-16

New proposed rule would criminalize water dumping - practice of discarding contents of beverages bought with food stamps to collect cash from water tank deposits

By Monica Eng

Chicago Tribune 2011-06-17

As gas kills solar, wind in price war, experts urge reckoning of hidden costs - water degradation from gas, emissions in fossil fuels, accidents and waste from nuclear

By Gerard Wynn

Reuters 2011-06-16

Food prices in China surge as torrential rain across south and east kills more than 100, triggers evacuation of half a million and leaves farmland devastated

Reuters 2011-06-19

Droughts in Colombia, Brazil will force conservation at coffee farms and through supply chains; just one part of high-labor drink consumes 1,100 parts of water

By Leon Kaye

The Guardian (UK) 2011-06-17

Removing cells in mouse brain responsible for precursors of dopamine, a signaling molecule with role in generating sensation of pleasure, leads to overeating, obesity

The Economist 2011-06-16

Many migrant farm workers seem to be skipping Georgia in anticipation of harsh new immigration law; state's $1.1-billion fruit-and-vegetable industry could lose $300 million

The Economist 2011-06-16

Obama administration's new health strategy emphasizes prevention, asks country to think of health care as including cleaner water, easier access to good food

By Juliana Schatz and Don Sapatkin

The Philadelphia Inquirer 2011-06-17

Stung by criticism after goose kill left tons of meat in landfills, NY to have 2011 geese sent to PA food banks; goose said to be tastier than most species of duck

By Andy Newman

The New York Times 2011-06-15

Rising rates of obesity, poorly controlled blood pressure, shortage of docs cited as reasons for stagnant or declining life expectancy across broad swaths of U.S.

By David Brown

The Washington Post 2011-06-15

As rapid growth in food production slows and global appetite for meat, dairy increases demand, researchers point to climate change and sound alarm over adequate food supply

By Justin Gillis

The New York Times 2011-06-05

Acorn-loving feral pig population growing in California county; feds consider hunting and trapping them, citing threat to deer, turkey, other bird populations and to oak habitats

By Tony Perry

Los Angeles Times 2011-06-05

Opinion: USDA's plate-plus message works better than anything presented before, so now it's time for Congress to fix agricultural policies so they support the recommendations

By Marion Nestle

San Francisco Chronicle 2011-06-05

Severe water shortage along Yangtze River dries lakes, brings farming to standstill, leaves some thirsty - and refocuses attention on mistakes around dam construction

By William Wan

The Washington Post 2011-06-04

Opinion: If you're keen to make the world's poorest people better off, it's smarter to invest in their farms and workplaces than to send them packing to cities

By Raj Patel

Foreign Policy 2011-05-04

USDA testing finds 34 unapproved pesticides on cilantro; researchers say growers may have confused guidelines for it and flat-leaf parsley, for which more pesticides are OK'd

By Monica Eng

Chicago Tribune 2011-05-31

Opinion: It's time for FDA to stop corporate factory farms from squandering drugs just to promote growth among animals confined in conditions that create risk of disease

By the editors

The New York Times 2011-06-02

10 dead in Germany, hundreds ill with e.coli; officials suspect cucumbers imported from two greenhouses in Spain and warn of secondary infections passed from person to person

BBC 2011-05-29

Opinion: In "The Big Thirst," author's purpose is to create understanding of humanity's relationship to water in hopes of diverting impending water crisis that need not be

By Kathleen Parker

The Washington Post 2011-05-27

Arizona may revoke business licenses of firms that knowingly hire illegals, Supreme Court affirms; law requires use of federal E-Verify to determine authorization to work

By Robert Barnes

The Washington Post 2011-05-26

Heavy rains, extreme temperatures, pollinator decline from pesticides imperils future of Ataulfo mangoes grown in Mexico, sold in U.S. as "champagne" variety

By Eric Niiler

Global Post 2011-05-26

Farmers, wise to reports of dead or quarantined livestock, anguish over possible effects of fracking to their livelihood while EPA claims no jurisdiction over food production matters

By Barry Estabrook

Gilt Taste 2011-05-14

Sales of "functional foods," also called "credence goods" totaled $37.3 billion in U.S. in 2009, up from $28.2 billion in 2005; critics say shoppers are being bamboozled by ads

By Natasha Singer

The New York Times 2011-05-14

One-third of globe's food for humans wasted or lost during production; UN recommends improving efficiency of food supply chain, less emphasis on appearance, selling locally

By Tony C. Dreibus

Bloomberg 2011-05-11

Egypt plans to become self-sufficient in wheat, the basic food for 86 million, after becoming largest wheat importer in world under Mubarak

By Emad Mekay

The New York Times 2011-05-11

EPA orders ambitious cleanup of Chicago River, urban waterway treated as little more than industrialized sewage canal for 100+ years

By Michael Hawthorne

Chicago Tribune 2011-05-12

Opinion: We need to support sweeping regulatory change to our main chemical safety law, and make chemical companies demonstrate their products are safe before sale to us

By Dominique Browning

The New York Times 2011-05-09

Opinion: Mostly preventable chronic diseases is largest driver of health care costs, accounting for 75 cents of every $1 spent; we spend less than 5 cents on prevention

By Kenneth Thorpe and Jonathan Lever

Kaiser Health News 2011-05-01

Rising costs of flour, sugar oil, plus growing popularity of processed items in China, India boost appeal of powdered wood pulp, gums that add fiber, feel creamy, create gels

By Sarah Nassauer

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-05-04

Opinion: We need legal action, not voluntary guidelines that request compliance from a blame-the-victim industry that pushes ultra-processed, unhealthful junk food-like products

By Mark Bittman

The New York Times 2011-05-03

Fragrance confectionery maker says new candy causes skin to emit rose oil components from geraniol; test markets set in Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Hungary

By Helen Glaberson 2011-04-26

Opinion: U.S. food production system depends upon widespread ignorance, but poor and working people most need new food system; they are sold unhealthiest foods and can least afford resulting medical problems

By Eric Schlosser

The Washington Post 2011-04-29

With farmed tilapia, researchers worry over omega-6 acids created by corn-soy diet (linked to increased risk of heart disease), environmental degradation, imports from China

By Elisabeth Rosenthal

The New York Times 2011-05-02

Opinion: Nutrition professor says she now supports soda ban for $68 billion SNAP program and is impressed with WIC, which allows purchase of only restricted number of nutrient-rich foods

By Marion Nestle

San Francisco Chronicle 2011-05-01

Opinion: 1990s famine believed to have killed nearly one million North Koreans; no matter how much world despises Kim Jong-il regime, that can't be allowed to happen again

By the editors

The New York Times 2011-04-29

Feds go to court to stop Amish farm in PA from selling unpasteurized milk; devotees say heat process kills good bacteria, but FDA says it protects public from salmonella, E. coli, listeria

By Stephen Dinan

The Washington Times 2011-04-28

Opinion: Partnerships, alliances with food corporations put agriculture, food, nutrition, and public health advocacy groups in conflict of interest - latest is Oxfam America aiding Coca-Cola

By Marion Nestle

Food Politics 2011-04-20

Citing chronic malnutrition, harsh winter and poor vegetable crop in North Korea, UN launches emergency operation to help feed 3.5 million

The Associated Press; The Washington Post 2011-04-29

Some 25 percent of Alabama poultry houses destroyed or damaged by tornadoes, likely killing millions of birds; state is No.3 chicken-producing state behind Arkansas, Georgia

By Scott Kilman

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-04-28

Opinion: New Clean Water Act guidelines are first step in restoring safeguards to wetlands, streams threatened by development, pollution; EPA should convert them to rule

By the editors

The New York Times 2011-04-28

Three sugar distributors sue ADM, Cargill over "misleading" ads equating high-fructose corn syrup with sugar, saying that campaign is response to customer concerns about obesity

By Dan Levine

Reuters 2011-04-28

Saying that laws to protect fragile ecosystem from harmful and unnecessary agricultural production are being ignored, National Wildlife Federation sues EPA

By Ken Anderson

Brownfield 2011-04-29

Administration to ask food firms to eliminate much of today's child-targeted advertising for unhealthy foods on TV, magazines, stores, internet

By Mary Clare Jalonick

The Associated Press; ABC News 2011-04-28

Expect peanut butter prices to increase as makers pass along cost hikes for peanuts, sweetener, plastic jars, analysts say; J.M. Smucker has suspended production of some Jif varieties

By David Wilson

Bloomberg 2011-04-26

Opinion: If you're raising and killing 10 billion animals every year, animal abuse is guaranteed, especially with standard inhumane factory-farming practices, lack of actual laws

By Mark Bittman

The New York Times 2011-04-26

Opinion: In IA, FL, MN, purpose of bills that make undercover investigations in factory farms a crime is to hide those conditions from a public that thinks about the way food is produced

The editors

The New York Times 2011-04-26

Changing name of product is enough to alter perceptions of food's healthfulness and taste, and so change its consumption, study suggests; ambiguity "prevalent" in food industry

By Nathan Gray /Decision News Media 2011-04-26

New food safety law needs funding but GOP looks to cut FDA budget; agency inspects only 1 percent of 10 million products, yet imports account for 60 percent of fresh fruits, vegetables and 80 percent of seafood

By Steven Gray

Time magazine 2011-04-24

School food providers have come under scrutiny over the last year for big rebates from processed food companies; in D.C., Chartwells-Thompson made at last $1 million

By Monica Eng

Chicago Tribune 2011-04-21

Despite "national hiring day" at McDonald's, 7 percent recent job growth in restaurants and food services businesses, Great Recession has sacked economy

By Annie Lowrey

The Washington Post 2011-04-23

Ethiopia, other upstream countries - Burundi, Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda - rewrite 1959 water treaty that favored Egypt; Ethiopia looks to China for dam funds

The Economist 2011-04-20

In response to civic unrest concerning country's rising food, fuel prices, Ugandan head says that farmers will benefit from higher prices, calls on public to stop driving to bars

By Ioannis Gatsiounis

Time magazine 2011-04-23

Wal-Mart tests online grocery delivery service in California; perishability of fresh food, industry's small profit margins have been obstacles to success in business

By Matthew Lewis

Reuters 2011-04-23

Ice appreciation follows resurgence of classic cocktails; size matters as do shapes, density and clarity - goal is to match spears, crushed, cubes, spheres and big blocks to libation

By Kimberly Chou

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-04-23

Supplements of resveratrol, ingredient found in red wine and linked to French Paradox, may improve body's response to insulin, the hormone that helps metabolize sugar, fat

By Stephen Daniells Decision News Media 2011-04-21

Attempt to cut levels of acrylamide in foods has limited impact; carcinogen formed by heat reaction between sugar, asparagine and known as Maillard reaction is responsible for browning, flavor

By Rory Harrington

Food Production Daily 2011-04-22

In blood per kilowatt measure, coal is deadliest source of power because of mining accidents and pollution to drinking water, air; oil is second and nuclear (minus Fukushima) is last

By Bryan Walsh 2011-04-22

One-cent-per-ounce tax on sugary sodas, other such drinks would return $233 per student to California classrooms, fund childhood obesity prevention initiatives, advocates say

By Lisa Vorderbrueggen

Contra Costa Times; Mercury News (San Jose, CA) 2011-04-20

Texas lawmakers target junk food, sugary soda, food stamps limits to cut obesity; diet-related disease costs state businesses $9.5 billion a year in lost worker productivity

By Chuck Lindell

The Statesman (Austin, TX) 2011-04-19

Humans are host to three ecosystems, each involving multitude of bacteria species; gut microbes aid in food digestion and synthesize vitamins, using enzymes our cells can't make

By Carl Zimmer

The New York Times 2011-04-20

If childhood obesity specialist is right, excessive consumption of sugar is main reason for obesity, diabetes epidemics; it's also likely cause of heart disease, high blood pressure, common cancers

By Gary Taubes

The New York Times 2011-04-13

As national attention is focused on GOP efforts to roll back clean air, water laws, similar battles under way in states, from Everglades to watershed that supplies drinking water to NJ

By Leslie Kaufman

The New York Times 2011-04-15

Roughly 1 in 4 packages of meat, poultry across U.S. contained multi-drug resistant staph in survey; risk is that we handle it badly, and transfer that staph onto our bodies, into our homes

By Maryn McKenna 2011-04-15

TVA to close 18 of its coal-burning generators, spend $3 billion to $5 billion on pollution controls on remaining units; emissions implicated in respiratory illness, acid rain, climate change

By Felicity Barringer

The New York Times 2011-04-14

Children exposed to high levels of organophosphates -pesticides sprayed on food crops - while in womb have lower I.Q. scores than their peers by school age, studies show

By Tara Parker-Pope

The New York Times 2011-04-21

Opinion: To avoid fiscal catastrophe and millions of premature deaths, prevent disease rather than treat it; build food distribution system that favors real food, and market it

By Mark Bittman

The New York Times 2011-04-12

Ponds are drying up and wildfires are burning grass as drought - the worst since 1967 in Texas region - stresses farmers already paying higher prices for fuel, fertilizer and feed

By Ana Campoy

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-04-12

Gut bacteria-obesity link furthered in rat study, significant since 1.5 billion people expected to be overweight by 2015, at health costs above $117 billion per year in U.S. alone

By Stephen Daniells Decision News Media 2011-04-11

Opinion: In high school classes, students couldn't say where honey comes from, but they shared stories of families ruined by diabetes - and begged to learn how to avoid that bleak future

By Jamie Oliver

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-04-10

In possible instance of "halo effect," survey of 144 showed that foods labeled "organic" were perceived as lower in calories, higher in fiber, more nutritious than unlabeled versions

By David W. Freeman

CBS News 2011-04-11

With civic unrest illustrating link between poverty and politics, upcoming Doha talks highlight discord between advanced and emerging economies over whose trade barriers should come down first

By Tom Gjelten

National Public Radio 2011-04-11

Georgia food firm buying Philadelphia-based Tastykakes maker; Tasty Baking Co. move pushed by bankruptcies of A&P, Super Fresh, Pathmark grocery chains, rising food costs

National Public Radio; The Associated Press 2011-04-11

Proposed rules in Central Valley would restrict fertilizer, other runoff based on likelihood of polluting groundwater; rules would affect 35,000 growers and 7 million irrigated acres

By Margot Roosevelt

Los Angeles Times; The Associated Press 2011-04-08

Risks to humans, environment from glyphosate, key ingredient in Monsanto's top-selling weed killer worldwide, to be re-evaluated by U.S., Canadian regulators; results due in 2015

By Carey Gillam

Reuters 2010-04-08

After LAPD reveals crime-fighting plans, Dodger officials rethink plan to serve half-price alcohol, vow to look at prices and serving sizes for alcohol, as well as when to stop serving

By Joel Rubin and Bill Shaikin

Los Angeles Times 2011-04-09

High crop prices make the $15 billion crop subsidies programs vulnerable to budget cuts; from 2002-2010, the top 10 percent of landowners received 67 percent of funds

By Bill Tomson and Siobhan Hughes

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-04-09

Milk tainted by nitrate, a meat-curing chemical, kills three, sickens 35 in latest Chinese dairy industry safety scandal; imports have doubled since 2008, pushing global prices up

By Guy Montague-Jones; Decision News Media 2011-04-08

In light of soaring food prices, experts call on countries to scale back headlong rush into biofuels, citing mediocre harvests, high prices, hunger, political instability

By Elisabeth Rosenthal

The New York Times 2011-04-06

In $2.35 billion deal with Diamond Foods, Procter & Gamble sells Pringles - rolled and fried dehydrated potato flakes - and its last food brand after shedding Jif, Folger's and Crisco

By Andrew Martin

The New York Times 2011-04-05

For some, eating triggers neural activity similar to that of drug addicts, study shows, but blaming overeating on dopamine craving could mask need to treat stress, emotional woes

By Marissa Cevallos

HealthKey; Los Angeles Times 2011-04-05

Japanese fishermen take offensive in fight against owner of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, calling utility's dump of radioactive water into sea insulting, incompetent, unforgivable

By the CNN Wire Staff

CNN 2011-04-06

Opinion: For 2012 Farm Bill, eliminate corn subsidies and redirect $4 billion annually in federal funds to SNAP and other nutrition programs that target most vulnerable population

By Andrew Schiff Youli Lee

The Providence Journal 2011-03-28

In what some see as ominous sign of warming, botanists on both continents find earlier and earlier blooming - from grapevines in Europe to wild spring onion leaves along Potomac

By Brigid Schulte

The Washington Post 2011-04-08

Opinion: With bats saving U.S. farmers $22.9 billion a year in pesticides, it's crucial to fund research into cause, prevention of disease fatal to them - it will save a fortune later

The editors

The New York Times 2011-04-04

Letter to USDA head intensifies fight between those who see biotech as only way to feed rising population and those who fear that it produces food that is nutritionally lacking, environmentally dangerous

By P.J. Huffstutter

Los Angeles Times 2011-04-02

FDA panel rejects need for warnings on food coloring; use of the cheaper dyes, once made from coal tar but now derived from petroleum, has increased 50 percent since 1990

By Lyndsey Layton

The Washington Post 2011-03-31

Levels of bisphenol A detected in human urine dropped by 66 per cent in just three days after subjects eliminated their exposure to canned and plastic packaging, research shows

By Rory Harrington

Food Production Daily 2011-03-31

Pakistan's Sindh state set to mandate iodization of salt in bid to eliminate deficiency disorders; iodine vital for normal body and mental development, physical well being

By Jess Halliday Decision News Media 2011-03-31

Consuming colostrum produced by cows 48 hours after giving birth can improve athletic performance of runners by massively reducing gut permeability, study shows

By Helen Glaberson Decision News Media 2011-03-30

Fears about contaminated seafood spread despite reassurances that radiation 3,355 times legal limit for radioactive iodine in waters off Fukushima nuclear plant pose no health risk

The Associated Press 2011-03-31

To growing cadre of eaters who care how their food is produced, agriculture wars under way are operatic, pitting technology against tradition in a struggle underscored by politics, profits

By Lyndsey Layton

The Washington Post 2011-03-23

Opinion: Budget is a moral document: We can cut military spending, eliminate corporate subsidies and tax loopholes for the rich, or we can starve the poor. Which side are you on?

By Mark Bittman

The New York Times 2011-03-29

Vegetable varieties, nutrient levels, nutrient access, gut bacteria, genomes, even time in life foods are eaten confound scientists as they probe complexities of diet and cancer

By Sarah DeWeerdt

Nature 2011-03-24

Opinion: FDA panel to review research on behavioral effects of artificial dyes; those colorings often found in items fueling obesity epidemic that costs U.S. $270 billion yearly

By David W. Schab and Michael F. Jacobson

The Washington Post 2011-03-25

Economic impact of agriculture industry in DE about $8 billion annually, when factoring in money spent by workers and including food processing, forestry activities, ag services, study shows

By Aaron Nathans

The News Journal (Wilmington, DE) 2011-03-24

Water Footprint Network measures water used to produce goods, services consumed by individual or community 2011-02-28

In Burkina Faso, Yacouba Sawadogo is pioneer of tree-based approach to farming that has transformed western Sahel over last 20 years, but first, timber rights were returned to farmers

By Mark Hertsgaard

Scientific American 2011-01-28

After drawing criticism for use of term "core inflation," Fed chair explains that higher food, energy prices add to inflation only if they cause sustained increases in other consumer prices

By Sudeep Reddy and Michael S. Derby

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-03-13

Illinois attorney general sues four packaged ice companies, charging they conspired to set prices, leaving supermarkets, convenience stores and liquor stores little choice in ice suppliers

By Gregory Karp and Alejandra Cancino

Chicago Tribune 2011-03-10

In case of deja vu, Erin Brockovich battles re-emergence of chromium in drinking water; utility is sending residents bottled water and expresses interest in buying affected homes

By Noaki Schwartz

The Associated Press; Los Angeles Times 2011-03-09

Long abandoned mercury mine that for decades has tainted fish and polluted creek that feeds into San Francisco Bay belongs on list of worst polluted places, feds say

By Jason Dearen

The Associated Press; Los Angeles Times 2011-03-11

Food, water in short supply two days after 8.9-magnitude earthquake, resulting tsunami turned a strip of Japan into wreckage; PM calls it biggest crisis since WWII

By Chico Harlan and Rick Maese

The Washington Post 2011-03-13

Sardines that died en masse off coast of California tested positive for domoic acid, powerful neurotoxin often found in stomachs of fish feeding on plankton during algae blooms

By Tony Barboza

Los Angeles Times 2011-03-12

Opinion: Pew poll shows majority in favor of federal role in fighting obesity, but group includes only 41 percent of Republicans, 33 percent of those who agree with tea partiers

By Charles M. Blow

The New York Times 2011-03-11

Cholera shaped just as much by sea surface temperature, ocean currents, and weather changes as by poor sanitation; with warming, outbreaks may become more common

By Sonia Shah

Le Monde 2011-03-08

As part of preventive health strategy, Surgeon General urges increased access to healthy foods, eliminating food deserts, establishing nutritional guidelines in schools and elsewhere

By Charles Fiegl 2011-03-07

Opinion: Single-factor studies need answers to 3 questions: Is result biologically plausible? Did study control for other possibly influential dietary or lifestyle factors? Who sponsored it?

By Marion Nestle

San Francisco Chronicle 2011-03-06

Disappearing ice pushes bloom of phytoplankton - Arctic food web anchor - earlier, and could disrupt ecosystem of fish, shellfish, birds, marine mammals there

By Brian Vastag

The Washington Post 2011-03-06

Opinion: We are for savings, but GOP's proposed losses of $11 billion in meat and poultry production over next seven months through furloughs of meat inspectors makes no sense

The editors

The New York Times 2011-03-06

Fuel prices, petroleum-based packaging and ingredients, agricultural chemicals, other manufacturing costs linked to price of oil at risk from civic unrest in North Africa, Middle East, industry players warn

By Freddie Dawson

Food Manufacture (UK) 2011-03-07

Most plastic products, from sippy cups to food wraps, can release estrogen-like chemicals, even before exposure to simulated sunlight, dishwashing, microwaving, study shows

By Jon Hamilton

National Public Radio/ All Things Considered 2011-03-02

Interactive map shows which countries at highest risk of food crisis; the 750 million people rely on 83 billion tons of imported food a year, mostly corn, soybeans, wheat exported by U.S.

By Patricia Brooks

Environmental Working Group 2011-03-03

Rising CO2 causing plants to have fewer pores, releasing less water to atmosphere; transpiration helps drive absorption of water at roots, cools plants in manner similar to sweating

Indiana University; Science Daily 2011-03-04

EPA head vows to order testing for radioactivity at water treatment plants that receive fracking drilling wastewater as well as intake sites for drinking water downstream

By John Collins Rdolf

The New York Times 2011-03-03

Two firms agree to shut down fracking wastewater disposal wells near fault in Arkansas; geologists see correlation between use of wells to state's many earthquakes since last fall

By Campbell Robertson

The New York Times 2011-03-04

Years of efforts by some lawmakers and regulators to force feds to better police natural gas industry thwarted; now lobbyists point to fuel independence, fewer emissions

By Ian Urbina

The New York Times 2011-03-04

Two bills show debate over how to manage declining aquifers in Texas, where irrigated agriculture is political force that pits conservation-minded officials against water sellers

By Kate Galbraith

The Texas Tribune 2011-03-04

Atlanta residents demand answers about hundreds, even thousands of dollars in monthly spikes in their water bills; problems arose with installation of new, automated water meters

By Scott Zamost and Kyra Phillips

CNN 2011-03-01

U.S., Mexico unveil deal on dispute over cross-border trucking; requirements for Mexican trucks are tougher than those established in NAFTA and those for American truckers

By Elizabeth Williamson

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-03-04

As food, oil prices rise and ethanol plants return to use, debate intensifies on whether corn ethanol is good for planet, taxpayers, global food supply - even car engines

By P.J. Huffstutter

Los Angeles Times 2011-03-02

Opinion: Reform subsidies so they encourage small- and medium-size farms producing food we can touch, see, buy and eat -- apples and carrots -- and shrink handouts to agribusiness

By Mark Bittman

The New York Times 2011-03-01

Opinion: Start cutting government fat by combining 15 federal agencies dealing with food safety - the same ones cited 10 years ago in report to Congress

The editors

Mercury News (San Jose, CA) 2011-03-01

Opinion: Might not a government aware of links between poor diets, obesity and diabetes yet stubbornly beholden to beef, sugar lobbies be accused of obfuscation, corruption?

By Jocelyn C. Zuckerman

The Atlantic magazine 2011-02-25

Texas lawmakers introduce bills on Gulf Coast oysters, venison sales, soda in schools, winery sales and tours, raw milk sales and home delivery, naming hamburger the state sandwich

By Aman Batheja

Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, TX) 2011-02-28

Lawmakers launch investigation into health risks of drilling for natural gas on public lands; critics of practice cite potential for drinking-water pollution, environmental damage

By Andrew Restuccia

The Hill 2011-02-28

Click on this link to vote on whether genetically modified foods, or foods containing those ingredients, should require labels

MSNBC 2011-02-25

With new varieties, researchers, agricultural agents hope to snatch portion of West Coast's $1 billion broccoli business; shoppers on East Coast would get fresher, cheaper vegetable

By Steve Szkotak

The Associated Press; Bloomberg 2011-02-21

Despite dangers of hydrofracking to health and environment, including radioactive contamination of drinking water sources for 6,800,000 people, EPA has not intervened

By Ian Urbina

The New York Times 2011-02-26

USDA reports attempted fraud from Chinese firm using fake certificate to represent non-organic crops as organic; reliance on cheaper imported organics has undermined U.S. farmers

By Bart King

Sustainable Life Media; Reuters 2011-02-22

Governments will increase role in global food markets, may boost stockpiles and subsidies, impose trade curbs to head off Middle East-style protests, commodity traders say

By Thomas Kutty Abraham

Bloomberg 2011-02-21

Food security fears, rising prices for corn, budget cuts by Congress among obstacles to growth of U.S. ethanol; nation leads world in production with 204 bio-refineries in 29 states

By Carey Gillam

Reuters 2011-02-21

N. Korea's request for food puts U.S., others in position of either ignoring pleas of starving country or pumping food into system that often gives food to military, not starving children

By Chico Harlan

The Washington Post 2011-02-22

Opinion: The very politicians who are so worried about public debt -- and who want deep spending cuts now to save our future - dismiss climate, resource crisis and natural debt

By Bryan Walsh

Time magazine 2011-02-22

Turmoil in Middle East directly linked to unsustainable water, energy use; growing water shortage will require sharing, conserving resources to avoid civic unrest; Yemen is at most risk

By John Vidal

The Guardian (UK) 2011-02-20

After years of resistance, European Union policy-makers to vote on allowing traces of genetically modified material in animal feed imports; move would be victory for GM lobby

By Caroline Henshaw

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-02-21

Opinion: Food price crisis focuses politicians on quick fixes at expense of building long-range agricultural productivity, shift of jobs from farms to factories, skilled city-based service sector

By C. Peter Timmer

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-02-22

Opinion: The students at Chicago Public Schools are right - in healthier lunches, they get cardboardy crusts, chalky macaroni salad, formaldehyde-scented lettuce, canned pears that taste like wet toilet paper

By Monica Eng

Chicago Tribune 2011-02-20

As humans eat remaining tuna, grouper and cod, their prey - sardines, anchovies - flourish, creating ecological imbalance that experts say will forever change the oceans

By Marc Kaufman

The Washington Post 2011-02-20

Campbell Soup to spend $10 million to fight childhood obesity, hunger in Camden, N.J., site of headquarters and where nearly 40 percent of town's children are obese

By Geoff Mulvihill

The Associated Press; Bloomberg Businessweek 2011-02-15

House flies, roaches may be conduit for superbugs ingested from feces at commercial hog farms; public health specialists look to block human interaction at nearby homes, businesses

By Mick Kulikowski

The Abstract (North Carolina State University) 2011-02-16

Opinion: Possibility of taint from genetically modified alfalfa is low; farmers often cut hay before it flowers, and even if a cow producing organic milk ate GM alfalfa, impact would be benign

By James E. McWilliams

The Atlantic 2011-02-16

Opinion: With Monsanto's Roundup Ready Alfalfa, new kind of pollution is forced on us; it now affects majority of food produced in U.S., without our consent. We've said "No," but is anybody listening?

By Barbara Damrosch

The Washington Post 2011-02-16

Opinion: Government's unwillingness to label genetically modified foods and products that contain them is demeaning, undemocratic; without labeling, we have no say

By Mark Bittman

The New York Times 2011-02-17

Citing decades-long concealment of mining-related pollution to drinking water and environment, neighbors of abandoned copper mine file class-action suit against BP America, Atlantic Richfield Co.

The Associated Press; The New York Times 2011-02-15

As lower Mississippi fills with silt from upstream, Louisiana lawmakers press for more federal dredging funds; 60 percent of agricultural products exported go through river's mouth

By Cameron McWhirter

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-02-12

India struggles to feed its 1.1 billion people; it needs to hike investment in irrigation, spur competition in wholesale and retail markets, provide targeted food subsidies to poor

By Vikas Bajaj

The New York Times 2011-02-12

Opinion: GOP budget eats America's seed corn to placate base, focusing cuts on programs that pay off in future, like providing extra nutrition to pregnant mothers, infants, and young children

By Paul Krugman

The New York Times 2011-02-14

Ecuadorean plaintiffs, citing higher incidence of cancer in communities and water supplies polluted with oil, say that $8.6 billion ruling against Chevron isn't enough compensation

By Victor Gomez

Reuters 2011-02-15

Opinion: Agribusiness giants Monsanto and Syngenta restrict independent research on their genetically engineered corn, soybeans, canola, cotton, legally limiting research options

By Doug Gurian-Sherman

Los Angeles Times 2011-02-13

Opinion: Demand for biofuels is almost doubling challenge of producing more food, but economic studies imply that food prices should come down if we can limit biofuel growth

By Tim Searchinger

The Washington Post 2011-02-11

USDA resorts to imported wasps in attempt to control wildly thirsty invasive weed that has drained habitats, pushed species of fish to extinction and is taking over Rio Grande Valley

By Saul Elbein

The Texas Observer 2011-01-25

EPA may step up regulation of sewage discharge, urban pesticide runoff, selenium in farm drainage contributing to Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta's ecological collapse

By Bettina Boxall

Los Angeles Times 2011-02-10

Opinion: Asia provides frightening look at food crisis, where critical mass of those living on less than $2 a day reside; implications touch debt outlook, leaders looking to keep peace

By William Pesek

Bloomberg Businessweek 2011-02-13

USDA OKs ethanol-only biotech corn; food industry giants warn of crumbly corn chips, soggy cereal, soupy-centered bread if it enters food chain but Syngenta touts water, energy, chemical savings

By Andrew Pollack

The New York Times 2011-02-11

Veteran CIA officer says feds covered up negligence associated with his family's stay at environmentally troubled Camp Stanley, where house oozed toxic mold and aquifer was tainted

By Charlie Savage

The New York Times 2011-02-11

In study, children who ate school lunches were 29 percent more likely to be obese than those who brought lunch from home; soda consumption was also predictive of obesity

By Meredith Melnick

Time magazine 2011-02-07

Military buys Gulf fish, shrimp, oysters, crab cakes, and packaged Cajun dishes after region was hammered by last year's BP oil leak; consumers had feared bounty had been tainted

By Mary Foster

The Associated Press; The Washington Post 2011-02-06

Strokes rising dramatically among young and middle-aged in U.S., a sign that obesity epidemic may be reshaping disease; sharpest hike - 51 percent - is in men 15-34

The Associated Press; National Public Radio 2011-02-09

Daily consumption of diet soda linked to higher risks for stroke, heart attack versus no soda; other studies link diet and regular soda to risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome

The Associated Press; National Public Radio 2011-02-09

As food prices surge upward, ranks of poor swell; UN food-relief agency bought 22 percent more food last year than in 2009, but spent 30 percent more - $1.25 billion

By Caroline Henshaw

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-02-08

Opinion: For food security, we must raise water productivity; cut emissions; shift to solar, wind, geothermal; urge smaller families, make all-out effort to eradicate poverty

By Lester R. Brown

The Christian Science Monitor 2011-02-08

Kerala villagers join campaign to ban Endosulfan pesticide, but Indian government, the world's largest producer, exporter and user, says negative health reports are limited and ban would risk food security

By Rama Lakshmi

The Washington Post 2011-02-07

China's severe drought causes drinking water shortage for people, livestock and threatens wheat crop; imports to replace shortfall in self-sufficient crop could drive prices higher

By Keith Bradsher

The New York Times 2011-02-08

Opinion: The poorest, as fastest growing sector of global economy, are new frontier for corporate food regime, but taxpayers can say no to subsidizing juggernaut that undermines small farmers who grow half the world's food

By Eric Holt Gimenez

The Huffington Post 2011-02-07

Opinion: Growing turmoil shows that ordinary life revolves around price of bread, other basic commodities; at least two Indian governments have been felled by rising price of onions

By Mohamed A. Ramady

Arab News 2011-02-08

Children on healthy diets as toddlers are more intelligent at age 8 than those fed mostly processed food diet at age three despite dietary changes later, research suggests

By Richard Alleyne

The Telegraph (UK) 2011-02-08

USDA says eggs contain less cholesterol than before, probably because of better food for hens; large egg now contains 185 mg, but Dietary Guidelines recommend 300 mg daily

By Jennifer LaRue Huget

The Washington Post 2011-02-08

As use of ethanol expands, nation's supply of corn at lowest in 15 years; escalating price of food has led to widespread protests in several nations

By Sam Nelson

Reuters 2011-02-07

Opinion: Key factor in soaring food prices is severe weather, expected as rising concentrations of greenhouse gases change our climate; this surge may be just the start

By Paul Krugman

The New York Times 2011-02-06

Opinion: Lawsuits against biotech alfalfa, sugar beets seek to award organic farmers a civil right not to have their high-end, ad-created market segment disturbed by industrial progress

By Holman W. Jenkins Jr.

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-02-02

Defying court ban, USDA to allow commercial planting of Roundup Ready biotech beets days after OK of Monsanto alfalfa; critics cite herbicide resistant weeds, tainting of other crops

By Carey Gillam and Chuck Abbott

Reuters 2011-02-04

EPA moves to control perchlorate, 16 other toxins in drinking water; rocket testing ingredient thought to stunt normal growth of fetuses, infants, children

By John M. Broder

The New York Times 2011-02-03

Opinion: Food and everything surrounding it is a crucial matter of personal and public health, of national and global security; at stake is health of humans and that of earth

By Mark Bittman

The New York Times 2011-02-01

Food security portal identifies hot spots of need, civil unrest based on news, policy analysis, commodity prices, country profiles

International Food Policy Research Institute 2011-01-11

Enjoy food, but eat less; fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables, switch to fat-free or low-fat milk, choose low-salt foods, drink water instead of sugary drinks, new USDA Dietary Guidelines say

By Monica Eng

Chicago Tribune 2011-01-31

American Crystal Sugar, co-op of 3,000 sugar beet farmers, spends millions on lobbying, political campaigns in hopes that feds maintain price guarantees for its sugar and limits foreign competition

By Curtis Gilbert

Minnesota Public Radio 2011-01-25

After biotech, farm groups object, USDA changes course, OKs GMO alfalfa, pulling back from proposal that would have restricted its growth to protect conventional plants from cross-pollination

By Andrew Pollack

The New York Times 2011-01-27

2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans to be released on Monday, Jan. 31 at 10 a.m. EST; to watch the live webcast, visit, and to read them, visit

By Marion Nestle 2011-01-27

As food, fuel prices surge, risks of global instability rise as governments that face budget problems cut subsidies for poor; such woes can "topple regimes," says expert

By Serena Saitto and Caroline Connan

Bloomberg 2011-01-26

Republicans call for return to large-scale workplace immigration raids like those at meatpacking plants; critics say such sweeps cost upward of $10 million and are needlessly traumatic

By Brian Bennett

Los Angeles Times 2011-01-26

CDC says 26 million Americans have type 2 diabetes, up from 23.6 million in 2008; about 79 million US adults now have "pre-diabetes," with blood sugar levels higher than normal

By Rob Stein

The Washington Post 2011-01-26

FDA loophole allows popular Girl Scout cookies - Samoas, Tagalongs, Thin Mints - to carry "0 grams trans fat" label though partially hydrogenated oils are high on ingredient list

By Monica Eng

Chicago Tribune 2011-01-25

FDA, dairy industry fight over testing for antibiotics in milk from farms that had repeatedly sold for slaughter cows tainted by drug residue; antibiotics overuse a question

By William Neuman

The New York Times 2011-01-26

With 2008 food price riots in mind, emerging nations use price caps, export bans and rules to help keep food costs from disrupting their economies

By Eric Bellman and Alex Frangos

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-01-25

New York state agencies following policy urging them to avoid products, equipment containing any of 85 toxic chemicals whenever safer, cost-effective options available

By Olga Naidenko

Environmental Working Group 2011-01-01

Expect budget cuts in conservation rather than cuts in commodity subsidies, says expert; high commodity prices also push some to switch from conservation into corn production

By Katie Nickas

AgriNews 2011-01-24

In first cuts plan, Republican Study Committee leaves $5 billion in corn, soy, rice, wheat subsidies untouched, targets organic farmers, export promotion program, sugar growers

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2011-01-25

Political unrest disrupts cocoa supplies from Ivory Coast, world's biggest producer; Cargill suspends purchases, ADM assesses and State Department backs temporary import ban

By Debarati Roy

Bloomberg 2011-01-25

Substantial technological advances, along with shifts in appetites in prosperous societies, will be needed to fit human appetites on a finite, thriving planet, experts say

By Andrew C. Revkin

The New York Times 2011-01-10

About $13 million in federal grants awarded to more than 2,400 farmers in 43 states to help pay for low-tech tunnels that add weeks, months to growing seasons

By Steve Karnowski

Los Angeles Times 2011-01-17

Rising food prices pit traditional doomsayer/hopeful combatants against each other aspopulations, appetites for meat grow and climate changes

By Andrew C. Revkin

The New York Times 2011-01-10

Consumers pay billions to makers and packagers of bottled water (liquid gold), breakfast cereal, yogurt

By Louise Hidalgo

BBC 2010-12-15

Law firm says that Taco Bell uses false advertising when it refers to using "seasoned ground beef" or "seasoned beef"; mixture doesn't meet USDA standards for labeling, suit says

The Associated Press; 2011-01-24

Cargill to give up majority stake in potash, phosphate fertilizer company Mosaic; such firms are takeover targets in light of increasing food demand, constraints on food supplies

By Gina Chon, Anupreeta Das and Scott Kilman

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-01-19

Opinion: Regulatory system requires balance; we won't shy away from new safety rules for infant formula, or treat saccharin like dangerous chemical if FDA considers it safe to eat

By Barack Obama

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-01-18

Opinion: Over 10 years, ending farm subsidies would save nearly $290 billion; ending subsidies to ethanol and unproven energy technology saves $170 billion, Cato Institute says

By By Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-01-19

Public funding of campaigns, single food safety agency, breaking culture of corporate growth every quarter among nutrition professor Marion Nestle's wishes for food system

By Marion Nestle

The Atlantic 2011-01-18

Opinion: Congress should cut billions of dollars in farm subsidies that distort food prices, encourage overfarming and inflate price of land; continued pandering is out of touch

The editors

The New York Times 2011-01-15

Sheep-stealing wave in England prompted by escalating world demand, scaled-back production in New Zealand; surge in the theft of tractors, other farm machinery also noted

By Anthony Faiola

The Washington Post 2011-01-15

Global ag employs more than 1 billion, accounts for $1 trillion of economy but also takes 70 percent of water withdrawals; small farmers key to maintaining food supplies, report says

Agence France Presse; Herald Sun (AU) 2011-01-13

Tunisian civic unrest may signal global food riots, economists say; woes began after fires in Russia, heavy rain in Canada, drought in Argentina, floods in Australia, low forecasts in U.S.

By Ariana Eunjung Cha

The Washington Post 2011-01-14

Opinion: Extra 6 cents won't help school districts deliver better food for lunch; feds can't burden schools with making up the difference or allow them to wiggle out of restrictions

The editors

San Francisco Chronicle 2011-01-15

Opinion: Background factor conducive to unhinged violence is standard junk food diet, dangerously low in omega fatty acids found in fish and walnuts, which help counter depression

By Wayne Roberts

NOW Toronto 2011-01-13

Multiple chemicals, including those used in nonstick cookware, processed foods, furniture, beauty products found in blood, urine of pregnant U.S. women, study shows

By Victoria Colliver

San Francisco Chronicle 2011-01-14

New school lunch rules would cut sodium, limit starchy vegetables, ban most trans fats, require lowfat milk, increase whole grains, add more fruits, vegetables, limit calories

By Tim Carman

The Washington Post 2010-01-13

New law letting USDA set standards for vending machine fare sold in schools could boost demand for healthy offerings, aiding small companies in that vending-machine niche

By Nick Leiber

Bloomberg Businessweek 2011-01-13

Citing Clean Water Act, EPA revokes largest mountaintop removal mining permit in West Virginia history; selenium pollution, stream burial, fish death, watershed degradation noted

By Bryan Walsh

Time 2011-01-13

Bluefin tuna, one of most majestic and prized fish in sea is subject of a scientific fight that shows difficulty of gauging environmental fallout of biggest offshore oil spill in U.S. history

By Jeffrey Ball

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-01-13

Opinion: To cut $100 billion, first replace subsidies to big agriculture with government matching funds for farmers' deposits into savings accounts; then tax carbon

By Kevin Hassett

Bloomberg Businessweek 2011-01-09

Farm Bureau sues over feds' Chesapeake anti-pollution plan, saying that states, not EPA, have jurisdiction under Clean Water Act; citizens' group calls suit shortsighted, foolhardy

By Mark Scolforo

The Associated Press; Los Angeles Times 2011-01-10

Bid for Danisco by DuPont, maker of Teflon, is company's bet on food additives and biofuels market; already, 32 percent of firm's 2009 revenue mostly came from Pioneer seed sales

By Ernest Scheyder and Jon Acher

Reuters 2011-01-10

Teens' excessive sugar intake, preschoolers' exposure to second-hand smoke increases risk for heart disease later in life, making case for early prevention, two studies show

By Nicholas Bakalar

The New York Times 2011-01-10

German authorities struggle to contain widening dioxin-tainted food scandal after China temporarily halts imports of German pork and egg products

By Patrick Donahue

Reuters 2011-01-12

Opinion: Obesity epidemic requires common sense - return P.E. to schools, offer better food in school cafeterias, end some subsidies, reward wellness in employer health plans, and eat more homemade dinners with our families

By David Gratzer, M.D.

The Washington Times 2011-01-07

Farm groups, biotechnology industry skeptical of USDA head's "co-existence" proposal to allow Monsanto's biotech alfalfa near conventional plants; biotech sugar beet case in court

By Charles Abbott

Reuters 2011-01-10

In challenge to 1922 law, food service giant Sodexo files suit against egg trade group that controls 95 percent of all laying hens, claiming conspiracy to limit supply, hike prices

By P.J. Huffstutter

Los Angeles Times 2011-01-11

New dioxin-tainted food scandal in Germany points to criminal deficiencies in system; low cost for livestock feed is main driver and previous safety efforts have targeted food, not feed

By Andrea Brandt, Michael Frohlingsdorf, Nils Klawitter, Julia Koch, Michael Loeckx and Udo Ludwig

Der Spiegel 2011-01-10

In future, UK subsidies will be more focused on 'public good' so farmers are paid for tending land, and true cost of producing food is reflected in price, says environment secretary

By Louise Gray

The Telegraph (UK) 2011-01-03

EPA's pollution diet under Clean Water Act, intended to fundamentally change tenor of long-failed Chesapeake cleanup, establishes how pig, chicken farms, others dispose of waste

By Juliet Eilperin

The Washington Post 2010-12-30

Adults with family history of alcoholism 30 to 40 percent more likely to be obese than those with no alcoholism in family, likely due to obesity-inducing food environment, study shows

By Roni Caryn Rabin

The New York Times 2011-01-05

Chicago officials propose new rules they say will nourish urban agriculture, but some of city's top urban farmers believe they will stunt growth of grass-roots projects

By Monica Eng

Chicago Tribune 2011-01-03

FDA sets hearing on whether petroleum-based food dyes can adversely affect human health; European Parliament requires warning labels on products containing synthetic dyes

By Julie Deardorff

Chicago Tribune 2011-01-01

Beyond funding fight for food safety bill, other provisions likely to draw scrutiny include safety plans, risk-based inspections and standards guarantees from food importers

By Julian Pecquet

The Hill 2011-01-03

New dietary guidelines, fights over funding of food safety bill, initial salvos over 2012 farm bill, school meals, and food firms co-opting critics predicted to make 2011 headlines

By Marion Nestle

San Francisco Chronicle 2011-01-02

Mechanization, infrastructure and federal investment in plant breeding helped farmers counteract effects of harsh climate and harvest record crops of wheat in early 1900s, study indicates

By Bryan Walsh

Time 2010-12-27

Opinion: Stripping Texas of authority to issue air permits required for large power and industrial projects punishes state for not obeying Clean Air Act rules that aren't finalized

The editors

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2011-01-03

In California, some poor families choose between traditional public school with school lunches or charter versions, with smaller classes, more enrichment - but maybe no lunch

By Mary MacVean and Alexandra Zavis

Los Angeles Times 2011-01-01

Farm lobby says China's probe into tide of imports of U.S. distiller's dried grains - leftovers from making ethanol - could be disruptive; salvo is latest in tit-for-tat import taxes

By Chuin-Wei Yap

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subpscription) 2010-12-31

Michigan agrees to stagger delivery of food stamp benefits throughout month after relentless campaign by grocers and federal thwarting of twice-monthly delivery plan in 2008

By Catherine Jun

The Detroit News 2010-12-30

Texas senator says that EPA's emissions standards for power plants, refineries will hurt farmers, consumers; she predicts they will see higher costs passed on to them as new tax

By Andrew Restuccia

The Hill 2010-12-29

Opinion: There is no corporate right to privacy; Congress should require that all significant donations from corporations that might affect elections, legislative debates or public policy be fully and promptly disclosed

By Alan B. Morrison

Politico 2010-12-30

Japanese firm with major investments in diabetes and obesity research partners with nonprofit biomedical research facility and hospital in Florida on fat-burning mechanisms

By Linda Shrieves

Orlando Sentinel 2010-12-27

Coal-fired power plant operating in Texas for nearly 30 years mostly without SO2 filters thought to have laid waste to former pecan groves; situation repeated across nation

By Ramit Plushnick-Masti

The Associated Press; Star Tribune 2010-12-28

PepsiCo links to Yale through food lab near campus and with $250,000 fellowship for an MD-PhD student researching nutrition and obesity-related diseases

By William Weir

The Hartford Courant 2010-12-28

Global food prices face perilous rise; main cause likely too much money printed by governments to help economies, which exposes commodities as economic hedge and encourages hoarding

By John Foley

Reuters; The New York Times 2010-12-28

Opinion: President Obama must support EPA efforts in reducing emissions so we can breathe cleaner air and fish in our waterways will contain less mercury

The editors

The New York Times 2010-12-25

Farmers cry foul over new route for high-speed rail that would cleave through California's prime cropland and nut and fruit groves, splitting fields, disrupting irrigation systems

By Rich Connell

Los Angeles Times 2010-12-27

Opinion: Main driving force behind rising commodity prices is demand from growing global middle class with appetite for meat and car-driving; food, oil supplies can't keep up

By Paul Krugman

The New York Times 2010-12-26

Opinion: Obesity is not a Democratic or Republican issue; it is genuine public health emergency, with vast implications for nation's well-being, economy, national security

By Fred Hiatt

The Washington Post 2010-12-26

Lawmaker with a say in FDA budget says "we don't have the funding" for $1 billion over five years for food safety bill, but grocery lobby says what of $6 billion a year for corn ethanol subsidies?

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2010-12-22

One of seven Americans now on food stamps - about 43 million; highest spikes were Idaho, at 39 percent over last year; Nevada, at 29 percent; and New Jersey, at 27 percent

By Aaron Smith

CNN Money 2010-12-21

Judge rules Nevada can take $62 million from Clean Water Coalition to cover budget deficit; funds from sewer linking fees once were for defunct wastewater pipeline project

By Ed Vogel

Las Vegas Review-Journal (NV) 2010-12-22

At school near Philadelphia, pupils don't recognize fresh food - possibly because there are only two stores that sell fresh foods and supermarkets are absent in town of 30,000

By Alfred Lubrano

The Philadelphia Inquirer 2010-12-23

In effort to clean air, EPA proposes earlier deadlines for limiting amount of CO2 a power plant or refinery can emit; efforts will harm Texas agriculture, energy producers, governor says

By Ana Campoy and Stephen Power

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-12-23

Opinion: Now, one in five children live in households where food is source of daily anxiety; we hope Congress remembers that costs of failing to protect children will be enormous

By David Rubin and Kathleen Noonan

The Philadelphia Inquirer 2010-12-12

Republicans who opposed food safety bill say it gives FDA authority but not accountability, that it will lead to higher food prices and that $1.4 billion cost isn't justified

By Christopher Doering

Reuters 2010-12-21

Opinion: This year's salmonella outbreak in eggs, which are governed by separate rules than those of new food safety bill, is reminder of broader work that was left undone

The editors

The Washington Post 2010-12-22

After tests find hexavalent chromium in drinking water, expert says most people ingest chromium from food or cigarettes, not water; acidic foods can leach the heavy metal from stainless steel pots

By Eliza Barclay

National Public Radio/ Shots 2010-12-22

Corn ethanol pits livestock industry against oil industry: "We've now ... inextricably linked the price of corn, to the price of crude oil, and I think we can't turn the clock back, that's the way it is," says economist

By Kathleen Masterson

National Public Radio/ Morning Edition 2010-12-22

As Iceland bids to join EU, dispute over mackerel quotas escalates; Brussels threatens sanctions against Reykjavik, including blocking sales of fish to EU, its largest trading partner

By Teri Schultz

Global Post 2010-12-21

Discontent grows over inflation across China despite government's measures that include increasing supply, lowering logistics costs of produce, subsidies for poor, clamping down on profiteering

By Jessie Jiang

Time magazine 2010-12-22

Supplementing diet with blueberries may slow and even reverse decline in mental function associated with age, suggest results of new study with lab rats

By Stephen Daniells Decision News Media 2010-12-21

EPA head vows to review hexavalent chromium by summer and to consider ordering cities to start testing for toxic metal in tap water; industry has fought limits for years

By Michael Hawthorne

Chicago Tribune 2010-12-21

FDA trying to persuade pharmaceutical firms to stop providing antibiotics to promote livestock growth; companies sold 29 million pounds of antibiotics in 2009 for use in food animals

By Philip Brasher

Des Moines Register 2010-12-19

Wooden pallet group says plastic pallet group's lawsuit over statements condoning research into plastic pallets as possible cause of tainted butter a "distraction"

By Rory Harrington Decision News Media 2010-12-20

Fertilizer use, fossil fuel use, sewage push nitrogen into waterways, where it becomes nitrous oxide and contributes 10 percent of such human-caused greenhouse emissions, study shows

LiveScience 2010-12-21

Oceans' acidification could profoundly disrupt nitrogen cycles, altering basic structure of Earth's food webs, according to experimental simulation; mollusks, crustaceans also at risk

By Brandon Keim

Wired 2010-12-21

FDA's ability to enforce new food safety law will depend on funds available to pay inspectors and staff; Republicans in House have vowed to slash spending

By William Neuman

The New York Times 2010-12-21

Buffets, salad bars in U.S. hotels, restaurants said to have been discussed as prospective poisoning targets of al Qaeda earlier this year; hospitality industry officials were briefed

By Armen Keteyian

CBS News 2010-12-20

Beer, wine wholesalers seeking co-sponsors for bill gave at least $1.3 million in campaign cash to House lawmakers who signed on, focusing questions on timing of contributions in relation to official actions

By Chris Frates

Politico 2010-12-21

Without arsenal of synthetic pesticides, herbicides available, organic farmers learn ways of bats, mint and larvae to harness natural systems as part of integrated pest management

By Jim Robbins

The New York Times 2010-11-29

Opinion: It would be easier for parents to supervise their children's diet if they didn't have to push back against relentless tide of marketing aimed at children

The editors

The New York Times 2010-12-20

Senate passes food safety bill after weekend of negotiations, strategy sessions and several predictions about bill's demise; bill won't affect meat, poultry, some egg products

By Lyndsey Layton

The Washington Post 2010-12-20

Opinion: UK's cheap global supermarket food chain will fail when oil stops flowing; country should teach people how to grow food, feed themselves, distribute and barter food, too

By Arthur Potts Dawson

CNN 2010-12-19

Drinking water in most of 35 cities across U.S. contains hexavalent chromium, a probable carcinogen made famous by film "Erin Brockovich," EWG study shows

By Lyndsey Layton

The Washington Post 2010-12-18

Opinion: Now that tax-cut deal is done, Obama must rebut calls for premature spending cuts; if required, first cuts must include subsidies for corn ethanol, other farm products

The editors

The New York Times 2010-12-19

Opinion: Life-saving strategy brings green revolution to Navy, Marines; armed forces using biofuels - minus corn-based ethanol or any fuels that compete with food

By Thomas L. Friedman

The New York Times 2010-12-19

Territorial, bureaucratic atmosphere of Chicago public school meals program forces top chefs to scale back desires to make simple, real food, done well at reasonable prices

By Monica Eng

Chicago Tribune 2010-12-03

Grocery costs rise, fueled by the higher costs of wheat, sugar, corn, soybeans, energy, transportation, but major chains, big-box stores may push back at wholesalers

By Stacy Finz

San Francisco Chronicle 2010-12-16

Food safety bill looks dead after its host, omnibus spending legislation, fails; bill would give FDA ability to recall tainted food, set quarantines, access food producers' records

By Jason Millman

The Hill 2010-12-17

Opinion: Despite money woes, anti-obesity programs for children aren't place to cut; obesity now costs Texas businesses $3.3 billion annually and will rise to $15.8 billion by 2025

The editors

San Antonio Express (TX) 2010-12-14

Citing human health and national security, California governor stands with regulators who OK process that pays owners of power plants, refineries, other polluters to cut emissions

By Jason Dearen

The Associated Press; Los Angeles Times 2010-12-17

Shale gas production linked to tainted drinking water; in Texas, EPA warns of risk of explosion, and in Pennsylvania, firm will pay residents $4.1 million and install water-treatment systems

By Ana Campoy and Daniel Gilbert

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-12-17

Citing higher commodity costs, General Mills plans to hike prices of processed items, hot snacks, frozen vegetables; industry expects hikes will tamp aggressive competition

By Paul Ziobro

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-12-17

Opinion: It's time to help Colombia, waiting for 3 years for ratification of free-trade agreement and now facing threat of Congress removing duty-free access to U.S. markets

The editors

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-12-17

As India's climate turns drier, emerald fields of water-thirsty rice give way to fields of fruits, vegetables, grown organically and with drip irrigation - and stubby palms for oil

By Akash Kapur

The New York Times 2010-12-16

Opinion: 22,000 a day signing up for SNAP in U.S.; this level of food stamp use could prove unsustainable in current economy, since some funding was taken for Child Nutrition Reauthorization

By Marion Nestle

The Atlantic 2010-12-15

More prevention efforts critical, says researcher who found that two-thirds of Medicare stroke patients - often ill with diabetes or heart disease - either return to hospital or die

By Steven Reinberg

Bloomberg Businessweek 2010-12-16

USDA mulls OK for biotech alfalfa that would allow crop to be grown with rules aimed at protecting non-GMO crops; alfalfa is pollinated by honeybees, which makes it tough to isolate

By Carey Gillam

Reuters 2010-12-16

Desertification, land degradation from overuse, global warming are greatest environmental challenges and present threat of hunger around globe, UN expert says

By Damian Carrington

The Guardian (UK) 2010-12-16

Taxes on soft drinks, sports drinks, fruit drinks would generate about $1.5 billion to $2.5 billion in annual tax revenue and result in small weight loss for consumers, study shows

By Nanci Hellmich

USA Today 2010-12-14

After change in method and data analysis, CDC cuts estimates of yearly food-borne illness, death; agency says sicknesses hit 48 million people, not 76 million, and more than 3,000 die, not 5,000

By William Neuman

The New York Times 2010-12-15

Save the Children nonprofit, in talks with Coca-Cola for funding anti-obesity work, drops soda tax campaign; CEO says events - and $5 million grant from PepsiCo - are unrelated

By William Neuman

The New York Times 2010-12-15

As business booms for restaurants, road paving, motels in towns over natural gas deposits contained in Marcellus Shale, critics of fracking worry over safety of drinking water

By Kris Maher

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-12-14

Coalition of farmers, shippers, state governments press Congress to add tens of millions to Corps of Engineers' budget to ensure annual dredging of Mississippi River

By Cameron McWhirter

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-12-14

Government has long been deeply involved in regulation of food and what we eat, policy experts say in response to right-wing voices critical of child nutrition bill, food safety bill

By Sherisse Pham

ABC News 2010-12-15

American livestock consumed about 29 million pounds of antibiotics last year, FDA says; such widespread use makes them less effective in fighting off disease in humans

By Melissa Healy

Los Angeles Times 2010-12-14

As popularity of hunting declines, government stands to lose hundreds of millions of dollars in conservation efforts annually through license and ammunition sales, firearms taxes

The Associated Press; The New York Times 2010-12-13

In strike at health insurance law, judge says administration's reasoning - mandating coverage is same as regulating payment - is so broad it could be applied to nutritional decisions

By Janet Adamy

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-12-13

Opinion: In tax bill, lawmakers serving agribusiness and ethanol illustrates public choice school of economics, where government, special interests collude against public good

The editors

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-12-13

Government's failure to act linked to recent egg woes; resistance to regulating business, fractured oversight between 15 agencies and 71 interagency accords weakens food safety efforts

By Lyndsey Layton

The Washington Post 2010-12-11

Opinion: Farms, mills and municipalities that use Florida waterways as a latrine learn that latest battle to stop enforcement of federal pollution laws will be paid for by state taxpayers

By Carl Hiaasen

The Miami Herald 2010-12-11

Swedish city, epicenter of farming and food processing, dispenses with fossil fuels, generating energy from potato peels, manure, used cooking oil, stale cookies, pig guts

By Elisabeth Rosenthal

The New York Times 2010-12-11

Opinion: Free-range meat only slightly better than factory farmed; better lives for animals doesn't equal acceptable and killing an animal for seduction of taste perpetuates harm

By James E. McWilliams

The Atlantic 2010-12-07

Deer hunters in Pennsylvania expected to donate about 100,000 pounds of venison to help meet surging demand of hungry; food banks appreciate lean, high-quality protein

By Jon Hurdle

Reuters 2010-12-06

Butters in Dallas supermarket contaminated with flame retardants; researchers say either electronic devices in butter processing plant or packaging likely culprit but call for stricter scrutiny

By Rory Harrington

Food Production Daily 2010-12-07

Researchers, writers warn of complex and interconnected confluence of factors driving us toward a global food, water emergency by 2050 - even before worst of climate change

By Greg Ansley

The New Zealand Herald 2010-12-04

Population growth in Near East, including Iraq, Afghanistan, outpaces gains in agricultural production, making water-scarce region vulnerable to food-supply problems, UN says

By Rudy Ruitenberg 2010-12-07

With current food safety bill, origins of contaminants in meats, other edibles in U.S. food should be faster, easier to uncover and trace

By Katherine Harmon

Scientific American 2010-12-07

Opinion: Sausage makers, who use one recipe, specified ingredients and quality control, insulted by comparisons of their art with lawmaking

By Robert Pear

The New York Times 2010-12-05

California strawberry growers granted permission to use methyl iodide, a pesticide listed by state as known cancer-causing chemical as fumigant to kill bacteria, weeds, insects

By Kelly Zito

San Francisco Chronicle 2010-12-02

Lawmakers from some agricultural states say they will vote against food-safety bill because of amendment that exempts small, local farms from some regulations

By Elizabeth Weise

USA Today 2010-12-03

Diverting funds from food stamp program to child nutrition bill and to states looking to avoid teacher layoffs largely negates increase provided by 2009 economic stimulus plan

CNN 2010-12-02

Food security, marine diversity at stake as rapidly increasing acidification of oceans shrinks minerals needed for skeletons of shellfish, coral; 1 billion humas rely on fish as protein source

By Matthew Knight

CNN 2010-12-02

Judge orders uprooting of hundreds of acres of genetically modified sugar-beet plants in Arizona, Oregon; Monsanto says it will appeal

By Scott Kilman and Bill Tomson

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-12-01

New food safety bill would require about $1.4 billion in additional spending over next five years, mostly at FDA; agency had total budget of less than $3.3 billion in past fiscal year

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2010-11-30

At charter school near Chicago, parking lot is becoming classroom-sized greenhouse, green-roofed chicken coop, and garden, the produce from which is used in school's kitchen

By Ari LeVaux

The Atlantic 2010-11-30

House may block food safety bill because Senate Democrats violated constitutional provision requiring that tax provisions originate in House; next session of Congress could start from scratch

By John Stanton

Roll Call 2010-11-30

Senate food safety bill doesn't sort out overlapping jurisdictions among FDA, other federal agencies; new bill doesn't cover meat, poultry and eggs because USDA regulates them

By Les Blumenthal

McClatchy Newspapers; The Miami Herald 2010-11-30

Push to promote sustainable palm oil from Western consumers becoming test case for green consumerism, could sway Nestle, others, and future of rainforests in Asia, Africa

By Fred Pearce

Yale Environment 360; Reuters 2010-11-29

House OKs $4.6 billion to settle claims by black farmers, allegations of American Indians; $562 million from feeding program for mothers, babies will help finance payment

By James Rowley and Alan Bjerga

Bloomberg Businessweek 2010-11-30

Opinion: For true advancements in food safety - unlike the bill that just passed the Senate - use inspections to help employees become more successful and to solve problems

By Aubrey C. Daniels

The Washington Post 2010-11-30

Opinion: Presenting local food as economic engine is more persuasive than values choice; the right casts food as class-war weapon, pleasing fast-food industry, which is big donor to GOP

By Brent Cunningham and Jane Black

The Washington Post 2010-11-27

China's government pushes farmers to plant, produce many more vegetables in the coming months to tackle a key component of recent surge in food prices

By Chuin-Wei Yap

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-11-25

In test of aromas that arouse men, all had some effect, but pumpkin aromas - plain, with lavender and with doughnuts won; odors may activate direct path from olfactory bulb to pleasure centers of brain

By Jim Hickey

ABC News 2010-11-24

San Francisco board overrides mayor's veto; Happy Meals and other fast food with toys now must meet new nutritional standards or else be removed from menus

By Michael Martinez

CNN 2010-11-23

Opinion: FDA food safety bill, scheduled for Senate vote, only expands ineffective bureaucracy, offers no common-sense reforms; free market drives innovation, safety

By Tom Coburn

USA Today 2010-11-22

Reducing rates of diabetes, high blood pressure by 5 percent could save U.S. $9 billion a year; reduction in conditions related to those ills would save $24.7 billion, study shows

By Robert Preidt

American Public Health Association 2010-11-22

Corn-based ethanol support wasn't good policy, says former VP Gore; subsidies reached $7.7 billion last year and industry will use 41 percent of the U.S. corn crop this year

By Gerard Wynn

Reuters 2010-11-22

Tests of water, air, soil; analysis of pesticides; interviews rule out toxic waste dump as cause of birth defects in Kettleman City, a poor Central California farming community

By Louis Sahagun

Los Angeles Times 2010-11-23

Food continues to function as definitive marker of social status; as distance between rich and poor continues to grow, freshest, most nutritious foods have become luxuries

By Lisa Miller

Newsweek 2010-11-22

5 myths about hunger in U.S.: No one goes hungry in America, ending malnourishment is merely a humanitarian concern, children are only ones who go hungry, the food that America wastes could feed everybody, hunger is about food

By Robert Egger

The Washington Post 2010-11-21

Opinion: Gap between food we grow and number of people who experience personal calamity of hunger - Alabama is No. 1 - is appalling; reducing it should be one of our goals

The editors

The Anniston Star (AL) 2010-11-20

South African government's efforts to redress apartheid by buying farms from white owners and giving them to blacks with little experience in farming has failed, stirred racial tensions

By Robyn Dixon

Los Angeles Times 2010-11-21

Houston businessman to pay $15 million to settle allegations of selling old potato flakes, salad dressing, produce, peanut butter, lobster, hamburger to U.S. military for combat troops

By P.J. Huffstutter and Andrew Blankstein

Los Angeles Times 2010-11-20

British beekeepers' group ends controversial practice of taking cash for endorsing leading chemical manufacturers whose products killed bees

By Alison Benjamin

The Guardian (UK) 2010-11-16

In landmark deal, tomato lobby, Florida farmworkers' group agree to raise in pickers' wages, working conditions; industry hopes deal will play well with buy-local supporters

By Laura Wides-Munoz

The Associated Press; ABC News 2010-11-16

Opinion: Contrary to implication of NYT story, USDA funds to support Dairy Management are for opening foreign markets to U.S. dairy, not for domestic marketing of cheese surplus

By James E. McWilliams

The Atlantic 2010-11-17

Opinion: Dems, GOP can find common ground by making budget cuts at USDA, which has spent millions persuading Americans to eat more cheese after subsidies yielded too much milk

The editors

The Fresno Bee 2010-11-12

Unilever plans to halve environmental footprint of its products and source all agricultural raw materials sustainably over the next decade; water reduction is key part of plan

By Elaine Watson Decision News Media 2010-11-15

Opinion: Lame-duck Congress needs to approve child nutrition bill and House food safety bill that would significantly strengthen FDA ability to combat food-borne illnesses

The editors

The New York Times 2010-11-16

Despite our stated aim to stop illegal immigration, our inconsistent laws, policies and attitudes say otherwise, so farmers get cheap labor, illegals get jobs, shoppers get low food prices

By Chris Collins

The Fresno Bee 2010-11-14

Foundation wants USDA to align ag, health policy, and spend more on fruits, vegetables (currently 9.8 percent), less on meats plus grains that feed livestock (about 72 percent total)

By Marion Nestle

The Atlantic 2010-11-12

Incoming legislators' vow to cut spending brings farm subsidies into focus - they have brought money and jobs to districts, benefited some GOP lawmakers, families

By Mary Clare Jalonick

The Associated Press; 2010-11-14

United Nations asks for $164 million donation to bring in additional water-purification equipment, doctors, medicines to fight cholera epidemic in Haiti

By Frank Jordans

The Associated Press; The Washington Post 2010-11-12

Analysis: Elections show families' struggles for food, shelter and growing impatience for action; showing benefits of local, regional food systems critical to securing policy advances

Community Food Security Coalition 2010-11-10

Opinion: To wield power responsibly, conservatives must recall that post-Depression social welfare programs provided civic stability so people could buy food, pay rent, sustain economy

By David Frum

The New York Times 2010-11-14

Threat of jail to muckrocker blogger after state mistakenly released information detailing SNAP recipients' buying patterns was misunderstanding, says Massachusetts governor's office

By Jonathan Saltzman

The Boston Globe 2010-11-12

Fast-food lobbyists fight L.A. plan to tighten restrictions on allowing new eateries in obesity-prone areas by arguing that McDonald's, Burger King bring jobs, opportunities to disadvantaged people

By Sharon Bernstein

Los Angeles Times 2010-11-11

To reach appropriate weight, eat less, move more; lifelong change requires healthy relationship with food - not eating only Twinkies or taking a pill, experts agree

By Madison Park

CNN 2010-11-12

San Francisco mayor vetoes legislation prohibiting toy giveaway with fast-food meals that don't meet nutritional standards, but board has votes sufficient to override

By Rachel Gordon

San Francisco Chronicle 2010-11-13

With current tab for Type 2 diabetes at $174 billion annually, many who have developed the disease often deplete their savings by co-pays, medicines not covered by Medicare

By Walecia Konrad

The New York Times 2010-11-11

Analysis: Draft deficit commission report is opinion of two guys; any serious plan will spend about 98 percent of its time on health care, since it's our only real spending problem

By Kevin Drum

Mother Jones 2010-11-10

Tyson, Syntroleum now making diesel and jet fuel from chicken fat, beef tallow but, like other alternative energy projects, say their new venture needs tax break restored to survive

By Jeffrey Ball

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-11-08

Cholera epidemic death toll reaches 583 across Haiti; health officials expect tens of thousands more infections from tainted drinking water in next few years

BBC 2010-11-09

288,000 eggs from Ohio farm recalled over salmonella fears in latest high-profile woe for nation's food-safety system

By P.J. Huffstutter

Los Angeles Times 2010-11-09

Spurred by diabetes epidemic, fewer transplants, better cardiac care, dialysis becomes lifeline for many, but treatment often compromised by sanitation woes, inadequate staffing

By Robin Fields

Propublica 2010-11-09

E. coli can live for weeks around roots of produce plants and transfer to edible portions, but threat can be minimized if growers don't harvest too soon, study shows

By Brian Wallheimer

Science Daily; Purdue University 2010-11-04

Nonstick and water-repellent chemicals used to line fast food wrappers, microwave popcorn bags shown to migrate into food, taint blood with PFCAs

By Kim Luke

ScienceDaily; University of Toronto 2010-11-09

Oil from BP leak in Gulf of Mexico that disappeared was eaten, and made its way up the food chain to fish, whales, researchers learn; study did not look for toxicity in food web

By Campbell Robertson

The New York Times 2010-11-08

Fast-food industry has increased ads aimed at children, study shows; of 3,039 likely meal combinations, 12 met nutrition standards for preschoolers, 15 met criteria for older children

By Jeannine Stein

Los Angeles Times 2010-11-08

Walmart says it wants to improve soil quality, conserve water and fossil fuels and sell more locally grown food; farmers wary of company's power to force changes without pay

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2010-11-07

As U.S. mulls paying drug makers to develop antibiotics, critics urge conserving effectiveness of existing antibiotics by banning their unnecessary use in livestock, people

By Andrew Pollack

The New York Times 2010-11-05

Urged on by feds' warnings about saturated fat, Americans have been moving toward low-fat milk for decades, yet USDA program pushes extra cheese in fast food

By Michael Moss

The New York Times 2010-11-06

Prices rise for grain-based food - from livestock to pasta - largely in chain reaction to growing demand for meat in China, India; drought, speculative trading also factors

By Julie Jargon and Ilan Brat

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-11-03

Analysis: Voters stay course on California's nation-leading green-economy march; law will engage businesses, government and individuals with rules that will touch everyday life

By Joel Makower

Greener World Media; Reuters 2010-11-03

Lame duck Congress may take up Child Nutrition Act sponsored by outgoing Senator Blanche Lincoln; at issue is $2.2 billion in funding for bill from food stamps cuts

By Alyson Klein

Education Week 2010-11-01

Kirsten Gillibrand retains NY Senate seat; as member of Senate Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee, she backs improving child nutrition, school lunches, food safety

Poughkeepsie Journal 2010-11-02

Del Monte Fresh Cut Green Beans leads list of processed and fresh foods in BPA content, scientists find in analysis of foods; toxin linked to heart disease, diabetes, reproductive ills

By Eryn Brown

Los Angeles Times 2010-11-02

Republican majority in House may cool interest in food safety initiatives; Frank Lucas, new Ag Committee chair, has degree in Ag Economics, represents wide band of Ag interests

By Dan Flynn

Food Safety News 2010-11-03

Washington state voters repeal Initiative 1107, which taxed soda, candy, gum, bottled water and certain processed foods

By Tracy Ellis (Bellingham, WA) 2010-11-03

After elections, Debbie Stabenow of Michigan in line to succeed Blanche Lincoln as Senate Ag chairman; Oklahoma Republican Frank Lucas expected to be new chair in House

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2010-11-02

Nestle, other firms take advantage of confusing regulations that allow food to be marketed as medicine or to be sold on dubious health claims, risking FDA, FTC attention

By Dan Mitchell

Fortune; CNN 2010-10-27

Citing obesity epidemic, prominent physicians take out ad in The New York Times asking why Congress subsidizes corn starch but not cauliflower

By Mike Lillis

The Hill 2010-10-26

Nutritional education system so politically influenced that it is ineffective, critics charge as government prepares to unveil its new Dietary Guidelines for Americans

By Jane Black

The Washington Post 2010-10-02

Monsanto paying farmers to increase number of herbicides they're using to help fight Roundup-resistant superweeds that developed in soy, corn, cotton fields

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2010-10-19

Despite problem of herbicide-resistant weeds in crop fields, there are no plans to restrict farmers' use of biotech crops linked to problem

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2010-10-09

Tainted beef from Spain caused failed drug test, says Alberto Contador, Tour de France winner; clenbuterol enhances muscle growth in livestock but is banned in U.S., Europe

By Juliet Macur

The New York Times 2010-10-01

$150 million proposed to aid farmers in Chesapeake Bay watershed in effort to restore oysters, crab population; state's $70 billion farm, forestry industry critical of EPA plans

The Associated Press; The Wall Street Journal. (subscription may be required) 2010-09-30

In Arkansas, farmers complain about federal spending, health care reform and Blanche Lincoln, even though she is in position to help them as chair of Senate ag committee

By Campbell Robertson

The New York Times 2010-10-01

As the Senate left town for campaign trail, Harry Reid, majority leader, moved to proceed in November on bipartisan food safety bill; 60 votes will be needed

CQ Politics 2010-09-30

As wealthy at Sotheby's bid on turnips and tomatoes to benefit anti-hunger groups, Americans order fries and ignore limp and dying produce in their refrigerators at home

By Kim Severson

The New York Times 2010-09-25

Annual cost of being obese is $4,879 for a woman and $2,646 for a man; price tag may help policymakers weigh value of spending to prevent and fight obesity, says economist

By Lauran Neergaard

The Associated Press; The News Tribune (Tacoma, WA) 2010-09-20

Concerns grow over food-stamp funding of child nutrition bill; expert predicts that cuts to SNAP would increase poverty and obesity as recipients buy cheaper, calorie-dense food

By Robert Pear

The New York Times 2010-09-23

House leaders taking less generous Senate version of child nutrition bill to floor; anti-hunger groups oppose paying for measure by ending temporary boost in food stamps

CQ Politics 2010-09-23

Costs not calculated in consumer price of meat, other animal products include health, food safety, tax dollars to corn, soy farmers, environment, farm consolidation, animal welfare

By Monica Eng

Chicago Tribune 2010-09-23

Tight Senate calendar, stubborn senator from Oklahoma and unusual coalition of left- and right-wing advocates for small farmers stall food safety bill

By Gardiner Harris

The New York Times 2010-09-18

Blackwater, through company owned by owner/founder, offered infiltration of activist groups to Monsanto; biotech firm paid Total Intelligence $127,000 in 2008, $105,000 in 2009, documents show

By Jeremy Scahill

The Nation. 2010-09-15

PepsiCo aims to jump-start Gatorade sales by aiming for teen customers through tweets, Facebook and other social media

By Valerie Bauerlein

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-09-13

D.C.-aimed television ad targets McDonald's, links fast food to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks, heart disease, death in nation's capital

By Julie Jargon

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-09-14

Administration keeps election-year vow to embattled senator Blanche Lincoln, distributes $630 million in aid for farmers from USDA fund often used to supplement nutrition programs

By Mary Clare Jalonick

The Associated Press; The Washington Post 2010-09-15

Nutrition in infancy - and affluence - helped males grow taller, stronger and develop higher testosterone levels as adults, but also may lead to early puberty, study shows

By David Biello

Scientific American 2010-09-14

San Francisco supervisors OK alcohol fee to help cover costs to care for inebriants, but mayor vows veto; fee idea has drawn wrath of alcohol, hospitality industries

By Rachel Gordon

San Francisco Chronicle 2010-09-15

Opinion: Process surrounding AquaBounty GE salmon illustrates FDA's perverted process; study flaws include small sample size, non-random samples, setting detection limits too high

By Tom Laskawy

Grist 2010-09-14

Industrial farming, supplier consolidation, hen-starving and egg-pooling at restaurants, food-service companies, all cited as causes for increase in salmonella incidence

By David Brown

The Washington Post 2010-09-14

Food industry withholds information, forces agencies to withdraw or modify policy or action designed to increase food safety, survey shows

By Christopher Doering

Reuters 2013-09-13

Assuming that food chain stays healthy - a major question - Gulf Coast may have avoided worst of BP oil leak; dead zone from agricultural runoff to Mississippi River holding at size of New Jersey

By Leslie Kaufman and Shaila Dewan

The New York Times 2010-09-13

Oklahoma senator, citing burgeoning federal budget, set to block passage of sweeping food safety overhaul that House approved more than a year ago

By Meredith Shiner

Politico 2010-09-14

Increasing fears over obesity links to high-fructose corn syrup drive sales down; manufacturers respond by petitioning to change name of product to corn sugar

By Emily Fredrix

The Associated Press; The Washington Post 2010-09-15

Hershey, with its 42.5 percent share of US chocolate market, isn't doing enough to ensure sustainability, elimination of child trafficking and labor in its cocoa purchasing, group says

By Jane Byrne News Media 2010-09-15

Mars, Hershey battle for credit on DNA sequencing of cocoa tree that could quintuple output; 70 percent of crop grown in West Africa, and supports several million small farmers

By Andrew Pollack

The New York Times 2010-09-15

EPA asks Halliburton Co., others, to disclose lists of chemicals they use in fracking for natural gas for study on potential threats to drinking water

By Jim Efstathiou Jr. 2010-09-09

In Nutrient Density to Climate Impact index, milk wins over bottled carbonated water, soy drink, soft drink, orange juice, beer, red wine, oat drink

By Jess Halliday News Media 2010-08-30

Group sues USDA, challenging agency's recent decision to allow planting of Monsanto's genetically altered sugar beet seeds after court ruling banned farmers from planting them

By P.J. Huffstutter

Los Angeles Times 2010-09-09

France, with obesity levels similar to those of US in the 1970s, continues prevention programs; three part attack includes centers for medical care, research and prevention

By Mildrade Cherfils

GlobalPost 2010-09-08

Opinion: With concerns about rising food prices and rumors of hoarding, UN group could help protect food security by brokering agreement not to impose export controls

The editors

The New York Times 2010-09-12

Opinion: Current system of food safety is wasteful, ineffecient; one agency should oversee food safety; advertising US agriculture should fall under another agency altogether

The editors

Los Angeles Times 2010-09-11

Opinion: Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act is opportunity to use school lunch to address both hunger, obesity problems; we can find funding when it's a priority - and now is the time

By José Andrés

The Atlantic 2010-09-09

Cook County Jail garden grows produce for Charlie Trotter's, The Publican restaurants, helps inmates find peace, patience, cuts recidivism from 50 percent to 13.8 percent since 2008

By Kevin Pang

Chicago Tribune 2010-09-09

Despite legal, ethical, safety questions, foraged food finds favor with California chefs and their customers, who begin to see plants around them in a new light

By Janny Hu

San Francisco Chronicle 2010-07-15

7-Eleven bids for Iowa-based Casey's, which operates a chain of convenience stores in Midwest

By Gina Chon

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-09-09

Opinion: With next farm bill, it's time to prevent giant meatpackers from owning animals before time for slaughter, to restore open markets and let small farmers back into game

The editors

The New York Times 2010-09-08

Floods in central Africa after successive years of drought and failed harvests push more than 10 million toward brink of famine, relief organizations say

By John Collins Rudolf

The New York Times 2010-09-07

With 2010 on track to be deadliest year yet for illegal immigrants dying from thirst in Arizona desert, Samaritans leaving jugs of water and retrieving empties face arrests for littering

By Adam Cohen

Time magazine 2010-09-08

After years of winks at employees working off books or with false documents, immigration enforcement sends fear through $550-billion restaurant industry; employers feel forced into detective role

By Sarah Kershaw

The New York Times 2010-09-07

School meals have begun transformation, but all involved agree that turning this battleship requires commitment, money, will to make it happen

By Jane Dornbusch

The Boston Globe 2010-09-01

Teens who sleep less than 8 hours a night are more likely to eat high-fat diet, study shows; sleep-deprived teens ate more snacks, more total calories too

By Ellin Holohan

Bloomberg; Business Week 2010-09-01

Adding fuel to meat safety debate, public health officials link ground beef to illnesses from a rare strain of E. coli; likely source was Cargill, which recalled 8,500 pounds of hamburger

By William Neuman

The New York Times 2010-09-02

Shoppers Food Warehouse execs, Maryland senator indicted in bribery scheme; in separate case, grocery agrees to pay $2.5 million penalty

Federal Bureau of Investigation 2010-09-01

Number of Americans receiving food stamps rose to record 41.3 million in June as jobless rate hovered near 27-year high

By Alan Bjerga 2010-09-02

Spike in food prices triggers deadly riots in Mozambique, threatens Egypt's ruling regime's ability to provide masses with cheap bread; spurs demonstration threat in Serbia

The Associated Press; Fox News 2010-09-02

Analysis: Evolution of potash, phosphate, nitrogen to hunted, strategic commodities illustrates growing links between globalization, demographics, agriculture, food security

By Javier Blas and Leslie Hook

Financial Times (London) (may require registration) 2010-08-27

Opinion: Brazil's agriculture system, underpinned by research, capital-intensive large farms, openness to trade, new techniques is worthy of study in face of slow-motion food crisis

The Economist 2010-08-26

Russians respond to slashed harvest forecasts by stocking up on staples; president says there are no grounds for rising food prices, orders agencies to monitor for gouging

By Lyubov Pronina and Ilya Arkhipov 2010-09-02

Cook for America instructors teach school cafeteria workers how to serve nugget-free, tasty, budget-minded foods - pork roasts, chicken, vegetables and casseroles

By Mary MacVean

Los Angeles Times 2010-08-26

Opinion: If fish can be bred commercially and marine life can be saved through scientific technique, it will help stave off food-scarcity crisis larger than any we have known

By Josh Ozersky

Time magazine 2010-09-01

11 people, 6 corporations indicted in conspiracy to smuggle $40 million of Chinese honey into US; officials say documents were altered and labels changed

By Jeff Coen

Chicago Tribune 2010-09-01

Mushroom seekers in steep, damp slopes of Italian mountains are abandoning safety procedures, donning camouflage, hunting in darkness and secret; 17 have died in 9 days

Reuters; Los Angeles Times 2010-09-02

Opinion: Industrial meat, egg factories excel at manufacturing cheap food, but evidence shows model is economically viable only because it passes on health costs to public

By Nicholas D. Kristof

The New York Times 2010-09-02

Washington wheat growers, fearful that Japan won't buy Monsanto's GM wheat, may start new petition drive seeking labeling of any GM foods sold in US

By Dan Wheat

Capital Press 2010-08-26

Safety of drinking water, stigma spur public protests against underground storage plan for CO2 waste from coal-fired power plants in Germany

By Jessica Donath

Der Spiegel 2010-08-20

Exports of grain, meats lead agriculture sector in otherwise lingering recession; US farmers to ship $107.5 billion in products as other countries struggle with drought, heat

By William Neuman

The New York Times 2010-09-01

California-sponsored program greatly reduces salmonella in hen houses but adds pennies to egg costs; regulatory confusion, public's desire for cheap eggs undermine safety efforts

By P.J. Huffstutter

Los Angeles Times 2010-09-01

Opinion: Industrial agriculture has reduced cost of food but at steep cost to public health, as salmonella outbreak shows; lawmakers must resist Big Ag to pass food safety bill

The editors

Los Angeles Times 2010-09-01

Federal investigators find manure piles, live mice, pigeons, other birds inside Iowa hen houses at egg farms suspected in salmonella outbreak; farms had never been inspected

By Lyndsey Layton

The Washington Post 2010-08-31

Ohio ag chief says farm animal care accord brokered by state's agricultural interests, Humane Society through governor is "non-binding"

Feedstuffs 2010-08-26

Hunger, disease plague Pakistan's flood survivors; disaster has killed at least 1,643, displaced 6 million, done billions of damage to agriculture, infrastructure

By Zeeshan Haider

Reuters 2010-08-29

Opinion: With US slaughterhouses poised to kill more than 10 billion animals in 2011, concern grows over health, environmental woes of handling the inedible 60 percent of each cow

By James E. McWilliams

The Atlantic 2010-08-11

Opinion: Volatility in grain prices caused by drought, flood plus population growth and emerging grain diseases - if this is pattern, or glimpse of future, it's worrying

The editors

The New York Times 2010-08-27

Opinion: Biotech salmon is just starter protein in GM food revolution, but before using Frankenfish label, note that there are few aspects of food industry that remain "natural"

By Robin McKie

The Guardian (UK) 2010-08-27

In era of continuing specialization in school curricula, lessons on basic cooking skills - making a pot of soup, setting the table, baking a cake - get left behind

By Amy Scattergood

Los Angeles Times 2010-08-26

$1 million in grants to go to high-poverty schools for starting community gardens that teach about gardening, nutrition and provide produce for school meals, students' families

By Nanci Hellmich

USA Today 2010-08-25

Opinion: Senate, balking at cost of House food safety bill, must weigh inspections' price against 5,000 annual deaths, $152 billion annual costs of food-borne ills, and adopt bill

The editors

The Philadelphia Inquirer 2010-08-26

Government shifting payments from farm subsidies to nutrition programs, conservation, broadband; Republican lawmaker decries influence of environmentalists, "foodies"

By Alan Bjerga 2010-08-26

FDA to begin what could be 18-month approval process for genetically modified salmon - first engineered animal destined for consumption by humans

By Barb Kiser 2010-08-26

Opinion: With her plan to pay Arkansas farmers retroactive disaster assistance - with the most money going to the richest - Blanche Lincoln is example of spending problem

The editors

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-08-27

Meat processing giant Cargill says multi-million dollar scheme to overhaul its waste water system at Australia slaughterhouse could slash facility's carbon footprint by 17 percent

By Rory Harrington News Media 2010-08-27

Russia may suspend poultry imports on salmonella fears; news comes after US exporters switched to non-chlorine disinfectant to comply with country's food safety standards

By Aleksandras Budrys

Reuters 2010-08-27

Big food companies spend millions of dollars lobbying lawmakers on pending legislation regarding child nutrition, water, pesticides, food safety, recycling, BPA, immigration

By Laurel Curran

Food Safety News 2010-08-11

Senate's refusal to pass food-safety bill has hampered recall of 600 million eggs linked to salmonella outbreak that has sickened nearly 2,000, experts and lawmakers say

By Meredith Shiner

Politico 2010-08-24

Opinion: Beyond Blanche Lincoln's back-door plan to nearly double Arkansas agriculture subsidies is funding source: raiding Section 32, used for feeding needy children

The editors

The Washington Post 2010-08-25

Without labor of illegal immigrants, food in US would cost "three, four, or five times more," which is why we need comprehensive immigration reform, says USDA head

By Roger Simon

Politico 2010-08-25

Egg prices increase 38 percent on continuing news of salmonella-linked recall

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2010-08-24

Short period of binge eating - on a cruise, first few weeks of dorm life - can cause long-lasting changes in body fat composition, higher LDL cholesterol, researchers say

By Shari Roan

Los Angeles Times 2010-08-25

Absence of mandatory salmonella vaccine for hens - which has virtually eliminated illness in Britain and would cost less than a penny per dozen eggs - weakens FDA safety rules, experts say

By William Neuman

The New York Times 2010-08-24

Chicago, Walgreens partner to bring fresh produce to city's food deserts; redesigned store will also sell frozen meat and fish, pasta, rice, beans, eggs, whole-grain cereals

By John Byrne

Chicago Tribune 2010-08-11

USDA allows two-month sugar imports increase after sugar users lobby over predicted shortage; it's sugar users vs farmers in long-running battle over federal sugar supports

By Carolyn Cui and Bill Tomson

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-08-21

After judge bans planting of Monsanto's genetically modified sugar beets, which supply half of nation's sugar, growers fret over availability of conventional seed varieties

By Michael J. Crumb

The Associated Press; The Washington Post 2010-08-20

New EPA strategy for Clean Water Act focuses on agriculture, stormwater runoff, habitat, hydrology and landscape modifications, municipal wastewater

By Ben Geman

The Hill 2010-08-20

Analysis: As Mexico battles weather-related losses on sugar cane, it doubles consumption of high-fructose corn syrup, buoying industry that battles negative image in US

By Mica Rosenberg

Reuters; 2010-08-23

FDA head says agency hasn't had authority to help prevent outbreaks like the 1,000-plus cases of salmonella poisoning linked to eggs from two Iowa farms

By Mary Clare Jalonick

The Associated Press; The Boston Globe 2010-08-24

Treating potatoes with ultrasound could improve their antioxidant activity by up to 60 percent, researchers say; plants create antioxidants in response to pests, disease, drought

By Mike Stones News Media 2010-08-24

In Australia, Monsanto's patent applications for enhancement of meat, including pork with omega-3s, spur debate over ethics, legalities of claiming intellectual property over food

By Anna Salleh

Australian Broadcasting Corporation 2010-08-19

A look inside Trader Joe's, a hot retailer whose presence in town brings with it good jobs and affirmation that you and neighbors are worldly, smart

By Beth Kowitt

Fortune; CNN 2010-08-23

Farm behind about a thousand salmonella cases, recall of more than half a billion eggs fell short on safety, FDA says

By Don Lemon, Sandra Endo and Matt Smith

CNN 2010-08-22

Opinion: Home cooking, storage account for 32 percent of all energy use in food system; energy budget spent on modern farming is one of wisest energy investments we can make

By Stephen Budiansky

The New York Times 2010-08-19

Only coal, with its air and water pollution problems, exists in sufficient quantity to meet accelerating global demand for electricity, but diverse opposition against industry grows

By Frank Dohmen, Alexander Jung and Wieland Wagner

Der Spiegel 2010-07-22

Equalizing food pricing, food access, stress reduction and better food choices at workplace said critical in obesity fight; IBM spends double on medical claims for obese

By Natasha Singer

The New York Times 2010-08-22

Slaughterhouse that would kill 16,000 hogs daily divides Illinois community over environment, odors, lowered property values, hundreds of jobs, $16 million in tax breaks

By Monica Eng

Chicago Tribune 2010-08-16

As former customers pack PB&J, number of restaurants operating nationwide dropped this year for first time in more than a decade; almost all that closed were independently owned

By Sharon Bernstein

Los Angeles Times 2010-08-21

More research links pesticides to ADHD; 40 organophosphate pesticides are registered in US, with at least 73 million pounds used each year in agricultural, residential settings

By Thomas H. Maugh II

Los Angeles Times 2010-08-19

Opinion: A look at New York City's vanished school gardens of the past could offer instruction for resisting pressures of population, development today

By Daniel Bowman Simon

The Huffington Post 2010-08-20

Large food distributor adds "local" icon to online ordering system in response to growing popularity of local, regional food sourcing

Trading Markets 2010-08-11

Obesity in mice caused in part by gut bacteria, say researchers; mice with bacteria from obese mice ate more, developed metabolic syndrome; antibiotics can prevent syndrome

By Sarah P. Williams

HHMI Bulletin 2010-08-10

In aggressive bet that developing economies will drive up demand for global food supply, world's largest mining company makes bid for potash fertilizer producer

By Anupreeta Das, Scott Kilman and Liam Pleven

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-08-18

Oil has become toxic to marine organisms at base of food chain - bacteria, phytoplankton - in section of Gulf that supports spawning grounds of commercially important fish

By Sara Kennedy

McClatchy Newspapers; Los Angeles Times 2010-08-18

Arthritis may be linked to nutrition deficits in womb, early childhood, moose researchers note; one theory posits that nutrition may amplify or jump-start responsible genes

By Pam Belluck

The New York Times 2010-08-16

Russia launches probe after Twitter campaign notes potential destruction of Pavlovsk, world's oldest seed bank; scientists starved rather than eat seeds during siege of Leningrad

By John Vidal

The Guardian (UK) 2010-08-16

Mexico targets pork, apples, oranges for tariffs, escalating dispute over US ban on its truckers operating north of border; Obama could end ban, but unions, some Democrats oppose move

By Josh Mitchell and Paul Kiernan

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-08-17

McDonald's shareholders vote against proposal to buy at least 5 percent of fast-food chain's eggs from cage-free suppliers; board had recommended voting no

By Ken Anderson

Brownfield 2010-08-16

After EPA tells eight Iowa cattle operations to apply for federal regulatory permits and cease discharges into streams, agriculture reporter asks about financial burden

By Ken Anderson

Brownfield 2010-08-16

Political instability from lack of clean water, cholera threat, looming food shortages, price spikes, missed planting season among concerns over Pakistan's flooding disaster

By Adam B. Ellick

The New York Times 2010-08-16

With half of US sugar derived from genetically modified sugar beets, judge's ruling against GM crops creates uncertainty for sugar-dependent food companies

By Scott Kilman

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-08-16

Opinion: Global architecture for policies on agriculture, food overdue; food, nutrition security should figure prominently at G20 summit, UN conference on millennium goals

By Joachim von Braun

Financial Times (London) (may require registration) 2010-08-09

Judge revokes USDA's OK of GE sugar beets, citing inadequate assessment of consequences of transferring traits to other sugar beets, related Swiss chard, table beets

By Andrew Pollack

The New York Times 2010-08-13

Folgers, Dunkin' Donuts, Millstone coffee prices to rise 9 percent after harsh weather in Central America, Colombia and with BP oil leak portending higher transit costs

By Cynthia Lin

MarketWatch 2010-08-03

Two types of transgenic canola found growing freely and have bred in North Dakota; scientists say discovery highlights lack of proper monitoring, control of GM crops

By Natasha Gilbert

Nature News 2010-08-06

North Korea offers to pay debt to Czech Republic in ginseng, a root reputed to enhance stamina, have anti-cancer function, improve insulin sensitivity, but Czechs prefer zinc News Media 2010-08-11

Floods, wildfires, landslides, drought, extreme heat cause human catastrophes, plague agricultural sectors in globally diverse spots

By Madelene Pearson 2010-08-10

Opinion: Impact of public health felt most clearly in absence of negative consequences - good quality of food, water, for example- which reduces awareness of its vital functions

By David Tuller

California Magazine 2010-07-01

Mountain-top mining more damaging than urbanization on local water quality, stream composition, researchers learn

By Natasha Gilbert

Nature News 2010-08-09

Rising temperatures projected to slow production of rice, world's most important crop for ensuring food security for 3 billion people, addressing poverty, study says

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 2010-08-09

India's political decision on how to feed its vast numbers of poor will very likely determine whether it becomes global economic power

By Jim Yardley

The New York Times 2010-08-09

Obesity, environmental chemicals may be catalysts for earlier puberty in girls, researchers say

By Denise Grady

The New York Times 2010-08-09

Opinion: If Congress lacks guts to meet vital needs with deficit financing, it should have decency to chisel some less-humane program than food stamps

The editors

The New York Times 2010-08-06

Methyl iodide, subbing for ozone-depleting methyl bromide as strawberry pesticide, may risk workers' health, California lawmaker says in asking EPA to reconsider 2007 approval

By Carolyn Lochhead

San Francisco Chronicle 2010-08-04

Deficiency in alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3) plus chronic excess of linoleic acid (omega-6) may lead to inherited obesity; Western diet has increased more than 250 percent in levels of omega-6 intake, dropped omega-3 by 40 percent in 40 years

By Nathan Gray News Media 2010-08-06

Diet has dominant role in shaping gut bacteria and may be a cause of chronic disease, obesity, results of study indicate

By Caroline Scott-Thomas News Media 2010-08-06

Sodium, excess of which raises risk for diet-related disease, lurks in processed and restaurant foods; to cut intake, eat fresh produce instead, consume smaller portions

By Betsy McKay

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-08-03

Drought in Russia, extra rain in Canada, locusts in Australia fuel worries of global wheat shortage; prices now match those of 2008, when low supplies fueled food crisis, riots

By Liam Pleven and Tom Polansek

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-08-03

Opinion: As Senate cuts SNAP (with every $1 spent creating $1.70 of economic activity) by $6.7 billion to get less Medicaid, teacher funding than needed, pols push tax cuts for rich

By Ezra Klein

The Washington Post 2010-07-30

Opinion: In Child Nutrition Bill before Congress, our country has major opportunity to make our schools and our children healthier, one too important to let pass by

By Michelle Obama

The Washington Post 2010-08-02

Pig farmers, accustomed to administering antibiotics for fast growth, disease prevention, battle proposed reduction in use; at issue is growing antibiotic resistance in humans

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2010-08-01

Breeders in Switzerland, Britain import semen, embryos from cloned animals or progeny from U.S.; products from such techniques are believed to be on supermarket shelves

By James Kanter

The New York Times 2010-07-29

Kellogg cereal recall hints at huge gaps in government's knowledge about risks of the 80,000 chemicals in everyday products, from food to furniture to clothing

By Lyndsey Layton

The Washington Post 2010-08-02

Farmers, impoverished rural residents pay for China's breakneck economic boom with water and air pollution, livestock ills, increasing levels of human disease

By Jonathan Watts

The Guardian (UK) 2010-06-07

Length, breadth and depth of Great Recession downsizes expectations, pushes new frugality, caution across nation in spending, borrowing

Pew Research Center 2010-07-23

Citing seasonal nature of work and perishable crops, California governor sides with farmers and vetoes farmworkers overtime bill

By Marisa Lagos

San Francisco Chronicle 2010-07-29

Spread of superweeds, legacy of herbicide-resistant genetically modified seeds, shows need to regulate biotech, and to protect farming environment, House panel told

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2010-07-28

Gulf of Mexico, like no other American body of water, bears environmental consequences of country's economic pursuits and appetites, including oil, corn

By Campbell Robertson

The New York Times 2010-07-30

Opinion: Increase in health literacy crucial; reducing infant mortality is laudable, but if we fail to teach healthy eating habits, kids will develop diabetes

By George “Chip” Morris

Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI) 2010-07-24

UK waste review suggests ban on dumping biodegradable - food - waste in landfills, construction of community incinerators, emissions of which concern environmentalists

By Louise Gray

Telegraph (UK) 2010-07-30

Agricultural speculators return to big bets on wheat, coffee, rice, soybeans; prices no longer determined by supply and demand, but by investment banks, hedge funds

By Susanne Amann and Alexander Jung

Der Spiegel 2010-07-29

Researchers warn that global decline in phytoplankton, a carbon sink and first part of marine food chain, will further reduce depleted fish stocks, could speed warming

By Markus Becker

Der Spiegel 2010-07-29

Perdue, Tyson, Pilgrim's Pride fight over whether injections of salt, water maintain "natural" label on chickens; USDA promises new proposed rules

By Juliana Barbassa

The Associated Press; 2010-07-30

Regular consumption of calcium supplements increases risk of heart attack by about 30 percent, analysis of 15 studies involving 12,000 people suggests

By Nathan Gray News Media 2010-07-30

Regulators still discovering veins of pollution in groundwater, soil at abandoned chemical factory above Potomac Aquifer, a drinking water source for Delaware

By Jeff Montgomery

The News Journal (DE) 2010-07-25

Tainted groundwater, legacy of Delaware's petrochemical complexes, reaches Potomac Aquifer, which supplies drinking water for those in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey

By Jeff Montgomery

The News Journal 2010-07-25

Group representing GM crop farmers in U.S. urges sanctions against EU for its moratorium on new biotech; many Europeans concerned over safety of technology

By Doug Palmer

Reuters 2010-07-27

Furor erupts over provision in energy bill requiring disclosure of chemicals used in fracking for natural gas; process currently is mostly exempt from Safe Drinking Water Act

CQ Politics 2010-07-28

California's patchwork regulatory efforts leave drinking water tainted by nitrates, the byproduct of nitrogen-based fertilizer, manure, wastewater treatment plants, septic tanks

By Julia Scott

San Francisco Chronicle 2010-05-17

Fashion for screw-cap wines undermines renewable cork forest management strategy, could lead to extinction of rarest wildcats and loss of 100,000 jobs, experts say

By Louise Gray

Telegraph (UK) 2010-07-16

Federal judge denies bid by Eastern Shore farmers, Perdue to dismiss Chesapeake Bay tributary pollution lawsuit - the first to target Maryland's chicken industry

By Timothy B. Wheeler

The Baltimore Sun 2010-07-23

USDA researchers exploring cinnamon, other spices for beneficial effects on insulin levels, related functions

By Mike Stones News Media 2010-07-23

Opinion: Lacking in diet-related disease talk is time-focus model, where public, stakeholders engage along with policy makers every few years to renew, reform programs

By Marc Ambinder

The Atlantic 2010-07-23

General David Petraeus may rescind McChrystal order that booted 57 eateries and shops - among them Burger King, Pizza Hut and Subway - on U.S. bases in Afghanistan

By Karen Jowers

Army Times 2010-07-24

Regulators, guns drawn, raid organic grocer, seize raw milk in latest salvo against consumers who eschew industrialized food sector with its legacy of food-borne illnesses

By P.J. Huffstutter

Los Angeles Times 2010-07-25

Opinion: Food safety legislation seeks protection for weakest and restraint on unchecked corporate power; no one should lose a child because Senate lacks will, leadership

By Eric Schlosser

The New York Times 2010-07-24

Support of Russia as WTO member should be contingent on it dropping import ban of U.S. cooked beef patties, says lawmaker representing Nebraska and its cattle industry

By Adrian Smith 2010-07-22

In Pennsylvania, epicenter of battle over fracking for natural gas, EPA hears stories of yellowed and foul-smelling well water, deformed livestock, poisoned fish, itchy skin

By Tom Zeller Jr.

The New York Times 2010-07-23

Sugar-heavy cereals continues to rule kids' TV as industry opposes effort to limit ads targeting children and regulators disagree on approach

By William Neuman

The New York Times 2010-07-23

Sodexo agrees to pay $20 million over claims that it pocketed rebates from big food firms rather than returning them to public school clients

By Eileen Buckley

WBFO-88.7 2010-07-21

Hospitals push to limit antibiotic use in livestock, pledge to improve quality, sustainability of food served; sector spends $9.6 billion on food and drink annually

By Monica Eng

Chicago Tribune 2010-07-18

Laid-off land surveyor catches world-record catfish - 130 pounds - in Missouri River

By John Auble 2010-07-20

Democrats quarrel over BPA amendment, stalling bill that would give FDA power to recall tainted food, quarantine geographic areas and access food producers' records

By Julian Pecquet

The Hill 2010-07-19

Opinion: Union's sly want-ad for dirty, hard work at low pay focuses on immigration reform and effort to legalize undocumented farm laborers, meatpackers, poultry pluckers

The editors

The New York Times 2010-07-16

Heat wave in Russia wilts 24 million acres of crops - and agricultural revival just reaching its stride after years of efforts

By Andrew E. Kramer

The New York Times 2010-07-19

Shortage of phosphate, necessary for plant growth, key component in DNA, looms but researcher sees abundance in compost, livestock and human manure, municipal waste

BusinessGreen/The Guardian (UK) 2010-07-14

Opinion: Nation's 8 million acres of public rangeland should be regulated according to intensive grazing principles to turn grasslands verdant and to increase soil health

By Sara Rubin

The Atlantic 2010-06-22

California boosts enforcement of rules for $1.1 billion organic industry in effort to catch those looking to skip costly, lengthy certification

By Robin Hindery

The Associated Press; Los Angeles Times 2010-07-09

Opinion: Policies that protect our health are fully American - when a bottle of soda costs less than a bag of oranges, we can't experience our full range of choices

By Larry Cohen

The Huffington Post 2010-07-08

Judge throws out $2.3 million award to six Nicaraguan men in suit against Dole; banana workers' case had become political movement in poverty-stricken country

By Victoria Kim

Los Angeles Times 2010-07-16

Opinion: Food security comes through revitalized food economy, but Wal-Mart, with its low wages and food desert strategy, is more about free public money

By Eric Holt Gimenez

The Huffington Post 2010-07-14

Food aid policy designed to nurture, subsidize nation's shipping industry under the guise of humanitarian assistance is doing neither effectively, Cornell study shows

IRIN: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs 2010-07-16

High blood levels of vitamin D, sunshine vitamin, may cut risk of developing Parkinson's disease by 67 per cent, says study

By Stephen Daniells News Media 2010-07-13

Opinion: Behavioral economics has its limits - with obesity, we focus on food labeling rather than mustering political will to change relative price of healthful, unhealthful foods

By George Loewenstein and Peter Ubel

The New York Times 2010-07-15

Lawmaker's bill could raise billions to fund child nutrition and anti-obesity initiatives by preventing junk food, fast food companies from writing off ads targeted to kids

By Lucia Graves

The Huffington Post 2010-07-12

Scientists gather information on microbes that infuse us, linking some to obesity, others to reduced incidence of autoimmune disease in children who live on farms

By Carl Zimmer

The New York Times 2010-07-13

More, but smaller, farms generated greater national net income in times of drastically less government support, USDA data show

By Emmeline Zhao

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-07-13

Competing interests - jobs, drinking water safety, water depletion - push Delaware River group to reconsider rules on fracking; drilling firm names chemicals it uses

By Geoff Mulvhill and Marc Levy

The Associated Press; Chicago Tribune 2010-07-14

Lawmaker asks FDA to answer questions about BP oil spill and how it could infiltrate marine ecosystem with arsenic and affect our food chain

By Matt Viser

The Boston Globe 2010-07-13

Hedonic or homeostatic? Scientists use brain imaging to understand how lure of food can overrule body's mechanisms that regulate hunger, satiety

By Melinda Beck

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-07-13

Opinion: Requiring animals, including animals that produce or become food, to be treated decently while alive ennobles animals and us

By Adam Cohen

Time magazine 2010-07-14

Methane-rich Hudson Canyon, off coast of New York, swarms with tuna, swordfish, monkfish, tilefish, red crabs - and now scientists

By William J. Broad

The New York Times 2010-07-12

Opinion: We need class war to halt subsidies, tax breaks for agribusiness disguised as family farms; Obama's export plan will mostly benefit the likes of ADM

By Ross Douthat

The New York Times 2010-07-12

Three variables will determine effects of climate change legislation on farm sector - production costs, biofuel sector, land use - says USDA study

USDA 2010-07-01

Ohio governor brokers deal between Humane Society, state Farm Bureau that keeps animal welfare bill off the ballot

By Alan Johnson

The Columbus Dispatch 2010-07-01

India needs $30 billion to revolutionize food processing sector, and support economic growth, urbanization, study shows

By Rory Harrington News Media 2010-07-06

Opinion/blog: Let's create a new award at Cannes for not advertising to children

By Alex Bugosky

alexbogusky's posterous 2010-06-24

"This should scare the pants off employers," says researcher, warning of obesity trends, resulting rise in diet-related disease, health care costs in future work force

By John Richardson

The Portland Press Herald 2010-07-09

Regular family meals, plenty of vegetables keep children at healthier weight, according to study probing relationship between children's weight, diet patterns

Reuters 2010-07-08

EPA nears completion of test wells where Wyoming residents suspect chemicals used in fracking for natural gas have contaminated drinking water

By Mead Gruver

The Associated Press; The Washington Post 2010-07-06

Sugar, salt, livestock lobbies complain about new dietary guidelines, saying ideology, not science, is behind urgings to eat "only moderate" servings

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2010-07-09

Opinion: Farm labor isn't for everyone, but it should be honored work, with decent wages and working conditions; farm workers feed the nation

By Douglass Adair

Los Angeles Times 2010-07-10

Obesity, a major risk factor in adult acid reflux disease, also increases risk in children, study shows

By Salynn Boyles

WebMd News 2010-07-09

Obama's focus on trade spotlights NAFTA-violating ban on Mexican trucks operating inside U.S. and resulting punitive tariffs on $2.4 billion in American potatoes, wine

By Elizabeth Williamson

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-07-09

Soda tax would cut obesity rates because small decrease in calorie intake would reclassify many slightly overweight or obese people, USDA says

By Jane Black

The Washington Post 2010-07-08

Dispute over hoop houses in Wordsworth country has been transformed into a battle for the British strawberry, a 60,000-pound staple at Wimbledon

By Jamie Doward

The Guardian (UK) 2010-07-04

McDonald's fights criticism of placing toys in children's meals; in 2006, fast-food restaurants sold 1.2 billion-plus such meals to little kids

By Monica Eng and Alejandra Cancino

Chicago Tribune 2010-07-08

DNA retrieved from discarded slice of pizza led Los Angeles police to suspect in Grim Sleeper serial killings

By Maura Dolan, Joel Rubin, Hector Becerra, Andrew Blankstein, Richard Winton and Robert Faturechi

Los Angeles Times 2010-07-07

Officials quarantine beef cattle on Pennsylvania farm after waste water from fracked gas well leaked into their pasture

By Nicholas Kusnetz

ProPublica 2010-07-02

Best control method for invasive, predatory lionfish is saute pan, federal officials, chefs, spear fishermen and seafood distributors say

By Juliet Eilperin

The Washington Post 2010-07-07

Production of corn-based ethanol, resulting dead zone in Gulf of Mexico rivals ecological damage of BP Deepwater oil leak

By Carolyn Lochhead

San Francisco Chronicle 2010-07-06

Despite hopes of local-food advocates, administration continues to cycle vast public funds to conventional growers, which then go to big seed and chemical firms, and on to agribusiness as cheap grain

By Heather Rogers

The American Prospect 2010-07-06

In Chicago, retailing giant Wal-Mart sends warning to competitors and beverage companies alike with bold $5-per-case price for Coca-Cola

By Julie Wernau

Chicago Tribune 2010-07-04

Despite reports of Roundup-resistant weeds with Monsanto's GM crops, U.S. farmers continue increase in acreage of biotech corn, soybeans

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2010-07-02

Corn surplus of 1.6 billion bushels from last year's wet-harvested crop drives sales of moisture monitors and requires expensive drying cycles in grain elevators

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2010-06-27

Opinion: Photo of deep-dish pizza, Illinois' most bad-for-your food with 40 grams of fat per serving, made us want to take a bite of computer screen

The editors

Chicago Tribune 2010-07-02

Research shows that our decisions, behavior are swayed by stimuli - cup of hot coffee at car dealer, ads linking soda with good times - beyond immediate comprehension

By Eben Harrell

Time magazine 2010-07-02

Analysis: Agriculture's nitrogen addiction costly to kick, but researchers say that it, along with climate change, biodiversity loss threaten future habitability of Earth

By Fred Pearce

Yale Environment 360 2009-05-11

With its 350-farmer Heritage Agriculture project and 6 percent of its produce now grown in the same state it's sold, Wal-Mart hones its shop-local strategies

By Kelly MacNeil

National Public Radio/Morning Edition 2010-06-18

Water taint, environmental woes, human health problems trail natural gas fracking, which takes 3-8 million gallons of water per well and is used in 90 percent of wells

By Christopher Bateman

Vanity Fair 2010-06-21

Opinion: New health care law, with prevention panel, could turn current "sick care" system into one that helps keep people healthy

By John Seffrin, Larry Hausner and Nancy Brown

Politico 2010-06-15

Russia's ban of chicken imports over chlorine wash used by US processors creates surplus of dark meat leg quarters; USDA buys some for school meals, food banks

By Roberta Rampton

Reuters 2010-06-15

House panel votes to ease restrictions on sale of commodities to Cuba, travel there; bill supported by business and farming groups

By Yeganeh June Torbati

The New York Times 2010-06-30

Opinion: San Francisco supervisor's "charge for harm" alcohol fee bill focuses on serious problem, targets $15 million in annual costs, and could make difference

By C.W. Nevius

San Francisco Chronicle 2010-07-01

As corn-based ethanol booms, worries grow over water use, pollution

By Erica Gies

The New York Times 2010-06-24

Bluefin tuna - all tuna - are living representation of ocean's limits; their global decline warns us that we might destroy our last wild food

By Paul Greenberg

The New York Times 2010-06-21

Citing untenable delay, environmental group sues FDA to force ban on controversial chemical BPA in food and beverage packaging

By Elana Schor

Greenwire/The New York Times 2010-06-29

Agricultural research must broaden past production, integrate other disciplines, consider water, air pollution concerns, federal advisory group says

By David Mercer

The Associated Press; Deseret News 2010-06-29

Flavor of comforting, nostalgic fruits from European gardens - rhubarb, cherry, red currant, plum, quince - lead juice concept developments in UK

Food Navigator/Decision News Media 2010-06-30

USDA's proposed new rules for meatpacking horrify big meat, poultry lobbies, which say low prices are result of economy of scale, not unfair practices

The Economist 2010-06-24

Fears over dwindling fish stocks, risk of pollutants from oily fish push BASF, Monsanto exploration of omega-3s in rapeseed, soybeans, other sources

By Stephen Daniells News Media 2008-12-19

Chemical giant BASF buys Cognis, gaining foothold in human nutrition market, access to raw materials

By Shane Starling News Media 2010-06-23

Government makes $250 million available for preventive health care programs, including those targeting behavior, obesity, fitness

UPI 2010-06-23

FDA mulls OK of first GE animal that people would eat - salmon that can grow at twice the normal rate; labeling debate grows

By Andrew Pollack

The New York Times 2010-06-25

Eat more vegetables, whole grains, less fatty meats, salt and sugar, says dietary panel

By Eliza Gray

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-06-16

Opinion: To curb obesity epidemic, limit ads from companies selling high-fat, high-salt, high-sugar products - and subsidize vegetables, not corn

By David Lazarus

Los Angeles Times 2010-06-29

FDA urges farmers to use less antibiotics in livestock to preserve their effectiveness in humans

By Lyndsey Layton

The Washington Post 2010-06-29

Wheat glut, abundant corn and soybean crops will keep food prices low, but will hike government's cost for farm subsidies, could ignite trade fights

By Scott Kilman

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-06-21

Opinion: Food giants' health messages lost to World Cup spectators as they trot from sofa to fridge

By Jess Halliday

Decision News/ 2010-06-14

Lawmaker urges $8 billion more funding over 10 years for child nutrition programs, including school meals, farm-to-school programs, new standards for cafeteria workers

By Jane Black

The Washington Post 2010-06-10

Exploding obesity rates, need for funds to repair earthquake damage give rise to unpopular talk of taxing junk food, warnings on fatty foods in Chile

By Pascale Bonnefoy

Global Post 2010-06-04

Hugo Chávez declares war on private sector as food shortages, inflation grow in Venezuela and after discovery of rotting food imported last year and never distributed

The Economist 2010-06-10

Comedian pokes fun after Iowa lawmaker suggests cleaning oil leak with beer-making equipment, corn cobs, "microscopic things" that eat oil and produce methane

By Jennifer Jacobs

The Des Moines Register 2010-06-12

Opinion: "Functional foods," particularly in baby formula, are about marketing, not health, and should be boycotted

By Marion Nestle

The Atlantic 2010-06-11

Opinion: As oil fouls Gulf at rate of one Exxon Valdez every week, BP's responsibility for havoc on one of most productive ecosystems on planet - and many thousands of livelihoods - is only issue

The editors

The New York Times 2010-06-12

Terroir-true Alsatian winemakers, scientists square off over whether genetically modified grape vines could protect against vigor-sucking fanleaf virus

By Edward Cody

The Washington Post 2010-06-12

Opinion: Food is elite preoccupation in West, but majority of truly undernourished people - 62 percent, in either Africa or South Asia - live the organic, local way and it doesn't work

By Robert Paarlberg

Foreign Policy 2010-05-01

Amish farmers' practices endanger Chesapeake with manure runoff, EPA says

By Sindya N. Bhanoo

The New York Times 2010-06-08

Son of former Agriprocessors head found not guilty on all child labor charges at family's now-defunct slaughterhouse in Iowa

By Jens Krogstad

The Des Moines Register 2010-06-07

Canisters pulled up by clam fishermen off New York coast cause blistering, difficulty breathing; canisters dumped back into ocean

By Rodrique Ngowi

The Associated Press; San Francisco Chronicle 2010-06-07

Rising rates of obesity contribute to more birth defects, more deaths for moms, babies and record-high rates of Caesareans, evidence suggests

By Anemona Hartocollis

The New York Times 2010-06-05

Nutrition programs among those that Gates Foundation will support with $1.5 billion over next five years

By Denise Grady

The New York Times 2010-06-07

China's decline in numbers of youthful workers and their growing sophistication at protesting working conditions may signal demise of cheap prices

By Keith B. Richburg

The Washington Post 2010-06-07

Women farmers - chief nurturers in families and responsible for up to 80 percent of food in developing countries - are untapped solution to reform, says USDA official

By Josh Rogin

Foreign Policy 2010-05-20

Milk from grass-fed cows more heart-healthy than grain-fed variety; benefits could extend to prevention of cancer, diabetes, researcher says

By Lynne Peeples

Reuters 2010-05-28

Despite challenges of poor funding and inadequate equipment, D.C.'s top chefs adopt schools to improve food served to children

By Jane Black

The Washington Post 2010-06-04

Farm-country banks optimistic on loan portfolios since commodity prices have stabilized, production costs are down and global demand for crops is recovering

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2010-06-03

EPA proposes that about 35,000 large-scale pesticide applicators be required to file for permits to protect water

By Leslie Kaufman

The New York Times 2010-06-03

Citing unprecedented economic, social and environmental devastation of BP oil leak, lawmaker calls for sweeping energy legislation

By Meredith Shiner

Politico 2010-06-03

Opinion: Report's omission of potent methane, nitrous oxide emissions in organic agriculture provides opportunity to think beyond us vs. them

By James E. McWilliams

The New York Times 2010-06-02

Clause in Clean Water Act could open BP to civil fines of up to $4,300 for every barrel leaked into Gulf, experts say

By Rebekah Kebede

Reuters 2010-05-26

Child labor - picking strawberries at ages 7, 8 in Florida, blueberries at age 7 in Michigan, picking peas in Virginia at age 8 - though often legal, draws scrutiny

Human Rights Watch 2010-05-05

As FDA mulls antibiotic rules, ethanol industry frets over residue left in distillers grains, a lucrative byproduct of industry and major source of feed for beef, dairy cattle

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2010-05-30

BP request for tax records poses problem for many involved in off-the-books Gulf harvesting of shrimp, crabs, oysters and fish

By Louis Sahagun

Los Angeles Times 2010-05-30

Processed food industry using "delay and divert" strategy to defend salt, its low-cost way to create tastes, textures that work with fat and sugar to achieve flavors that grip consumers and do not let go

By Michael Moss

The New York Times 2010-05-30

Opinion: As dispersants and oil mix in Gulf, shrimp, zooplankton, phytoplankton are first to experience internal bleeding - and toxins intensify as they move up the food chain

By Susan D. Shaw

The New York Times 2010-05-30

Discovery of another vast oil plume renews fears that oil could taint food chain, reach beloved sport-fish like red snapper

By David A. Fahrenthold and Juliet Eilperin

The Washington Post 2010-05-28

In effort to prevent overfishing, extinction of sharks, Hawaii bans shark fins

By Audrey McAvoy

The Associated Press; The Washington Post 2010-05-28

PBS site provides gas pump-style meter to tally on oil leaked into the Gulf of Mexico

By Chris Amico and Vanessa Dennis

PBS 2010-05-09

Latest e. coli outbreak - from less famous, yet virulent strain comprising "big six" - spurs reassessment of food safety law

By William Neuman

The New York Times 2010-05-26

Temperature-sensitive bacteria found on plants may be part of malleable ecosystem that seeds precipitation and could be affected by crop variety, overgrazing, logging or warming

By Jim Robbins

The New York Times 2010-05-25

ConAgra hopes to turn sweet potato from holiday casserole to multibillion-dollar franchise by tweaking shape, sugar content

By Ilan Brat

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-05-23

In farm states, growing concern over theft of anhydrous ammonia fertilizer, which is used as a catalyst in the making of methamphetamine

By Dave Russell

Purdue University 2010-05-21

Cheesecake Factory employees in D.C. charged in theft of patrons' credit card numbers

By Josh White

The Washington Post 2010-05-24

Sales of coconut water, a "recovery" drink, top $50 million; Coke and PepsiCo invest

By Joe Karandy

Time magazine 2010-05-31

Outreach to farmers, transparency reflects revolution at Cargill, the world's largest grain trader, and attempt to show company's usefulness

By Javier Blas and Gregory Meyer

Financial Times (London) (may require registration) 2010-05-19

Loop current may pick up BP oil, tainting coastal waters up to Cape Hatteras, N.C.; officials close more of gulf to fishing

By Jeffrey Ball and Corey Dade

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-05-19

Researchers find link between ADHD, organophosphate pesticides used on commercially grown fruits, vegetables; researcher recommends buying organic

By Sarah Klein 2010-05-17

USDA raises ground beef standards for school meals to that of fast-food eateries

By Elizabeth Weise

USA Today 2010-05-15

Dow-funded study warns of dioxin in beef, vegetables raised in Michigan's Tittabawassee floodplain; elevated levels in people linger after 10 years

By Eartha Jane Melzer

The Michigan Messenger 0000-05-11

Opinion: Free-range livestock face predators, insect pests and more parasites than confined animals dosed with antibiotics

By James E. McWilliams

The Atlantic 2010-05-10

Radioactive water from oldest US nuclear plant reaches NJ drinking water aquifer; pipe leaks were found days after plant granted new 20-year license in 2009

By Wayne Parry

The Associated Press; The Philadelphia Inquirer 2010-05-07

Rare strain of e. coli blamed in 29 illnesses; outbreak tied to romaine lettuce served in restaurants, school cafeterias and deli and supermarket salad bars

By William Neuman

The New York Times 2010-05-07

D.C. Council OKs "gold standard" for school meals, minus strict calorie standards below USDA minimum; soda tax might foot bill

By Tim Craig

The Washington Post 2010-05-05

Citing water safety, EPA issues rules for toxin-laden coal ash but hasn't decided whether byproduct of coal-fired power plants is hazardous waste or household garbage

By Shaila Dewan

The New York Times 2010-05-04

Confirming suspicions, in-house watchdog finds significant weakness in FDA's domestic inspections program of food plants

By Barry Shlachter

Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, TX) 2010-05-01

University of Nebraska to create center for analysis relating to use of water for agriculture

University of Nebraska 2010-04-20

Ethanol industry spins oil spill to its benefit but critics point to dead zone in Gulf from fertilizer runoff and its support for offshore drilling for natural gas used to make fertilizer

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2010-05-05

Give preference to organic food, microwave in glass containers and not plastic, check for radon levels in home, cancer panel says

By Nicholas D. Kristof

The New York Times 2010-05-06

Oyster, red snapper, menhaden (used for fish oil and fertilizer) quantities may fall because of oil spill; 83 percent of seafood in U.S. is imported

By Elizabeth Weise

USA Today 2010-05-04

Chicago authorities arrest 168 fugitives through USDA applications for food stamps

The Associated Press; NBC 2010-05-03

Site of oil spill is home to threatened and endangered species, and is temporary home for the eggs of dozens of species of fish and shellfish along food chain

By Leslie Kaufman

The New York Times 2010-05-05

Ex-tomato magnate pleads not guilty to antitrust charges; case is part of far-reaching governmental scrutiny of country's food sector

By P.J. Huffstutter

Los Angeles Times 2010-05-05

Opinion: How next UK government handles farming and environment policy, role of food in public health, and industry-business links crucial for healthy food sector, healthy population

By Jess Halliday News Media 2010-05-04

Farmers' overuse of weedkiller Roundup has led to infestation of tenacious new superweeds that could temper enthusiasm for GM crops

By Willam Neuman and Andrew Pollack

The New York Times 2010-05-04

Industrial beef, pork, poultry groups tell lawmakers to end, not extend ethanol subsidies, due to expire at end of 2010

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2010-04-29

Processed carbohydrates, not fat, more likely to cause diet-related disease, analysis of studies shows, but will Dietary Guidelines reflect new data?

By Melinda Wenner Moyer

Scientific American 2010-05-01

Idaho agriculture contingent - fruit growers, wine makers, and dairy producers - urge lawmakers to reform immigration, guest worker program to ensure steady flow of farm labor

By Brad Iverson-Long

Idaho Reporter 2010-05-01

Industrial agriculture conference attendees urged to unite in message against Humane Society, which is winning ballot measures on animal treatment

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2010-05-01

University of Nebraska receives gift to create centerfor research, education, policy analysis relating to use of water for agriculture

University of Nebraska 2010-04-20

To avoid listeria, lethal to fetus, pregnant women advised not to eat processed meat products, smoked seafood, soft cheeses, or foods containing raw or unpasteurized milk

By Marion Nestle

San Francisco Chronicle 2010-03-14

Opinion: Sugar lobby to blame for overly sweet school meals and snacks; children will eat healthier foods when served them

By Marion Nestle

San Francisco Chronicle 2010-05-02

Feds probe whether major meatpackers illegally or unfairly driving down cattle prices; sweeping antitrust rules expected this spring

By Nate Jenkins

The Associated Press; Los Angeles Times 2010-05-03

Opinion: Atrazine, common corn weedkiller, under attack from activists with ideas of making farming more expensive so land is retired to "nature"

The editors

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-05-03

UK water companies accused putting oyster eaters at risk by dumping raw sewage - source of norovirus - into waterways

By Jon Ungoed-Thomas

The Times (UK) 2010-05-02

House bill would smooth way for cash agricultural sales to Cuba already allowed under previous reforms; ease could lead to more sales, more jobs for U.S., official says

By Doug Palmer

Reuters; The Washington Post 2010-04-29

Restaurateur, others turn attention to supporting subsistence fishermen along coast as seafood lobby notes that oil taint isn't yet reality

By Liz Robbins

The New York Times 2010-05-01

As gushing oil threatens Gulf Coast fishing and seafood industry, fishermen work furiously to harvest ahead of contamination

By Steven Gray

Time magazine 2010-05-02

Mainstream sentiment in U.S. against high-fructose corn syrup pushes manufacturers into reformulating common products; sales of sweetener jump in Mexico

By Melanie Warner

The New York Times 2010-04-30

Water-rationing program and its uneven pipe pressure caused water main breaks around LA last year, report says

By David Zahniser and Phil Willon

Los Angeles Times 2010-04-13

As BP's oil disaster threatens $2.4 billion Gulf fishing industry, catchy slogan, "Drill, baby, drill" becomes "Spill, baby, spill"

By Bryan Walsh

Time magazine 2010-04-30

Fragile Gulf Coast wetlands - nurseries for fish and shrimp, bird habitats - and seafood industries recovering from Katrina at risk from BP's broadening oil spill

By David Ferrara and Guy Busby

Press-Register (Mobile, AL) 2010-04-28

With broader action deadlocked, compromise sought on commercial whaling with plans of quota, international observers for Japan, Iceland, Norway

By Bryan Walsh

Time magazine 2010-04-23

Senate struggles over how to regulate small and organic growers without ruining them while upping food safety, but ignores industrial animal industry where food pathogens breed

By Carolyn Lochhead

San Francisco Chronicle 2010-04-25

After hundreds of interviews, researchers create Food Policy Blueprint, a Google-Earth view of how food is produced, consumed in Colorado

By Kristen Browning-Blas

The Denver Post 2010-03-08

Climate changes poses threat of heart disease, contamination of water, seafood tainting, bug-borne sickness, federal agencies report

By Randolph E. Schmid

The Associated Press; The Guardian 2010-04-24

Former residents of Illinois town develop serious illnesses in middle age, suspect link to illegal toxic dump used by Kraft Foods, Mobil Oil, others in '70s

By Joel Hood

Chicago Tribune 2010-04-25

Revolution Foods finds growing business - and challenge - in offering fresh meals, not refined processed items, at school cafeteria prices

By Douglas McGray

Time magazine 2010-04-26

Opinion: Beyond accord that requires U.S. to pay $147.3 million in subsidies to Brazilian cotton growers, negotiators also agree to ease restrictions on Brazilian beef

By Michael Grunwald

Time magazine 2010-04-09

Rotting corn, alfalfa, almond shells - cow feed - not manure or cow emissions, may be to blame for high ozone levels in largest dairy production region in U.S., study indicates

By Tracie Cone

The Associated Press; Chicago Tribune 2010-04-22

Government does more to promote global acceptance of biotech crops and companion glyphosate weedkiller than to protect public from possible harmful consequences, experts say

By Carey Gillam

Reuters 2010-04-13

European Commission asks how ash from volcano could affect food safety and animal health

By Guy Montague-Jones News Media 2010-04-22

Citing obesity epidemic as emerging national security threat, retired military officers urge Congress to fund, support better school meals

By Mary Clare Jalonick

The Associated Press; The Washington Post 2010-04-20

Researchers create tool for better assessing impact on water use of decisions made up and down industrial supply chain, similar to cost or carbon footprint

By Henry Fountain

The New York Times 2010-04-19

Citing report that finds most Americans consume dangerous levels of sodium, lawmakers urge speed in setting limits for processed food industry

By Lyndsey Layton

The Washington Post 2010-04-21

Dairy industry, globally, produces 4 percent of greenhouse emissions, UN report says

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 2010-04-20

Nestle challenged by stockholder on its marketing of formula to new mothers - this time on health claims on packaging

By Lorraine Heller News Media 2010-04-21

Environmental concerns stop plans for 8,100-cow dairy farm in UK, but developers vow to return, and to "do whatever is best for the cows"

By Guy Montague-Jones News Media 2010-04-14

Recession-weary fast-food outlets see beef prices rise earlier than anticipated; cheese, wheat stay low

By Paul Ziobro

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-04-14

Florida subdivision residents lose homes to sinkholes after farmers drain aquifers in bid to save strawberry crops from cold snap

By Barry Newman

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-04-19

Nestlé head says biofuels, not its food products using palm oil are to blame for deforestation; supplier Cargill says it wants answers from world's largest producer

By Jane Byrne News Media 2010-04-19

Opinion: Congress should pass Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act, which would ban industrial farms from antibiotics important to human health

By Donald Kennedy

The New York Times 2010-04-17

Big insurance companies own billions in stock of five largest fast-food companies; researchers point to "disconnect"

By Sarah Klein

CNN 2010-04-15

Nonpartisan pork watchdog group cites lawmakers for $693,000 in beef improvement research; $2.6 million in potato probe

CNN 2010-04-14

Michael Moss and members of The New York Times staff win Pulitzer Prize in the explanatory category, for contaminated meat and food safety series

By Claire Oh

Columbia University News 2010-04-12

Seafood harvesters, eaters pay price for fertilizer/agricultural pollution flowing out of Midwest into Gulf of Mexico's "dead zone"

By Krista Hozyash

Rodale Institute 2009-11-18

Opinion: Biggest bang for our taxpayer dollars is childhood obesity prevention; Let's Move starts process of making children's food healthier

By David Wallinga, M.D.

The Huffington Post 2010-04-09

Opinion: With child obesity growing three times faster than adult obesity, problem is nothing short of child abuse and it needs broad-based interventions

By Susan Dentzer

Health Affairs 2010-03-04

Despite evidence of drought causing sun-baked riverbeds and dry wells, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam blame China's dam projects

By Thomas Fuller

The New York Times 2010-04-01

Adequate vitamin D intake in German citizens could save country $51 billion in medical costs, study says

By Stephen Daniells News Media 2010-04-02

Plastics chemicals increasingly scrutinized for links to disease; EPA has required testing for only about 200 of the 83,000 in inventory and restricted only five

By Bryan Walsh

Time magazine 2010-04-01

California salmon fishermen, citing $2.8 billion in lost revenue and 23,000 jobs, square off against farmers over water diversion

By Carolyn Jones

San Francisco Chronicle 2010-04-02

Beef trade group joins coal, mining interests in asking federal appeals court to review EPA policy on timing of regulating greenhouse gases

By Robin Bravender

Greenwire; The New York Times 2010-04-05

Nonprofit to prod companies to report their water use in fashion similar to carbon emissions

By Todd Woody

The New York Times 2010-04-06

Opinion: Maryland legislators' threat over university law clinic's aid in pollution suit against an Eastern Shore chicken farm should never have been made

The editors

The Washington Post 2010-04-09

Water utilities raising rates as water use falls from slow economy

By Clarke Canfield

The Associated Press; USA Today 2010-04-05

FDA inspections of food plants, enforcement down; agency blames inadequate staffing, resources

By Lyndsey Layton

The Washington Post 2010-04-07

Opinion: Tax junk food to provide school health education under Michigan Model for healthier kids, savings in medical costs

By Lotus Yu

Detroit Free Press 2010-04-05

Opinion: Child nutrition bill is health care issue because better school meals for millions of children is preventive medicine at its best

The editors

The New York Times 2010-04-04

As Thailand prospers, its cultural love of sugar sparks diabetes epidemic

By Patrick Winn

GlobalPost 2010-04-07

Opinion: With food and beverage marketers spending $2 billion a year to reach children, we need FTC as cop on beat of wayward marketers

By Katrina vanden Heuvel

The Washington Post 2010-04-06

Opinion: Bipartisan duo offers alternative to Waxman-Markey kludge in 40-page cap-and-cash bill that leaves worst carbon polluters paying

By Bill McKibben

The New Republic 2010-04-05

As law students, through schools' legal clinics, take on powerful interests - for example Perdue in Maryland - they face attacks in courts, legislatures

By Ian Urbina

The New York Times 2010-04-03

Opinion: Evidence of industry's attempt to induce addictive behavior with continuous access to enticing junk food bait - and resulting obesity ills of Americans - requires broad-based shift in attitudes

The editors

USA Today 2010-03-31

Opinion: Schools should allow students to take uneaten apples, oranges from their lunches for eating later

The editors

Chicago Tribune 2010-03-29

Angry coalition of high school students asks Chicago school board to provide better school meals

By Monica Eng

Chicago Tribune 2010-03-23

Best weapon against norovirus, with its severe symptoms, is deep cleaning with bleach solution

By Tara Parker-Pope

The New York Times 2010-04-01

Electric utilities lobby furiously against new EPA rules on coal ash, which is spread on crop fields and leaks cancer-causing toxins into drinking water

By Jeff Goodell

Rolling Stone 2010-03-17

House passes bill on harmful algal blooms, which can be caused by runoff of agricultural fertilizers heavy in nitrogen, phosphorous

CQ Politics 2010-03-12

House passes bill on harmful algal blooms, which can be caused by runoff of agricultural fertilizers heavy in nitrogen, phosphorous

CQ Politics 2010-03-12

Agricultural biotech firms may be affected by judge's ruling that invalidates genetic patents; Supreme Court has chance to set new standards on what is patentable in upcoming Bilski case

By Andrew Pollack

The New York Times 2010-03-30

Opinion: Limp regulations on toxins, corporate secrecy on internal safety data leave consumers closer to Wild West than nanny state

By David Leonhardt

The New York Times 2010-03-30

Opinion: Bees, other pollinators can't keep up with our appetite for apples, avocados; pollination-dependent agriculture has increased by 300 percent in 50 years

By Marcelo Aizen and Lawrence Harder

The New York Times 2010-03-24

As emphasis grows on food sourcing, FDA faces more pressure to combat fraud

By Lyndsey Layton

The Washington Post 2010-03-30

EPA designates BPA, an endocrine disruptor found in linings of most food and beverage cans, as "chemical of concern"

By Meg Kissinger

Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI) 2010-03-30

Opinion: Maryland lawmakers need to stop coddling drunk drivers and require interlock devices in cars of all first-time offenders

The editors

The Washington Post 2010-03-30

Opinion: Forcing higher premiums on those who overeat oversimplifies complex issue that includes social status, income, family dynamics, education, genetics

By Sandeep Jauhar, M.D.

The New York Times 2010-03-29

University of Victoria administration bulldozes students' unsanctioned edible gardens after midnight, vows that campus security will "deal with" planned efforts to replant

CBC News 2010-03-26

Trader Joe's vows to sell only sustainably sourced seafood by end of 2012

By Jane Black

The Washington Post 2010-03-29

Government curious why milk prices are low for producers when price in stores is holding steady, farmers told

By Carolyn Thompson

The Associated Press; Chicago Tribune 2010-03-29

Researchers urge creation of global food reserve to stabilize prices

By Rudy Ruitenberg 2010-03-29

New Jersey high school links gardening to physical education for credit, benefit to community

By Jared Flesher

The New York Times 2010-03-26

Nanotech's promise - and addition to food products - comes with little federal regulation, no labeling despite growing number of studies expressing safety concerns

By Andrew Schneider

AOL News 2010-03-24

EPA proposes to block West Virginia mountaintop removal mine that it says would bury seven streams

By David A. Fahrenthold

The Washington Post 2010-03-27

As Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution" shows, subject is political - from soda taxes to corn subsidies, it's about health care costs, environmentalism, education, agriculture, class, culture

By James Poniewozik

Time magazine 2010-04-05

Bart Hoebel, senior researcher on study that links high-fructose corn syrup to obesity in rats, parries criticisms of nutrition professor

By Jennifer LaRue Huget

The Washington Post 2010-03-26

Essay: After five days' hunting, boom of .270 Winchester downs a doe, brings extreme joy, grief and gratitude for gift of meat

By Betty Fussell

The New York Times 2010-03-28

Lawmakers move to fund school meal improvements by cutting anti-pollution programs rather than crop subsidies linked to obesity epidemic

By Carolyn Lochhead

San Francisco Chronicle 2010-03-25

Children who bring lunch from home less likely to be overweight, study shows

By Charlene Laino

WebMd News 2010-03-24

European paper industry probes significance of safety concerns over leaching of mineral oils into foods from recycled paper and cardboard packaging

By Rory Harrington News Media 2010-03-22

Opinion: Nestlé's PR disaster over palm oil sourcing shows that food companies must ensure transparent, socially responsible supply chains to prevent consumer backlash

By Jane Byrne News Media 2010-03-22

Georgetown Hospital in D.C. joins 29 other health-care institutions in pledge to supply sustainable foods, less meat

By Martha Thomas

The Washington Post 2010-03-23

Overfishing, destruction of habitat, dams, water pollution put sturgeon on path to extinction

NRC Handelsblad (Netherlands) 2010-03-24

New health law requires chain eateries to post nutrition information on menus, drive-through signs, vending-machine fare

By Stephanie Rosenbloom

The New York Times 2010-03-24

Chicago public schools revamp nutritional standards of meals to add dark green or orange vegetables, whole grains, generally meeting Institute of Medicine standards

By Monica Eng

Chicago Tribune 2010-03-23

Conservation delegates vote to protect only porbeagle sharks, leaving declining populations of seven others vulnerable to fishing

By Juliet Eilperin

The Washington Post 2010-03-24

Biology of weight gain could be key to slimming our collective waistline, if scientists can use knowledge to create treatments

By Alice Park

Time magazine 2010-03-23

UN specialists will re-examine contribution of meat production to climate change after researcher says 2006 report exaggerated link

By Richard Black

BBC News 2010-03-24

EPA to tighten rules on chemicals in drinking water, ability to police contaminants

By Charles Duhigg

The New York Times 2010-03-23

See also 

Maryland, to protect species whose ranks have declined by 99 percent, plays tense game of hide-and-seek with watermen who catch oysters illegally

By David A. Fahrenthold

The Washington Post 2010-03-23

Within five years, 800 million could be without access to clean drinking water; those without basic sanitation could hit 1.8 billion, World Bank group says

By Howard Schneider

The Washington Post 2010-03-23

In coffee, bold rich roast creates compound that helps dial down production of stomach acid, researchers learn

By Rachel Ehrenberg

Science News 2010-03-22

San Francisco offers restaurants savings on sewer bill in exchange for installing machines that divert food for composting, grease for biofuel

By Rachel Gordon

San Francisco Chronicle 2010-03-18

High-fructose corn syrup linked to significant weight gain, abnormal increases in body fat (especially in abdomen), triglycerides rise in rat study

By Hilary Parker

Princeton University 2010-03-22

EPA will study effect of "fracking" for natural gas on drinking-water supplies; technique requires millions of gallons of water, leaves some tainted

By Juliet Eilperin

The Washington Post 2010-03-19

With full kitchen, produce grant, edible garden, Philadelphia's High School of the Future leads effort for improved school meals

By Alfred Lubrano

The Philadelphia Inquirer 2010-03-17

Opinion: It's time to abolish sugar protectionism which is a wasteful government policy, a burden on consumers and a job-killer

The editors

The Washington Post 2010-03-21

Evidence links obesity to breast, colon, endometrial, esophageal, kidney and pancreas cancer

By Devon Schuyler

Los Angeles Times 2010-03-22

Santa Monica sushi restaurant, facing federal charges for serving endangered whale meat, closes for good as part of apology

By Tony Barboza

Los Angeles Times 2010-03-20

Taxpayers spend $1 million on legal bills to defend neighborhood leaders in contaminated drinking water case

By Michael Hawthorne

Chicago Tribune 2010-02-14

After major gaps in oversight discovered, USDA says it will begin enforcing rules requiring the spot testing of organic foods for pesticide traces

By William Neuman

The New York Times 2010-03-20

American innovations in food, transportation, technology are global fat-making machine, at great cost to our health, nation's economy

By Claudia Kalb

Newsweek magazine 2010-03-14

Some spices from India harbor lead, likely from cropland tainted by exhaust of cars using leaded fuel; FDA has no specific rules on screening for lead in dried products like spices

By Alice Park

Time magazine 2010-03-15

New child nutrition bill would provide less than half of increase asked by administration, but would be first increase since 1973

By Jane Black

The Washington Post 2010-03-17

Michigan governor's proclamation for one-day "meatout" riles livestock industry, lobbyists who blame philosophies of "food elitists"

By Dawson Bell

Detroit Free Press 2010-03-17

New Jersey-financed school breakfasts among measures proposed in budget that relies almost exclusively on spending cuts

By David M. Halbfinger

The New York Times 2010-03-17

Alaska begins aerial hunt to kill 185 wolves - 80 percent of population - on Yukon border so 46,500 caribou are available for hunters to shoot

By Leslie Kaufman

The New York Times 2010-03-17

Judge denies request to ban planting of Monsanto's GM sugar beets, but says ruling isn't indicative of views on a permanent injunction

By Kelsey Volkmann

St. Louis Business Journal 2010-03-16

Scramble for water in China pits farmers against factories, and people concerned about the country's environment against those worried over shortages

By Steven Mufson

The Washington Post 2010-03-16

In Karachi, corrupt politicians allow "water mafia" to siphon from water supply, then sell it to slum residents, making $43 million a year

By Alex Rodriguez

Los Angeles Times 2010-03-15

Environmentalist leads charge to redo nation's decrepit water, sewer systems but faces resistance from politicians, consumers

By Charles Duhigg

The New York Times 2010-03-15

Canada reports case of mad cow in 6-year-old beef cow; meat didn't enter food system, officials say

By Whitney McFerron

Bloomberg; Business Week 2010-03-14

Stung by record gap between U.S. and global sugar prices, processors, confectioners urge hike in import limits meant to support American farmers

By Carolyn Cui

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-03-15

At first public meeting to probe links between food sector consolidation, food prices, feds vow to push for more transparency in business practices

By P.J. Huffstutter

Los Angeles Times 2010-03-12

Proposed ban on bluefin tuna pits Europeans, Americans against Japan, which consumes 80 percent globally, other fishing nations at UN talks

By Micahel Casey

The Associated Press; The Washington Post 2010-03-13

It's unclear whether grass-fed beef - nutritionally superior to that from feedlots - means better human health, but its advocates cite humane practices, no antibiotics

By Tara Parker-Pope

The New York Times 2010-03-11

FDA wants herb, spice producers to safeguard products with irradiation, steam heating or fumigation with pesticide

By Lyndsey Layton

The Washington Post 2010-03-13

Illinois moves to phase out use of perchloroethylene, a dry-cleaning solvent that tainted drinking water in community for 20-plus years

By Michael Hawthorne

Chicago Tribune 2010-03-14

Disputes over water use that pit people, industry against wildlife likely to increase in Texas as population expands

By Ana Campoy

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-03-13

Bill that would lift restrictions on Cuban purchases of U.S. food, end limits on American travel there splitting GOP farm-state lawmakers

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2010-03-13

After learning that nitrogen fertilizer accounts for 35 percent of emissions in orange juice production, Tropicana considers greener alternatives

By Bryan Walsh

Time magazine 2010-03-11

Again, Maryland's powerful alcohol lobby likely to quash attempts to add dime-per-serving tax to restore funding of care for poor, mentally ill

By Aaron C. Davis

The Washington Post 2010-03-12

In New York, coffee making finally seen as art - or at least craft

By Oliver Strand

The New York Times 2010-03-09

Rising food prices may start with consolidation in seed industries, with farmers offered fewer choices for more money

By P.J. Huffstutter

Los Angeles Times 2010-03-12

Justice department offers farmers, activists, competitors opportunity to cite problems they see with Monsanto, subject of formal antitrust investigation

By Scott Kilman

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-03-11

Opinion: New salmonella outbreak shows senate should act on common-sense measures on food safety

The editors

The Washington Post 2010-03-11

Economic downturn, bottled-water backlash, pollution worries whet thirst for filtered tap water

By Gwendolyn Bounds

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-03-10

Basic Food Flavors, which has recalled millions of pounds of hydrolized vegetable protein, knew plant held salmonella, FDA says

By Lyndsey Layton

The Washington Post 2010-03-10

Consumption-based accounting of emissions a good argument for developed countries leading global mitigation effort

By Bryan Walsh

Time magazine 2010-03-10

In mouse study, bisphenol A exposure linked to life-long fertility defects, gene changes in offspring

By Rory Harrington News Media 2010-03-09

Food, water needs are accelerating rich countries' 21st-century land grab in Africa, one of hungriest continents

By John Vidal

The Guardian (UK) 2010-03-07

USDA encouragement of small-scale producers worries production agriculture proponents

By Philip Brasher

The Des Moines Register 2010-03-07

Deal to save Everglades more about benefits for U.S. Sugar after state officials make decisions against needs of Everglades, taxpayers

By Don Van Natta Jr. and Damien Cave

The New York Times 2010-03-07

Discovery that red grouper dig holes that become homes for coral, sea sponges forces scientists to recalibrate and heightens tension with those who fish

By Juliet Eilperin

The Washington Post 2010-03-08

Concerned for their child's future, California couple replaces water-guzzling grass with wood chips, drought-tolerant plants - and is sued by city

By Amina Khan

Los Angeles Times 2010-03-02

Special fund to aid Mexico's poorest, smallest-scale farmers now subsidizing families of notorious drug traffickers, agriculture minister, other officials

By Tracy Wilkinson

Los Angeles Times 2010-03-07

Opinion: With 70 percent of antibiotics fed to healthy livestock, they're ineffective for sick people; we are brewing a perfect pandemic

By Nicholas D. Kristof

The New York Times 2010-03-07

Opinion: Stealing food to survive after a disaster is accepted by most, but where is the line drawn after that?

By Donald G. McNeil Jr.

The New York Times 2010-03-05

As TVA coal ash spill cleanup drags on in Tennessee, other states find tainted water seeping from landfills holding dumped residue

By Bill Poovey

The Associated Press; The New York Times 2010-03-05

Opinion: As Congress weighs options for child nutrition, it must guarantee implementation of Institute of Medicine school food guidelines

By Ann Cooper

The Washington Post 2010-03-05

Though lawmakers claim independent judgment, campaign donors expect return on investments, and experience makes outcome a good bet

By R. Jeffrey Smith

The Washington Post 2010-03-07

Adding milk to black tea reduces antioxidant potential, study shows; researchers note public health implications

By Stephen Daniells News Media 2010-03-02

Cocktail of vitamins, minerals and herbals may delay aging process, extend lifespan by 10 percent, mouse study shows

By Stephen Daniells News Media 2010-03-01

New definition of poverty notes that food is smaller share of poor families' costs and includes food subsidies

By Amy Goldstein

The Washington Post 2010-03-03

Industrial agriculture fights as rural Americans band together, use "local control" ordinances, historic designations to limit big pig farms

By Lauren Etter

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-03-03

With diet-related disease as backdrop, FDA warns 17 companies about misleading labels

By Lyndsey Layton

The Washington Post 2010-03-04

McDonald's gains Weight Watchers' endorsement of three products in New Zealand; obesity experts say it's a ploy

The Associated Press; The Guardian 2010-03-03

Opinion: Ethically compromised big green groups offer placebos when they should be conducting and amplifying our anger at betrayal of our environmental safety

By Johann Hari

The Nation. 2010-03-04

Links found between gut microbes, obesity in mice; researcher now looking for same signs in humans with metabolic syndrome

By Brandon Keim

Wired Science 2010-03-04

After advocates switch from animal welfare to invasive species argument, California decides to ban importing of non-native turtles, frogs for food

By Carla Hall

Los Angeles Times 2010-03-04

US pays $152 billion yearly for food-borne illness; cost includes medical services, deaths, lost work, disability

By Elizabeth Weise

USA Today 2010-03-03

Salmonella fears prompt recalls of thousands of processed foods; officials say recall could be largest in history

By Lyndsey Layton

The Washington Post 2010-03-05

Newly patented sugar-derived epoxy lining could replace bisphenol A in can linings

By Rory Harrington News Media 2010-03-04

Hope rises for endangered bluefin tuna with Obama's support of ban on international trade, but Japan is against measure

By Bryan Walsh

Time magazine 2010-03-04

USDA allowed suspect slaughterhouse operations to continue despite public health risks, vet says

By Peter Eisler

USA Today 2010-03-04

Daily consumption of dark chocolate changes metabolism, gut flora in anxious subjects, Nestle researchers report

By Stephen Daniells News Media 2010-02-26

In Chile, most earthquake-ready country, growing desperation over slow delivery of emergency water, food

By Alexei Barrionuevo and Marc Lacey

The New York Times 2010-03-02

Study: Water tainted with common corn field weedkiller - but within EPA drinking water standards - can change frogs' sex traits

By David A. Fahrenthold

The Washington Post 2010-03-02

Childhood obesity disease processes may start earlier than previously believed; concern is whether risks are cumulative, researchers say

By Shirley S. Wang

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-03-01

Farmers in quandary about turning methane-belching manure to power because "dairy digester" adds to smog problem

By P.J. Huffstutter

Los Angeles Times 2010-03-01

Fearing cross pollination, organic farmers file suit to halt planting, sugar production of genetically modified sugar beets

By Jeff Barnard

The Associated Press; The Washington Post 2010-03-01

Ambiguity hobbles Clean Water Act; drinking water of 117 million vulnerable to exclusion from enforcement

By Charles Duhigg and Janet Roberts

The New York Times 2010-03-01

EPA signals tighter rules on traditionally lax approach to megafarms' manure, which smothers waterways, taints air

By David A. Fahrenthold

The Washington Post 2010-03-01

Yemenis' craving for qat, a narcotic plant, drives water crisis; in capital city of Sana'a, taps ran dry in summer

By Hugh Macleod and John Vidal

The Guardian (UK) 2010-02-26

Agribusiness executive pleads not guilty in tomato racketeering case dubbed Operation Rotten Tomato by FBI

By Marc Lifsher and P.J. Huffstutter

Los Angeles Times 2010-02-27

Opinion: Why redesign intestine-shaped hot dog when cutting it lengthwise, then into small pieces reduces choking hazard?

By Lenore Skenazy

The Washington Post 2010-02-27

NY education panel OKs student sales of Pop-Tarts, Doritos for fund-raisers but bans most bake sales

By Jennifer Medina

The New York Times 2010-02-26

Reduced aggression rates of prisoners in vitamin study prompts calls for more research

By Stephen Daniells News Media 2010-02-23

Researchers call for diet featuring antioxidant-rich fruits, vegetables in effort to combat rising rates of Type 2 diabetes

By Jane Byrne News Media 2010-02-23

New sterilization technique that extends shelf life while preserving food quality intrigues military

By Rory Harrington News Media 2010-02-23

Two-part tomato scheme included bribes that likely pushed ingredient prices up and shipping of tainted products to Kraft, others

By William Neuman

The New York Times 2010-02-25

India's agriculture decline, soil degradation from subsidized chemical fertilizer overuse undermines its ambitious positioning

By Geeta Anand

The Wall Street Journal. (may require subscription) 2010-02-23

Nation's 552 airports recycle only 20 percent of 7.5 million pounds of paper, plastic, food waste generated every day

By Christine Negroni

The New York Times 2010-02-23

UN report may urge banning of billions in subsidies to agriculture, energy, transport since one-third of biggest companies' profits needed to clean up their pollution

By Juliette Jowit

The Guardian (UK) 2010-02-18

Deep-sea trawling by fishing fleets devastating reefs untouched since Ice Age, endangering unknown species, researchers warn

By Ian Sample

The Guardian (UK) 2010-02-18

Opinion: Visitors at hospital's cardiac wing can eventually become patients by eating fatty/salty/sweet snacks from vending machines

By Bernadette Dryden

Columbia Daily Tribune (MO) 2010-02-21

Salmonella outbreak that has sickened at least 230 may be tied to spice suppliers for salami, company says

By Lyndsey Layton

The Washington Post 2010-02-18

Citing health, environment, Chicago alderman proposes citywide ban on foam food containers in restaurants, school cafeterias

By Monica Eng

Chicago Tribune 2010-02-17

Opinion: Starbucks should pay attention to thousands signing petitions against allowing gun-flaunting customers in its stores

The editors

The New York Times 2010-02-20

Wages, benefits lag for restaurant workers, survey of 2,500 workers and 150 employers in five cities shows

By Jane Black

The Washington Post 2010-02-11

After Denmark bans livestock antibiotics to protect human health, its pork imports grow by 43 percent; US farmer group cites higher costs

By Katie Couric

CBS News 2010-02-10

Pentagon-backed researchers create device that uses bacteria to first filter tainted water, and to eat sludge, a byproduct of waste treatment

By Katie Drummond

Wired magazine 2010-02-10

USDA's new rules say organic dairy cows must graze on pasture for full length of local grazing season

By William Neuman

The New York Times 2010-02-12

Debate over genetically modified food, long settled in U.S. with GM corn, soybeans, begins in India with halt of Monsanto's GM eggplant

By Erika Kinetz

The Associated Press; Los Angeles Times 2010-02-15

Opinion: In biofuels computations, EPA wisely includes calculations of land-clearing for food crops elsewhere when fuel crops displace those for food in U.S.

The editors

The New York Times 2010-02-10

Opinion: With destructive rider to federal jobs bill, California senator's attempt to divert water to farmers risks delicate compromise

The editors

Los Angeles Times 2010-02-17

Link between television viewing, childhood obesity directly related to children's exposure to ads for unhealthy foods, study shows

By Sarah Anderson

Science Daily 2010-02-10

As fracking in oil, gas drilling continues, complaints of tainted drinking water build; Ohio bill would tighten rules

By Michael Scott

The Plain Dealer (Cleveland) 2010-02-14

Hunting becomes economic imperative along bird migration route and in biodiversity "hotspot" of Balkans despite wildlife protection laws

By Phil Cain

GlobalPost 2010-02-16

California county food stamps program allows homeless, disabled and elderly participants to buy fast food

By Vanessa Romo

Marketplace 2010-02-17

Tainted food, water push incidence of typhoid and shigellosis up in Haitian earthquake survivors; cholera epidemic feared

By Simon Romero

The Washington Post 2010-02-19

Review extended on inspection rules for imported catfish as concern grows over trade war with Vietnam

By Kimberly Kindy

The Washington Post 2010-02-17

21-part package in Science probes obstacles to achieving global food security, causes and effects of hunger, and promising solutions

Science Magazine 2010-02-12

Wal-Mart, other chains simplify by removing or replacing all but top-selling food staples, other items with house brands

By Parija Kavilanz

CNN 2010-02-15

USDA updates its "safe and suitable ingredients used in the production of meat and poultry products"

USDA 2010-02-04

Scientists create genetically modified tomato with shelf life of 45 days; next up, papayas, bananas

Discover magazine 2010-02-02

Drug-resistant infections in humans are emerging crisis linked to antibiotics overuse in factory farm livestock, scientists say

By Katie Couric

CBS News 2010-02-09

Virginia legislators table bill that would require retailers to charge 5 cents for paper or plastic bags

The Roanoke Times (VA) 2010-02-09

Opinion: Costs of upgrading school meals are minimal when compared with benefits and savings in long-term health care costs

By Bonnie Erbe

Scripps Howard News Service 2010-02-09

Destructive feral hogs, which are prolific breeders and ravenous foragers, now found in 44 states

By Isaac Wolf and Jason Bartz

Scripps-Howard News Service; The Oakland Press (MI) 2010-01-10

Opinion: Fortifying meals with omega-3s would aid soldiers' stress resilience, enhance battlefield performance, speed healing

By Mike Stones News Media 2010-02-08

High-powered childhood obesity task force to review every program, policy relating to child nutrition, physical activity

By Jane Black

The Washington Post 2010-02-09